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These Odd Vintage Products Totally Wouldn’t Fly Today

Monica February 6, 2024
Bored Panda

Sanitized Tapeworms

This ad claims it can get rid of your fat, the thing that’s ruining your life, with sanitized tapeworms. They’re jar-packed, easy to swallow, and get rid of the need for diets, baths, and exercise, which are all the things you need for longevity. Not only that, but tapeworms are incredibly harmful to your health (via Reddit).


What She Really Wants This Christmas

Apparently, this is what people’s mothers really wanted for Christmas back in these days – a Colt gun. This would never fly nowadays, since it seems to hint at aggression more than Christmas cheer, family, and spirit. There’s even a small tag on the gun with a heart (via Pinterest).

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Working Wife

Another ad showcasing the inequality of men and women back then states that “the harder a wife works, the cuter she looks.” She claims she always gets her vitamins, which is why she’s such a hard worker. There are probably better ways to advertise vitamins (via Etsy).


Hacienda Billboard

Not only would a product like this deter anyone from buying it, but it’s a bit terrifying. What could they possibly be hinting at? According to Pinterest, “Following a fairly predictable public outcry and drubbing in the press, Hacienda Mexican Restaurants is ending a two-week-old billboard campaign in Indiana that featured a red cocktail and the headline ‘We’re Like a Cult With Better Kool-Aid.'” These ads didn’t last long (via Pinterest).


The Best Things In Life Come In Cellophane

There are so many things wrong with this ad, but the main thing has to be this small baby is wrapped in a cellophane bag. We understand a stork is holding it, which symbolizes a newborn, but it’s trapping the baby in a bag. There are other things they could have used to say “the best things in life come in cellophane.” What about cake? That’s a pretty great thing in life, they could have used that instead (via Pinterest).


Smirnoff Makes Women Burn Bras

According to this ad, Smirnoff vodka was so strong back then, that it made women come up with crazy ideas to burn their bras. When you learn to handle Smirnoff, apparently anything is possible. This ad is inappropriate because it’s enticing people to carry out some bad ideas. You’re better off skipping the Smirnoff and not burning your bra. There is an explanation, though, and according to Reddit, “Bra burning was a women’s liberation movement action during the early 70s. Some women in the movement would burn their bras to let the world know they refused to wear a restricting garment and wanted the world to accept the female body as Mother Nature designed it. Perhaps the ad agency men thought women getting drunk would lead to more supple young breasts swinging wildly in the wind.” Either way, it’s not an appropriate ad (via Reddit).