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Real Starbucks Workers Share Their Most Disgusting Orders

Darren June 28, 2023

Nearly everybody knows Starbucks because it’s one of the most popular coffee franchises on the planet. Most people know what they want and almost always have their go-to drink. Maybe it’s a skinny latte with almond milk or a flat white with an extra shot. But some Starbucks patrons take it to a new, unnecessary level and create the most disgusting orders ever.

So today we’ll take a look at some of the wildest real-life orders in Starbucks’ history. These baristas shared the crazy requests online because they couldn’t believe what their customer ordered. Some of these resemble Harry Potter potions more than caffeinated drinks because there were so many ingredients. Check them out right here.

Liquid Heart Attack

This wild concoction isn’t coffee; it’s more like a dessert. There are a combined 36 pumps of creme brulee, caramel sauce, and caramel syrup. Meanwhile, they add extra caramel drizzle because there wasn’t enough caramel in there already.


This is one of the most disgusting orders ever because it’s disgracefully sweet. There’s a year’s supply of sugar in that cup but it doesn’t seem to bother them. We don’t know why they’re so specific about the number of pumps either or if they would notice if the barista short-changed them. But this is obscene so it’s no surprise the staff member photographed it (via Quora).

Final Boss

It’s not shocking that the barista uploaded this picture to their Snapchat story with the caption ‘Final Boss.’ That’s because this is one of the most ludicrous orders that they ever encountered. Many Starbucks workers dread experiencing one of these because the customers are demanding and unyielding about what they want.


One of the weirdest things about this order is that they requested a specific temperature for the drink. Good luck to the poor barista because they’re combining so many ingredients with ridiculous measurements. We don’t know if the person is being healthy with protein powder or treating themselves with the extra cream (via Vice).

Affogato Blasphemy

An affogato is a simple Italian dessert that allegedly became popular in the fifties. In short, it’s an espresso shot poured over a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream for a subtle but delicious treat. But this customer threw subtlety out of the window when they ordered this Diabetes-creating concoction.


We can see that they went for regular mocha as well as white mocha because they didn’t want to discriminate. It doesn’t matter if it clogs up their arteries because they’re making sure they don’t miss out. It’s one of the most disgusting orders we’ve seen and a coffee abomination. If anybody wants to aggravate their Italian friend, show them a picture of this (via Buzzfeed).

Time to Quit

There’s nothing that Starbucks workers hate more than overly-specific customers who think they’ve created the perfect drink. One former coffee master decided to share the most disgusting orders they’ve encountered. The Barista even tweeted: “In today’s episode of I want to quit my job (via People).”


This is another case of somebody loving caramel more than their potential lifespan. We can see all of the sticky sugar sinking to the bottom of the cup. Now imagine that infusing itself with somebody’s arteries and giving them a heart attack. That’s the inevitable outcome of such a lethal creation.

Overpriced Mess

Most people complain when they spend five dollars on a coffee. They say it’s just a few beans, some water, and milk that they could throw together at home for a dollar. But this customer went to another level when they spent over 30 dollars on one of the most disgusting orders we’ve ever seen.


There are at least 50 extra ingredients in this putrid potion. Maybe this is some joker who decided to annoy a barista by ordering an extra shot of everything on the menu. But if this is someone’s genuine order there’s a major problem. We’re not sure if we fear more for their bank balance or their coronary health (via News.com).

Mocha Addict

This one isn’t quite the worst order on this list, but it’s still not great. This person has a mocha addiction because they ordered an extra 12 pumps. The craziest aspect is that it’s supposed to be a hot chocolate. But the customer changed the entire identity of this drink like a butterfly reverse engineering back into a caterpillar (via Roasty Coffee).


Sometimes we should ask ourselves if it’s really necessary to do something just because we can. There’s more sugar in this than in a Twinkie factory so it’s probably not the healthiest thing ever. Once again, it’s amazing how specific people can be about the quantities they include. We wonder if they ever considered having 11 pumps instead of 12.

Too Big

We don’t even know how many ingredients are on this list because it keeps going forever. It’s so long that the receipt doesn’t even fit properly onto the cup. This barista deserves a promotion because they’re somehow successfully managing to keep track of one of the most disgusting orders ever.

Pleated Journey

The hilarious aspect of this is that the customer asked for a cup of ice before adding an infinite number of syrups and shots. It’s a truly special creation because we’ve never seen anything like this before. There’s no point even trying to identify what flavor this is because there are so many different things inside it (via Pleated Journey).

Add Whip

Now let’s go to the other extreme where a customer ordered almost nothing. They asked for a regular cup of water with some extra whip. That’s right, they wanted some cream on top of their good old-fashioned H2O. It’s safe to say that this bemused the barista because they never experienced anything like this before.


The craziest thing about this is that it wouldn’t even taste nice. There’s no flavor in this bizarre order and this person must have some kind of problem. No wonder America has a rising obesity problem because people are asking for whipped cream on top of their water. There’s no accounting for taste but it’s impossible not to judge them for this (via Quora).

Ask Me

Occasionally, we all need a moment of self-reflection. It takes a moment to look in the mirror and ask ourselves what we’re doing with our lives. Maybe it’s time for this customer to take some time out and check themselves. That’s because they made one of the most disgusting orders on this list.


They should know that it’s bad news when they must include ‘Ask Me’ to help the confused baristas. Nobody in their right mind would willingly drink this horrible drink because it’s pure poison. We shouldn’t laugh at this person because they have a problem and they need help (via Insider).

141 Pumps

We hope that this barista was able to continue working after they made this order. That’s because Harvey decided that he wanted a combined 141 pumps of various sauces and syrups. Who knows what this drink was in the beginning but it became a cup of liquid sugar in the end. Harvey should have bought a salted caramel brownie instead of a Starbucks beverage.


That’s a sickening amount of sugar in one cup. Imagine the number of calories in this because there must be so many. There are almost 100 pumps of caramel sauce and syrup together. Maybe baristas should be like bartenders and save their customers from themselves when they go too far (via Reddit).


It’s difficult to understand why some customers go overboard with sugar because it means they won’t be able to taste their drink. Check out the order below because it’s a perfect example of this beverage crime. The person ordered a chestnut praline latte but decided that they wanted more sweetness.


That’s why they asked for the barista to include a ridiculous nine Splendas in their drink. Hilariously, they asked for a nonfat version of the listed beverage. Everybody loves a trier but they’re probably fighting a losing battle here. Nonetheless, maybe that’s the difference between diabetes and staying healthy (via Reddit).

An Iced Latte?

This began life as an iced latte but we don’t know what to call it now. But Leah will be on a Starbucks watchlist after she created this monster. It’s people like Leah who make baristas quake in their shoes because they know there’s an incoming nightmare. This is a surefire way to ruin their day.


Here’s another exercise on obesity and a reason why diabetes is a massive problem in the U.S. Also, Leah probably spent over 25 dollars on this crazy beverage. It’s one of the most disgusting orders we’ve seen because it’s pure sugar and sauce. This is what would happen if a child had total freedom to create their dream drink (via Reddit).

15 Splenda

Another customer decided to go overboard with the Splenda when they went to a Starbucks drive-thru. Maybe they felt comfortable making one of the most disgusting orders ever because they knew that the barista couldn’t see their face. It’s a complete joke because they’re poisoning themselves with this garbage creation.


Baristas should have the right to deny one customer a drink per month because this sort of thing is horrific. It’s a crime against beverages and we don’t know what they’re doing with themselves. We’re not sure what light ice entails either so good luck to the poor worker who has to deal with this mess (via Pure Wow).

Green Tea?

Most people order green tea because they want to be healthy. There’s less caffeine than in a cup of coffee and it has antioxidants. Some critics say that it’s not worth buying one at a franchise coffee store because they make a heavy profit. But this customer turned the odds back in their favor with one of the most disgusting orders ever.


Firstly, it looks like they’ve poured mud into a cup because there’s such a vile combination of ingredients. They’ve added pumpkin topping, ice cream, and more syrups than we care to count. This is almost assuredly the unhealthiest green tea in history and we can imagine Zen masters turning in their graves (via Sunny Skyz).


We can see exactly why this barista shared this photo on social media with the caption ‘No.’ They received one of the most disgusting orders ever with a crazy number of extra ingredients. The problem with these concoctions is that there are too many flavors so it’s a complete waste of money.


But some people don’t get this and continue to make these messes because they can. It’s weird and we don’t know what’s going through their heads but they’re out there. There’s everything from passion tango to peppermint syrup in a clash of flavor profiles. Good luck to the person who drinks this (via Twitter).

No Ice

There are so many things wrong with this beverage that we’re not sure where to begin. First, let’s talk about the 20 shots that they needed to ensure they got their caffeine fix. They probably took off like a helicopter after drinking this crazy creation. But this gets even wilder because they added a disgusting amount of white mocha.


There’s so much sugar and caffeine in this that they’ve guaranteed insomnia for weeks. But the most unforgivable part of this drink is that they ordered an iced doppio espresso with one special request. The customer said that they didn’t want ice. This is where everybody puts their phone away and says they’ve had enough Internet for the day (via Reddit).

Specific Measurements

Pity this barista because they received a nightmare order from a pedantic customer. Check out those measurements because they’re so specific. A nuclear scientist wouldn’t take as much care as this fitness freak. We get it, it’s important to track those micros and macros but why involve a poor Starbucks worker?


The final measurement is the funniest but also the most infuriating. 0.152 with coconut milk is ludicrously precise and we don’t even think they can be that accurate. But for all of their health concerns, they include honey and agave for extra sweetness. Maybe they need to calm down a little bit and enjoy life (via Instagram).

Cane Sugar Addiction

We don’t see a picture of this heinous creation but the tweet was too good to exclude. A Starbucks server revealed one of the most disgusting orders they’ve made. This was allegedly for one of their regular customers who, unironically, thought this was a good idea. We’re talking about an iced green tea with no water and 35 pumps of cane sugar.


That’s right, they’re drinking green tea-flavored cane sugar. They might as well overdose on insulin right now because it would be quicker and cheaper. Everybody has tried something weird once in their lives but this is beyond the joke. Maybe Starbucks should send photos of these crazy people to the government because there’s something wrong (via Twitter).

No Water

It’s mesmerizing how many morons there are on this planet. Yes, it’s fair to criticize the quality of Starbucks drinks sometimes. But at least they’re consistent and we know what to expect from them. There’s something for everybody from strong macchiatos to sweet and decadent frappucinos.


One moron decided to order an Americano without water. That’s right, they received an espresso shot. Meanwhile, they asked for a venti cup because they hate the environment and wanted their server to despise them. If that was their mission they succeeded because this is an abomination (via Twitter).

One Dragon Fruit

Let’s end this list with one of the weirdest orders because this is so strange. One person decided that they didn’t want regular coffee or tea like almost everybody else. No, they wanted to be different and ordered a strange concoction. They ordered water with a single small piece of dragonfruit.


That might not seem very strange but the fruit wasn’t in the water long enough to infuse properly. Meanwhile, they probably spent a small fortune on this pointless order. It’s not like dragonfruit has the strongest flavor anyway. There are some weirdos in this world and they walk among us (via Twitter).