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People Who Got Suddenly Rich Share Money-Begging Horror Stories

Trista May 5, 2021

7. Smart Investments Pay Off

Reddit user tribble0001 shared a story about his friend. “A guy I grew up with came into a lot of money after his grandfather died. His father and aunt got more and it filtered down through to the grand kids. I’d moved away so hadn’t seen or spoke to him much but caught up when visiting my parents. All his “friends” started inviting him out for drinks, which he’d pay for his own, meals as he would normally do. His brother and cousins had wasted all their inheritance. His uncle and aunt too, but as his parents ran their own business, I suppose the fact they had invested their cut was normal thinking for him.

“I asked how bad the begging became. His brother tried to access his online banking to transfer money to his account (parents were not impressed), his cousins sent him and his parent’s fictional bills for expenses relating to the funeral (four years after the burial). It was shocking the lengths these people went to because they had squandered their money and wanted more. I wished him all the best for the future, and we’ve chatted a bit on social media, and the begging/conning is still going on. 10 years later, his brother is now heavily in debt, but no one will bail him out. Which he thinks is unfair.”


6. Injuries Made Someone Rich

Reddit user Ayayay4444 had a specific story. “People weren’t begging, but we felt like they were jealous and envious and did not approve of our decision. Basically, my husband came into money because he had a number of severe permanent injuries from his prior job. So he got paid out a large sum and decided to stop working for a while. This was because we had been through some very serious illness. (I was ill) and personal circumstances which screwed us both up mentally. We wanted to take the time to recover our mental health. Secondly, he needed to study to change careers because he was unable to work in his former career due to injuries.

“Many people, even our parents, disagree with him having even a few months off work to recuperate. This really drives me up the wall. There have been so many people that don’t think we ‘deserve’ the money and are envious of the house we were able to buy with it. *Edit: Thanks for the up-votes! It means a lot to us to know that we aren’t overreacting to the situation, and getting our lives back is so positive!” It sounds like this family went through a trying time with injuries and illnesses.


5. Stealing From A Child

Upperslide8 had a tough story to stomach. “Not technically begging, but still a horror story in my opinion. When I was around the age of 5, I had a job. Of course, my mom helped out tremendously and got me involved in this career platform, but it took a lot of time and effort on both of our parts so we quite the profit from it. All the money was deposited under my name though, so I could use it once I turned 18. I Didn’t know this until I actually turned 18, but a trusted family member who knew my account information went into my account and took a good portion of the money.

“It was pretty messed up realizing that someone who had already done some pretty f***ed up s*** to me during my life also felt comfortable enough basically stealing money from a child. It still upsets me to this day because I wish that money could’ve gone to my mom. She deserved it more than anyone. EDIT: for those wondering what job I had at age 5, I was in the acting and modeling industry.” What kind of person who considers themselves family would steal from a child?


4. Rotten Stepfather

Reddit user TheDirtSyndicate has a story of a money hungry stepfather. “I have a similar story only I was a bit older, around 13 or 14. Anyway, I had been mowing lawns for the past few years because there was a bike I wanted. My stepfather even set up an account in my name for me so that I could save. I kept track of everything in my own notebook. When I had enough to buy the bike, I went to my stepfather all proud of myself, showed him my notebook, and he pretty much said “what account?” I was devastated. Then it all made sense. All of a sudden we were having an above-ground pool put in the back yard.

“I never got to swim in it either… shortly after this, I ended up moving in with my mom. She found out what happened and wasn’t happy. Okay, to clear up a few questions… when my mom got pregnant, my father denied that I was his. Around the time that I was born, she ended up marrying my stepfather. They had a kid, my half-sister. A year or two later my mom abandoned us for drugs. She left me and my half-sister with my stepfather. A few years later my stepfather remarried, so I had two step-parents. Sorry for the confusion.”


3. Rumors Spread

Mcwobby shared a story of how his wealth got out to the public. “I’m a fairly average guy in my mid-twenties who always wears the same $2 T-shirt and $5 jeans, but over the years it started to leak out that I had some money after a combination of me buying a business in my very small home town, a gossipy girl from school who saw me on SeekingArrangement and enough Social media posts showing me constantly traveling in business class or whatever and the fact I seemed to do very little actual work. Then in the last year or so, I’ve discovered a seemingly entire new branch of my family tree and a whole bunch of people from high school I don’t remember ever saying more than a few words to suddenly claiming me as their childhood best friends.

“I caught up with an old actual schoolmate who knew me well enough and was having coffee. She asks, “is it true you bought a plane?” and a few things like that, that were absolutely insane. The Chinese whispers in my town had apparently gone absolutely crazy. I’m always uncomfortable running into someone when I’m back there because everyone thinks I’m some crazy playboy millionaire when I spend most of my time in a blanket fort on the internet like everybody else. The extended family is the worst though because they harass my mum, dad, and grandmother, who know nothing about my financial situation to borrow money. Many of these people I’ve never met in my life.”


2. An Estranged Mother After Her Rich Kid

Reddit User JackJustice1919 shared a story about his mother. “Not exactly a horror story, but kinda funny anyway…I got front-ended in a car in 2016, and it messed me up pretty bad. My lawyer screwed up the case, and by the time it settled, the medical costs were paid, and the lawyers took most of it (for being s*** at their jobs). I had a high 5 figures in my bank account. My estranged mother just SMELLED that I had money somehow and started asking for loans and if I wanted to go on vacations with her and things. Seriously, no one in my family would ever talk to her or tell her I had cash.

“She had some sort of sixth sense where she figured it out and suddenly wanted to “reconnect” with me. It was freaking amazing. What sucks is I let her swindle me for a bit of it. She gambled with it and won two thousand dollars at a casino. But hey, she bought me lunch that day, so… I guess my mother has technically gotten me SOMETHING in the last two decades.” It’s bad enough they were estranged but to have the audacity to ask for money is a different story.


1. Demanding Money

TimeyWimeys has a story about their stepfather trying to grub their inheritance. “My mother died, and I ended up being the fifty-fifty beneficiary with the other half being my stepfather. My stepfather mentioned that my mother had a lot of debts and asked if I’d be willing to help with some of them. Being more than a little naive and thinking it would be, at most, 5k, I said, sure, how much do you need? The first quote he gave me was 25k, and it wasn’t that substantial of an inheritance I received. I was pretty flabbergasted and backed off a bit to say I needed to think about it. However, every time I inquired again, wondering if he’d rethink his actions, the number he asked for kept climbing. Then the requests turned into demands.

“Now I don’t talk to my stepfather at all. The final number he demanded was more than what I received in the first place. And I was not a rich, well-established person with a career at the time. I was 21 and still very much struggling to find my way after having been essentially driven out of the home. He hadn’t been my abuser; I had kind of held out hope at the time that, even though he stood back for most of the abuse, he wasn’t that bad of a person. It took me several years to realize just how f***ed up it is to demand the inheritance money of the poor, struggling, abused child of your dead spouse.”