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Fuel Crisis: The Rising Average Price Of Gas In Every U.S. State

Darren Ryding June 14, 2022

Gas prices in the United States and the rest of the world have skyrocketed over the past 12 months. The Russian-Ukrainian war, among other causes, means less availability and higher costs for everybody. Today we’ll check out the rising average price of gas in every American state.

We’ll analyze all of the 50 states in alphabetical order from Alabama to Wyoming. One thing is for sure: this crisis is affecting everybody and is showing no signs of slowing down with a 55% increase from June 2021. Check out the cost of gas in each state via AAA.

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50. Alabama – $4.631

It’s not good news for folks in Alabama because gas prices are going up with the temperature. Central Alabama suffered the worst with a massive rising average price of $4.37 in Anniston. Maybe it’s time for Alabamans to sell their trucks and invest in electric cars.

Meanwhile, cities like Birmingham and Tuscaloosa average above $4.30 as well. Locals fear that the prices won’t go back down which is a serious problem in these car-dependent regions. Furthermore, many counties depend on agriculture which also uses a lot of gas (via WVTM 13).

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49. Alaska – $5.558

Many people dream of driving across Alaska in an RV and immersing themselves in the glorious nature. However, they may keep dreaming because 2022 is not a good year to do this. The rising average price of gas has had a horrendous effect on Alaskan citizens (via Alaska News Source).

The price of regular gas is one of the highest in the nation at over $5.50 per gallon. It’s a crazy amount of money and it’s soon going to be impossible for people to drive across the state. Only time will tell if prices stabilize, but it’s a full-blown crisis in the car and truck-dependent state.

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48. Arizona – $5.315

Arizona joined the ranks of states with an average regular gas price of over $5.00. There are many drivers in this state with endless stretches of highways. Soon Arizona may resemble a Mad Max apocalypse because gangs will be stealing fuel from other people.

Perhaps this is an exaggeration, but there are serious problems. It would cost about $73 to fill a 15-gallon tank in Arizona at the current average rate. This has a harrowing impact on rideshare drivers from Uber, Lyft, and other companies (via FOX 10).

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47. Arkansas – $4.534

Arkansas doesn’t lay claim to much but it can say that it has the lowest average gas prices in the entire United States. That’s not saying a lot because the average price is still over $4.50 per gallon. Nonetheless, it’s much cheaper than in California or Alaska (via Deseret News).

It’s possible to find fuel for $4.11 in some parts of the state. Perhaps Little Rock will see the same influx of people as Austin, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee. However, this would have the added effect of rising average prices too.


46. California – $6.434

Golden State natives should look away now because they’re paying more for gas than anybody else in the U.S. That’s right, a gallon of gas costs over $6.00 now, with prices increasing daily. Good luck trying to live in Los Angeles (via Yahoo! Finance).

Anybody who fills a tank of over 16 gallons will part with over $100. Some parts of the state are even more outrageous as drivers saw in Mendocino. A gallon costs $10 in the coastal town in a scandalous development for California car owners.

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45. Colorado – $4.870

Colorado residents can breathe a sigh of relief because fuel prices remain below five bucks for now. However, the rising average price isn’t far away and is creeping up every day. They jumped up by 10 cents one night on June 7 and continue to increase (via 9 News).

However, it remains one of the cheaper states for gas at this point. It’s also worth remembering that this is a global crisis and not just a United States problem. The war in Ukraine exacerbated it but problems were already emerging in the international oil industry.


44. Connecticut – $4.983

The Nutmeg State felt the pinch in June as they experienced the rising average price of fuel. However, Federal laws created an even bigger problem for drivers. That’s because Connecticut is one of several winter states that must change from summer to winter fuel by the first of June.

This lead to another average increase of around 15 cents per gallon. It rubs salts into their wounds because they’re already dealing with costs of almost five bucks per gallon. Unfortunately, it’s a matter of days until it passes this inglorious landmark (via NBC Connecticut).

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43. Delaware – $4.991

Prices vary in Delaware but the bad news is that gas is almost at an average of $5.00 per gallon. Hockessin had the highest costs at $5.12. Prices went up after Memorial Day because of supply demands as more people took to the state’s roads (via Delaware.com).

This also changes people’s approaches to vacations. Instead of taking day trips they’re having extended stays so that they don’t drive as much. The cost of fuel is too high for them to justify taking to the roads for long distances. Meanwhile, delivery apps are trying to incentivize their drivers to keep working.

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42. Florida – $4.889

Tourists in Florida experienced shock when they checked their bank balances at the end of the day. Anybody who decided to drive from their home state to Florida paid a small fortune. It’s much cheaper to take a flight because of the rising average price of fuel.

Averages costs in the Sunshine State remain below $5.00 but they’re increasing rapidly. This will have a profound impact on small towns that rely on road trippers because they won’t experience any footfall. It’s a tough situation for everybody involved (via WTSP).

Atlanta Magazine

41. Georgia – $4.480

Georgia experienced record gas prices for the state in June 2022 but they were still below national averages. They hadn’t broken $4.50 compared to an average of $4.90 across the country. This made the Peach State one of the cheapest places to drive in the U.S.

Some say that the main reason they’re cheap is so that people can afford to leave Georgia. But we’re not that cruel because Atlanta is a fantastic city and Savannah is also gorgeous. But the suspended gas tax is keeping the gas price down compared to other places (via 11 Alive).

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40. Hawaii – $5.531

People travel to the Aloha State because they think it’s paradise. But it will quickly become hell on Earth after they rent a car. Firstly, it costs a fortune to rent cars there anyway because they’re in short supply. Then there is the cost of fuel to worry about.

It’s one of the most expensive states in the entire U.S. with gas prices of over $5.50. This makes it a living nightmare for its 1.42 million residents because they rely heavily on their vehicles. Crazily, they increased by 39 percent in the space of a year (via Star-Advertiser).


39. Idaho – $5.099

Idaho’s distribution system is having a profound impact on the rising average price of fuel. Boise saw a huge influx of people from out of state over the past couple of years. That’s because of the relatively low standard of living compared to places like New York and California (via Boise State Public Radio).

But that’s changing quickly and rising gas prices aren’t helping. Now drivers are feeling the pinch because they’re forking out over $5.00 per gallon. It’s not a happy situation for the state’s drivers, especially if their extended families live outside the bigger urban areas.

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38. Illinois – $5.561

Chicago drivers are experiencing record fuel prices that have broke the $6.00 mark in some spots. It’s a horrible scenario for people who rely on their vehicles for work. The costs decrease outside of the biggest population centers but still average over $5.50 (via Illinois Policy).

The increasing gas prices have a knock-on effect on other industries. Delivery services must put up their fees or their profits will take a dent every time they take to the roads. Some companies are struggling to stay in business because of the current situation.

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37. Indiana – $5.223

Gas prices rose by almost 34 cents in the space of a week in June 2022. Meanwhile, they jumped up by almost $2.20 over the past year. Drivers can’t believe the amount of money they’re spending on fuel after prices soared beyond $5.20.

Porter County was the worst-affected area of the state as well as places near Lake Michigan. According to Goldman Sachs, oil barrels will spike in value by the end of the summer so drivers can expect gas to cost more. That’s the sad reality of the situation (via Wish TV).

USA Today

36. Iowa – $4.741

Iowa is one of few states in the U.S. that benefits from the rising average price of fuel. That’s because it’s seeing an increase in local travel as residents stay close to home. Demographics have shifted with more midwestern tourists than before as well as Iowa natives.

Gas prices haven’t broken the $5.00 mark yet but they’re not going down either. The Hawkeye State doesn’t have the most developed public transport system so it’s not good news for owners of private vehicles. Hopefully, things change for the better over the next few months (via We Are Iowa).

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35. Kansas – $4.661

Gas prices in Kansas are on the rise but they’re still lower than in other parts of the country. That’s because the state has lower taxes than some counterparts as well as discounts on winter fuel. But that doesn’t stop residents from complaining because it’s only going in one direction.

Some Missouri drivers are crossing the border for a refill because the savings are worthwhile. Unfortunately, the availability of gas is beyond the control of the U.S. government because of conditions in Europe. This doesn’t help drivers in the Midwest though, who still feel a world away (via KSHB).

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34. Kentucky – $4.796

Fuel prices jumped by almost 25 cents in the space of a week in Kentucky. The average price remains below $5.00 but it’s still hefty by 2021’s standards. According to FOX News, Americans are spending $730 million more per day on gas than the previous year.

That’s an astronomical increase and a reflection of the precarious state of the world. Kentucky is just one of many regions struggling with the rising average cost of fuel. The Bluegrass State will hope that this is only a short-term blip with a downturn in sight.

Baton Rouge Chronicle

33. Louisiana – $4.549

On the surface, Louisiana doesn’t appear to have as big of a fuel problem as other U.S. states. Gas prices are on the rise but are around the $4.50 mark now. However, they are having a profound impact on the Bayou State’s economy (via Baton Rouge Business Report).

Louisiana has a thriving petrochemical industry and was expected to prosper in 2022. They factored in the rising average cost of fuel before conflict broke out in Ukraine. Since then, problems have emerged and shown no sign of going anywhere soon.

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32. Maine – $5.076

For the first time in history, Maine’s gas prices broke through the $5.00 mark. It’s a travesty that people are experiencing this but it’s the result of a combination of global factors. That doesn’t make life easier for residents of the Pine Tree State.

Auburn’s Walmart had the lowest prices in the state at $4.83 per gallon. But most service stations charged their customers well above five bucks per gallon. Maine’s lawmakers even began an investigation into whether or not price-gouging was occurring (via WGME).


31. Maryland – $5.016

Marylanders rely heavily on cars and are struggling to change their habits. It’s impossible to stay at home all of the time, even though gas stations are charging them over $5.00 per gallon. Many people are in a situation where they must choose between food or fuel.

It’s an outrageous situation and the federal government must do something about it. Businesses and ordinary civilians are experiencing massive pressure because of the rising average price of fuel (via WBALTV). The big question is how far will the increases go?

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30. Massachusetts – $5.049

Boston residents described their current gas prices as the “new normal.” There’s a begrudging recognition that the cost of fuel won’t drop below $5.00 any time soon. It’s never happened since AAA began compiling data in 2001 (via Boston Herald).

Things are even worse on Martha’s Vineyard because gas has broken through the $6.00 mark. Let’s hope that the rest of the state doesn’t follow too quickly. It’s a nightmare situation for everybody concerned because of the rising average price of fuel.


29. Michigan – $5.219

Michigan is also enduring the highest gas prices in its history. Ann Arbor is the worst affected area with the most expensive gas in the state. Meanwhile, Detroit also had massive rising costs signaling bad news for the local population (via Click On Detroit).

Isabella County Police Dept. has also struggled with responses because of the impact of the rising average price of fuel on their budget. Officers are cycling to low-priority incidents or walking because they can’t afford to keep paying for gas.

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28. Minnesota – $4.758

One Minnesota gas station made national headlines after it sympathized with its customers. They wrote: “We hate our gas prices too,” as they showed solidarity (via New York Post). Some service providers received accusations of price-gouging but the market is genuinely a disaster.

Minnesota’s gas prices haven’t broken through the infamous $5.00 mark yet. They’re still below the national average but increasing every day. Remember that the cost of living in Minnesota is lower but so are average salaries. This means people still struggle to pay these crazy prices.

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27. Mississippi – $4.524

On the face of it, Mississippi has some of the lowest gas prices in the nation. Some parts of California are charging two dollars more than the average price per gallon in the Magnolia State. But this doesn’t tell the full story of people’s struggles (via CNN).

Mississippi is a low-income state unlike California, and this has a profound effect on its workforce. The average person works for almost three hours to fill a 10-gallon tank compared to two hours and 35 minutes in the Golden State. Remember that lower prices don’t mean an easier life.

Kansas City Star

26. Missouri – $4.679

AAA recommends that drivers avoid using air conditioning during the current crisis because it uses more fuel. That’s bad news for people who endure Missouri’s sweltering summers. The state is still below the national average when it comes to the rising average price of fuel (via Springfield News-Leader).

But like everywhere else they’re dealing with record increases. Surprisingly, Springfield was on the lower end of the scale compared to some other areas in the state. It’s worth keeping an eye on the pumps there. Some Kansas City dwellers are crossing the border because it’s cheaper there.

Billings Gazette

25. Montana – $4.905

There’s every chance that Montana would have had lower gas prices than other states in the U.S. But then the Exxon refinery in Billings went through a fire and an explosion. This reduced Montana’s gas supplies and threw gas on the fire that is the current well, fuel crisis (via Newstalk KGVO).

Some Montana residents are demanding that the Keystone XL pipeline plan restarts. However, critics say that it won’t change anything because Canada doesn’t have more fuel to give. Unfortunately, there are no easy solutions to this horrible predicament.

Lincoln Journal-Star

24. Nebraska – $4.755

There was a significant disparity in gas prices in Nebraska in June 2022. Unsurprisingly, Omaha had the most expensive fuel with the most expensive costing $5.55 per gallon. It’s still possible to find regular gas for a dollar cheaper in other parts of the state, however.

Ironically, the U.S. is the world’s largest oil producer but is unable to sustain the process of turning it into gasoline. The economic recovery after the global health crisis also caused more drivers to take to the roads. Soon they won’t be able to go anywhere (via WOWT).


23. Nevada – $5.657

Las Vegas has the second-highest gas prices in the nation and drivers are struggling. Rideshare drivers are scraping an existence because they’re barely covering their costs. It’s worse in Reno because customers are paying over $6.00 per gallon now (via 8 News Now).

This also has a serious impact on the state’s tourism sector. Many visitors traditionally drive from California and other neighboring states for a weekend but this is out of the question now. It’s even difficult for ordinary people to socialize with their friends because of the expenses.

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22. New Hampshire – $4.996

The Granite State sees a lot of out-of-state visitors who participate in outdoor tourism. It remains to be seen how the current international gasoline crisis affects their summer. Many people won’t travel by car because of the rising average price of fuel.

While the state average per gallon remains below $5.00, some parts of New Hampshire are paying more. Customers paid $5.14 at the Hooksett rest station in June 2022. According to WMUR, Sunday is the cheapest day to buy gas in the state.

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21. New Jersey – $5.059

Garden State drivers are now paying above $5.00 per gallon of regular gasoline. That’s two dollars more than they were paying in 2021. It’s a massive increase that will hurt the bank balances of drivers because it shows no sign of slowing down (via N.Y. Post).

Memorial Day caused a massive 25-cent spike as more people took to the roads. There was also a 12 percent increase in the space of a month. Surprisingly, trends show that drivers aren’t changing their habits yet because they don’t want to be stuck at home.


20. New Mexico – $4.825

New Mexico was one of 29 states that remained below $5.00 per gallon in June 2022. But prices still exceeded expectations as they reached record highs. Drivers in Santa Fe paid the most for refills with Farmington close behind (via Santa Fe New Mexican).

The state’s tax department plans to release three relief payments over the next few months to ease the burden on citizens. Hopefully, this will have a positive impact but it won’t stop the rising average price of fuel. Still, it’s better than doing nothing and watching people suffer.

N.Y. Times

19. New York – $5.037

Fewer drivers are taking to the roads in the Empire State because of the rising average price of fuel. Unsurprisingly, they’re paying over $5.00 per gallon and even more in the Big Apple. Some customers reported that refills cost them over six bucks per gallon (via CBS News).

This means more people are taking the bus and the subway instead of driving. However, this isn’t an option for upstaters who must continue paying for fuel if they want to go anywhere. It also has a massive impact on the entire Tristate area because many people visit families in neighboring states.


18. North Carolina – $4.671

North Carolina’s small gas stations are suffering the consequences of the rising average price of fuel. It’s forcing them to put the prices up for two reasons. Gasoline is more expensive because it’s less available as a result of international problems.

Then there’s the irony that people don’t want to spend as much now. They can save money by refilling at Walmart or other big chains because they can use points there. This is a huge blow for independent rest stops that are in a Catch-22 situation (via Fox 8).

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17. North Dakota – $4.768

Every state has unique problems to deal with and North Dakota is no exception. Fuel prices remain below the national average at the moment but that could be set to change. Hurricane season is on the way and this will see disruptions to oil production and refining (KFYR TV).

Landlocked regions like the Flickertail State depend heavily on the Gulf Coast oil industry. This means Bismarck residents can expect to see significant increases soon. It remains to be seen what the changing season will mean for the rest of North Dakota.

CN Traveler

16. Ohio – $5.050

Gas prices in Ohio have already broken through the $5.00 point in a blow for all of its residents. This means that the Buckeye state is hovering around the nation’s average. That won’t make Ohioans any happier though because they’re paying unbelievably high gas prices.

Many drivers are crossing the border into Northern Kentucky because the state has a lower gas tax. Cleveland and Cincinnati natives are also constantly checking online to find the cheapest gas stations. It’s an ongoing struggle that isn’t slowing down (via Cincinnati Enquirer).

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15. Oklahoma – $4.641

Oklahomans remain defiant in the face of the rising average price of fuel. They continue to take to the roads in their droves despite experiencing record expenses. The state average remains below five dollars but one gas station charged almost $6.00.

It’s a wild situation for the ‘Sooner State’ because of the heavy financial burden. Oklahoma remains one of the cheapest states in the nation but the problem is that they rely on cars more than others. In the end, they may pay more than others (via Chickasha News).

Time Out

14. Oregon – $5.536

Oregon has some of the highest gas prices in the country as they’ve eclipsed the five-dollar mark. The problem is the lack of refineries on the Northwest coast. This makes fuel less accessible than in other regions of the country. Unfortunately, Beaver Staters are paying a small fortune every time they refill.

Average prices haven’t quite reached California levels but they’re still frighteningly high. Some customers reported paying close to seven dollars per gallon. Portland has some of the highest prices with an average of $5.50 per gallon (via Oregon Live).

Philadelphia Inquirer

13. Pennsylvania – $5.069

Pennsylvanian gas prices exceeded five dollars for the first time in June 2022. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, another factor has contributed to the increase in fuel costs. Shanghai lifted its severe lockdown in June and put pressure on the global availability of fuel as industries reopened.

This won’t mean much to the average citizen in Philadelphia but they’re paying the price. Pennsylvanians witnessed a 25-cent rise in the space of a week. This puts many people under pressure because they must make difficult choices about when to drive (via Philadelphia Inquirer).

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12. Rhode Island – $5.020

An increase in carpooling has occurred as a result of the rising average price of fuel in Rhode Island. Drivers are being creative as they try to cut costs. Nobody can blame them because the situation is out of hand with gas stations charging more than five dollars per gallon.

Meanwhile, Rhode Island’s Public Transport Chief confirmed that the public bus fleet would turn electric soon. Sales of electric cars are also on the rise because the cost of recharging them is much cheaper than paying for gas these days (via ABC 6).

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11. South Carolina – $4.608

South Carolina residents can breathe a sigh of relief because the cost of gas is well below the national average. It’s still on the rise but not at the same pace as other parts of the country. Furthermore, it’s slightly cheaper than across the Savannah River (via WRDW).

Some believe that motorists should put pressure on the industry by driving less. This would force gasoline providers to lower costs to offload their products. However, the reality is that drivers have cars for a reason and can’t afford to put their lives on hold.

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10. South Dakota – $4.719

The Mount Rushmore State hardly has cheaper gas prices than neighboring North Dakota but they’re still lower than the national average. Unfortunately, residents saw multiple double-digit increases since May 2022. But the bad news is that it’s not going down.

A South Dakota State Spokesman said customers must grin and bear it because it will decrease eventually. The industry will stabilize but nobody knows when this will be. Meanwhile, South Dakota drivers continue to take to the roads despite the crazy costs (via Dakota News Now).


9. Tennessee – $4.642

Tennessee is one of the ten cheapest states in the U.S. right now when it comes to the cost of gas. It remains significantly below the national average as drivers breathe a collective sigh of relief. However, prices continue to fluctuate and there’s no telling how high they’ll go.

At least Krispy Kreme has its customers covered. They’re running a promotion as they sell 12 donuts for the same cost as the national average of a gallon of gas. Tennesseans can feel proud that the Volunteer State is doing its part to bring this down (via News Channel 5).

Texas Monthly

8. Texas – $4.664

Texan gas costs are creeping closer to the dreaded five-dollar mark. This is putting first responders under severe pressure because the crisis has depleted their fuel budgets. Williamson County is one of several that is already dipping into its contingency funds.

It makes sense to change to electric vehicles but the problem is that the initial cost is high. Many of these fire departments and police forces have new fleets so it doesn’t make sense to replace them now. This is a no-win situation for everybody involved (via FOX News).

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7. Utah – $5.016

The hearts of collective Utah citizens sank when gas prices broke the five-dollar point for the first time in history. Unfortunately, some experts believe that they may reach a national average of six dollars shortly. That’s why many people think it’s time for an electric revolution.

Beehive Staters are cutting back on other spending because they have no choice. It’s reaching the point where the current crisis is forcing people to cancel vacations and curtail their social activities. This is a sad state of affairs after the world appeared to recover from the pandemic (via Deseret News).

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6. Vermont – $5.045

Vermont gas prices are higher than five dollars for the first time. It’s still possible to get cheaper gas in places like Warren but customers are paying almost $6.00 in Bloomfield. The rising average price of fuel is stark (via Vermont Biz).

This is a gut punch to Vermont’s outdoor tourism industry. Similar to New Hampshire, they’re watching anxiously to see if it has a similar effect on visitors. Only time will tell if this is the case but it’s a likely reality of the current state of the world.

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5. Virginia – $4.864

Gas prices in Virginia edge closer to five dollars per gallon as they put consumers under stress. AAA reported that record numbers of drivers are calling for assistance after running out of fuel. They’re advising people that it may be cheaper to refill than to allow the tank to float above empty.

Virginians called for roadside assistance at a much higher percentage than in 2021. This is directly related to the rising average price of gas because they’re taking risks. It’s so expensive to refill their tanks that they’re struggling to afford it (via WRIC).

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4. Washington – $5.546

The State of Washington is also dealing with the situation that is the global fuel crisis. In Kings County, residents are paying almost $5.70 per gallon. Washington is dealing with the same problem as Oregon in that there aren’t many oil refineries in the region (My Northwest).

This puts added pressure on supplies and increases the expenses. Meanwhile, individual cities have gas taxes so it’s difficult for the state to intervene and make a meaningful difference. Evergreen State dwellers will continue contending with some of the highest prices in the nation.


3. West Virginia – $4.914

Mountain State dwellers believe that Washington lawmakers are out of touch with their problems. The Appalachian state is suffering from the same drastic fuel costs as the rest of the nation. They also have untapped gas resources waiting to be utilized.

It’s a contentious issue but one that will remain topical while the current fuel crisis continues. Meanwhile, numerous fire departments are reporting that volunteers are sleeping at depots because they can’t afford to keep driving to work (via Capito).

The Atlantic

2. Wisconsin – $4.919

Wisconsin gas prices are almost at the dreaded five-dollar mark. Some have eclipsed this but the average remains just below. Milwaukee natives agree that there is no room for frivolous spending because the gasoline crisis affects everything.

The rising average price of fuel also means that it’s more expensive for companies to deliver food and other goods. This means that many people are on the brink of survival because they can barely afford to make ends meet. It’s a dire situation after the pandemic (via JS Online).

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1. Wyoming – $4.757

Wyoming has the 14th cheapest gas on average in the U.S. The ‘Cowboy State’ hasn’t broken the five-dollar landmark yet but it’s edging ominously closer. Teton County dwellers are already paying more than this but the rest of the state brings the average down.

Meanwhile, Natrona County had the state’s cheapest gasoline at $4.44. However, it’s worth knowing that Wyoming residents have a heavy reliance on their vehicles because of the population density. They may spend more than most Californians despite the cheaper refills (via K2 Radio).