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40 DIY Storage Solutions That Will Change Your Life

MonicaMarch 18, 2022
A Cultivated Nest

16. Basket For Remotes

We’ve all lost a remote once, twice or even many times. This basket for remotes is one of the best storage solutions on this list. You’ll rarely lose your remote again. This especially comes in handy if you have multiple remotes for multiple devices. You can also use these baskets to hold other things, like glasses, a TV guide, and cutlery (via A Cultivated Nest).

Apartment Therapy

15. Shower Product Organizer

Shower rods come in handy when it comes to finding storage solutions. All you need to do is find hooks and use them to hang loofahs, body brushes, and back scrubbers. Your kitchen will look organized and quite beautiful. Hang them between the rings of your shower curtain by letting them slide each time you pull the curtain back. You can also add a second tension curtain rod to maximize the space (via Apartment Therapy).

The Homes I Have Made

14. Clear Labeled Boxes

Purchase some clear boxes and label them as one of the most versatile storage solutions on this list. They can fit under the bathroom cabinet or in one of the drawers. They’re easy to find, and you can store tons of small items inside. That way, you’re less likely to lose these items (via The Homes I Have Made).

The Homes I Have Made

13. Painted Utensil Jars

These painted utensil jars are good for storage and clearing up counter space in your kitchen or bathroom. They’re also a fun activity to make with your kids. Have them paint the utensil jars with you. Then, you can store their school utensils inside and place them in their bedroom or kitchen (via The Homes I Have Made).

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12. Car Display Shelves

This is one of the best storage solutions to do with your kids. They probably have tons of small toy cars lying around the house, which get in the way when you’re trying to clean or walk. As a solution, you can make DIY car display shelves with cheap and simple products. All you need is a fence slat. Secure it onto your wall with three screws, one in the middle and one on each end. Most of the cars are the perfect size for the shelves (via 2 The Sunny Side).

Making Home Base

11. Organized Toy Corner

It can get annoying to have toys lying around the house. For this storage solution, just pick a section of your living room to place the toys. Then, use some type of organizer or shelving system. Use baskets and bins to put the toys inside, and then use a variety of sizes of bins and baskets to fit different-sized toys (via Making Home Base).


10. Art Cart

Art carts are fun storage solutions to make with your family members. All you need are two simple products: duct tape and jars. Then, place the duct tape onto the jars, put your art supplies inside, and place them all onto a cart (via Suburble).


9. Wall Hung Baskets

Get rid of those clutter hotspots by installing one of the most easily accessible storage solutions that will encourage all of your family members to put things away where they belong. All you have to do is fix a few metal hooks on the wall at staggered heights. Then hook a handled basket on each. The wall hung baskets are great for quick end-of-day tidy-ups for toys, books, and other items lying around your house (via Ideal Home).

Lucky Belly

8. Bar Cart

Add some style to your house with a DIY bar cart, one of the best storage solutions on this list that can be made with items lying around your house. Grab some spare pieces of wood and junk, and create a stylish bar cart to impress your friends (via Lucky Belly).

Family Handyman

7. Six Pack Fridge Organizer

Condiments lying around in your refrigerator can be frustrating to look at. In order to keep your condiments under control, all you need to do is use an empty six-pack container to organize the condiments. They’ll fit perfectly into the holes in the six pack (via Family Handy Man).

Family Handyman

6. Tension Rod Cabinet Organizer

As one of the most versatile storage solutions out there, tension rods can be a multi-purpose item in the kitchen. Since the spring-loaded tension rod is adjustable, you can fit it into any cabinet. It’s a great storage hack and is affordable and easy to find (via Family Handy Man).

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5. Spice Labels

No one likes messy spices lying around the kitchen, especially when it can be hard to decipher one spice from another. To make your own spice labels, all you need is a set of french square spice jars with black lids, customizable spice jar labels, a fine point blade, and standard grip mat (via The Suburban Mom).

Family And Pets

4. Storing Vegetables In Drawers

Store your vegetables in drawers with simple storage solutions. That way, your vegetables are easy to find. All you need to do is place them in different sections. You can organize them by vegetable, color, or taste (via Family And Pets).

DIY Electronics Charging Station Drawer | Simple Purposeful Living
Simple Purposeful Living

3. A Drawer As A Charging Station

You may open drawers in your home only to find an array of messy phone chargers and cables. Luckily, storage solutions come in handy, and you won’t have to worry about organizing your messy cords. All you need is a power strip, some wire ties, and velcro straps. Drill holes where you need to for the wires, and when you’re done, place the power strip inside the drawer. Use the velcro straps and attach it to the drawer’s side. Then, wrap up the charger cable so they don’t get tangled (via Family And Pets).

10 Small-Space Storage Hacks to Make the Most of Your Tiny Bathroom
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2. Bathroom Drawer Organizer

All you need for this simple storage solution is several packs of plastic baskets, which you can find at the dollar store for a buck each. Then, you can place your toothbrush, hairbrush, floss, and other items inside the drawer (via The Summery Umbrella).


1. Wine Storage Side Table

One of the best storage solutions to have is a wine storage side table. Get a bit more professional with your bottles of wine by using a bit of lumber and trim to create a built-in wine rack. You can do this in the otherwise unused narrow space in the side of a cabinet (via Decoist).