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15 Big Companies That Accept Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies That Might Indicate Where We are Heading

Simi December 10, 2017

What is a cryptocurrency anyway? It’s tough to explain in terms of mechanics and functioning, as cryptocurrencies encompass many different fields of technology and finance. Basically, these currencies are an anonymous, virtual way of making transactions. They don’t abide by laws about taxation, control or monitoring. It’s also impossible to trace the sender or the receiver. They are safe, but are they reliable?

Reliability as a term can become a little bit vague in the field of cryptocurrencies. They function on the same principle as shares on the stock exchange. Their value is determined by the popularity they have at the moment. The first and most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, created in 2009. It became a cool way of making illegal transactions over the internet, such as drugs and illegal arms. In fact, the first thing purchased by Bitcoin was a pizza for 10.000.

Since then, things have changed. Bitcoin began gaining momentum, with its current worth estimated around $16.000. That’s a lot of money going around. Because of this lucrative amount of money, many banks and companies have decided to get in on the fun and start accepting Bitcoin and other currencies as valid money.

In order to depict just how important cryptocurrencies are, you just have to see how many companies acknowledge them. These 15 big brands are in the cryptocurrency business and are the frontrunners of a new world order, bringing forth a new financial and economic revolution.

1. WordPress

Sometimes, we tend to forget the enormous significance of WordPress and what they do for the blogging world. WordPress is the world’s most premier service for providing free blog services. If you don’t have enough money to start a website, but have something to say to the world – you can count on WordPress. Their free services are impeccable, but they also possess a number of paid perks.

When Bitcoin started gaining traction a few months ago, WordPress decided to take the risk and allow users to pay via Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Most people saw this method as a waste of time and catering to a limited audience, but WordPress had the last laugh. With Bitcoin being worth thousands upon thousands of dollars more each day, the company is winning in every way possible.

WordPress supports tens of millions of websites and has always been one of the frontrunners when it comes to online innovation. If you’re interested in paying using cryptocurrency, you can do so via the BitPay transaction service. It’s a safe and reliable of making sure your coins reach the desired destination. Currently, there are no problems with the payment service, as the company does an excellent job of handling existing ways of payment.

Every website created via WordPress and based on it has the option of providing plugins which can create new payment opportunities. From the starting offer with Bitcoin, such websites have expanded onto Ethereum territory in a major way. This not only benefits WordPress as a company but business ventures which use the platform. It paves a way for easier business and a world which leans on a decentralized and free economy.

2. Wikipedia

Sometimes, people cause a big stir over the ethic principle of non-profit organizations asking for donations. In other words, some people don’t feel that these are really donations if they have to be urged. Wikipedia made such a move not too long ago, urging their readers to donate a symbolic sum of money in order to maintain the self-sufficient company. Many people did so, but there was one innovation in the field of financial reassurance. Wikipedia thus became one of the first companies to allow Bitcoin payments, and with much success.

Donations increased from that moment in 2014 and Wikipedia never looked back. Aside from gaining financial stability more than ever, the famous online encyclopedia accomplished something even more significant. They have shown the world that they mean business when it comes to adapting to the future, something many companies lack in the present day. Wikipedia also made their donation amounts transparent, just so people have more faith in their intentions. This was also a pretty good move from their side.

In the midst of this cryptocurrency transition period, the world needs more and more companies that will show us the way to the new era of financial transaction. Wikipedia has always been a liberal outlet that supports revolutionary measure throughout the free world. Thanks to this move three years ago, many companies and brands have followed suit and decided to become open to cryptocurrency.

Because of this increased donation seeking tempo, many thought that Wikipedia would give up on their free content policy. Thankfully, they didn’t disrespect their loyal readers and fans, much to the delight of the public and those fans. It’s a wonderful example in the present day business world.

3. Lamborghini

In every business industry, there is one brand that always seems to be one step ahead of everyone else, but not in an overly intrusive manner. Sure, there are successful brands that rule over the world for certain time periods, but they haven’t been able to sustain that dominance. That’s because they’re too imposing sometimes. Something that can never be beaten is the power and influence of tradition. When you’re making superfast sports cars, a unique sense of innovation and a classy traditional maintenance are all you really need. And nobody embodies that combination more than Lamborghini, the Italian car manufacturing legends.

The sharp edges and a lack of curves are what made the Italian company world famous. These are all parts of their tradition, alongside the quality engines that can withstand races, marathons and every mechanical endeavor known to man. With that tradition comes incredible innovation. Aside from cutting edge technology, Lamborghini brought innovation to the world of financial transactions. In September this year, Lamborghini announced that they will start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for their cars. This move caused a substantial amount of stir with the public.

The big news came in cooperation with Lamborghini Newport Beach, an authorized dealership that works in and around California. The move was made due to a teaming-up with Eggify, a site that is classified when it comes to Bitcoin transactions. Many politicians and experts criticized the move.

They deem that such a decision will make it easier for criminals and mobsters to “flex” their expensive cars, as there will be no trace of their transactions whatsoever. But, generally, this is seen as a positive move that will only benefit everyone.

4. Save the Children

Charities have always been organizations that depended on an ease of financial transactions, ever since the dawn of time. Usually, charitable organizations and foundations require a constant influx of financial resources. This is especially true if there is a crisis on our hands. In that case, money needs to flow in as fast as possible. How can this be accomplished? There needs to be a way that not only allows the sender to perform the transaction fast but also a fee waiver. Traditional banks and other institutions charge enormous fees even for charity organizations. The answer lies in the wonderful and mysterious world of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

Save the Children is one of the most significant charities for minors around the world. They support and aid millions of kids in trouble, around the world. Be it kids from war-torn countries, abuse victims or puberty – they provide the necessary resource and guidance they all need. Due to the magnitude of their operations, they need lots of money. In order to, as a non-profit organization, help the children, they’ve struck a deal with BitPay in 2014. The result of that deal was the beginning of Bitcoin donations. They quickly recognized the advantages and strengths of this revolutionary payment system.

Nowadays, they raise money much quicker. This is because, regardless of the time and place, Bitcoin transactions and instant and immediate. Furthermore, BitPay has actually agreed to waive any transaction fees when it comes to Save the Children. This is incredibly cheap and efficient when it comes to helping those in need.

Children around the world have benefited from this partnership. Such a swift plan of action is much better than the standard, unreliable and shady banks. Do what’s best for the children!

5. Badoo

Dating sites oftentimes function in very strange ways. When they first started gaining traction, they were just free platforms with an aim to match people with the same interests, opinions, and physical preferences. However, all of this changed when the aforementioned sites started gaining popularity. The longest standing business rule is that no brand, phenomena or thing can be non-profit forever. Thus, dating sites soon began introducing paid features. They played on people’s greed and loneliness, in a certain way. Payments became more frequent and app developers soon saw a boom in their endeavors.

The age of premium features was born and the era of equality in terms of services was officially over. Even after the introduction of paid services and features, there still was room for improvement in that particular field. Moreover, those transactions were getting more and more frequent as time went on. Developers and entrepreneurs have expressed a need for more resources in terms of financial efficiency.

This need was first brought to light when the dating site Badoo suddenly allowed Bitcoin payments in 2015. Such a move was seen as a breakthrough in terms of following the rising financial trends. More and more people are putting faith into Bitcoin and the deal between Badoo and Smart2Pay was a great example of evolution.

In order to get more swipes or to see who liked your profile, you can get those features in exchange for a small fraction of a Bitcoin. There is also one more added benefit to this whole Bitcoin payment scheme. Many people are embarrassed about using dating apps and don’t want to leave any traces. Bitcoin removes the existence of payment traces and records.

6. Gyft

Gift giving has always been a viable means of earning money for the companies that provide those gifts. Early in the 2000s, many online gift stores soared from the then young internet. It became a popular venture, as people weren’t limited by the offers of their own vicinity. Although it wasn’t as stable or reliable as physical gift purchasing, it made things much easier for people who weren’t around a wide choice of gifts. Within that myriad of gift-purchasing sites, one stood out, and that is Gyft. They usually provide gift cards at not so steep prices.

The appeal of Gyft was mostly in the fact that they give simplicity to a world where gift purchasing is already a complicated venture. However, in 2013, they made a move that allowed their popularity to skyrocket even more. After some speculation, Gyft decided to start accepting Bitcoin as a viable means of payment. Because Bitcoin hasn’t really taken off at that time, many experts and customers were suspicious about this strange way of amassing a fortune and selling gift cards.

However, there is more to this venture that it seemed at first. Gyft allowed customers to bypass the Amazon payment system. They gave us a workaround which enabled us to buy Amazon gift cards via Bitcoin. Given the fact that many people in developing country didn’t have access to credit cards at the time, this form of payment was proven to be a hit in the making. It immediately increased their revenues, as it gave many people an opportunity to fool Amazon.

Unfortunately, Jeff Bezos decided that Bitcoin is too volatile for constant use and, therefore, he made the decision of removing Bitcoin payments altogether. We’re sure this was just a move to be safe, not a final decision. As Bitcoin rises, Jeff will surely recognize its significance.

7. Microsoft

When you’re talking about groundbreaking innovations and changes in the market, there is one company whose name became a synonym for “revolutionary”. That company is none other than Microsoft, the legendary software corporation started all those years ago. Ever since their inception, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have been working hard not to be like everyone else. Much of their decisions were revolutionary and groundbreaking, as they became known for precisely that. It the midst of their ventures, they started providing cheap and reliable software for the growing trend of personal computers. It’s no wonder that innovation has been the main element of their development as a brand.

In 2014, they made a revolutionary step by allowing their customers to pay for Xbox and Windows products using Bitcoins. Bill Gates has always been a man of futuristic thoughts, so it’s no wonder that he came to know the potential of cryptocurrency this fast. Fans reacted positively to this decisions, even more, because the payments were made possible by Coinbase, a respectable means of making Bitcoin transactions.

Games, DLC, and even other perks can easily be purchased using the Coinbase transaction service. You can also purchase the Windows OS and even Office products, along with everything in their catalog. According to data, this certainly improved Microsoft’s business ventures, as more and more people are into cryptocurrency, both as a means of payment and as a trend.

Bill Gates himself has stated in a few interviews that he expects the world to adopt this new way of making transactions. He is a man oriented towards the future and the secrets and benefits the present day world holds for us. His predictions about Bitcoin came true, as its value further increased as the months after Microsoft’s announcement went by.

8. 1-800-Flowers.Com Inc

Flowers is somewhere on the bottom of the list of things you would expect to hear connected with Bitcoin. It may seem outrageous at first, but the whole notion of purchasing flowers via cryptocurrency actually makes perfect sense when you give it a long thought. Basically, florists have always been a big industry, given the immense amount of situation where you would need flowers. Funerals, anniversaries, weddings and dates – all of these situations are very frequent in our society and make florists a lot of money in the first place.

Thus, when 1-800-Flowers.com, the world’s most renowned online flower retailer announced the introduction of Bitcoin transactions, nobody was all that surprised. Given the fact how much money is made in the industry, it’s completely logical that they wanted to get on the cryptocurrency hype train. Such a warranted decision allows people to make purchases much easier than usual, given the fact that Bitcoin transactions hold many perks for the users of the renowned cryptocurrency. Anonymity, efficiency and a lack of trace is the best trio of arguments one can think of in this case.

1-800-Flowers.Com Inc became the first flower retailer to accept purchases via cryptocurrency, something that was unheard of. Moreover, their profits skyrocketed and people became more interested in their brand. This move also made us realize something more important. Bitcoin isn’t just for shady transactions on the dark web or some rich businessmen. It’s precisely tailor-made for everyday transactions and thing we need.

Because of this notion, one day we may completely disregard physical money. Bitcoin is simply more efficient, more immediate and better suited to our needs. Although it may be hard to realize, we live in an outdated timeline, full of things that might be bettered. The first step is to rework our economic system, by introducing bitcoin.

9. PayPal

It’s hard to imagine the present-day world without PayPal, isn’t it? The famous money transferring and safe-keeping service has embedded itself deep into the very functioning of our world. Long gone are the days when you had to think about the physical location of someone that needed cash to be wired. Before, you either had to mail money or go to a bank outpost and handle the bills yourself. This is not to mention the hassle with IBAN, SWIFTs, and other annoying details. Today, with only a name or an email, you can handle millions of dollars in a matter of milliseconds. Convenient? Of course.

PayPal has successfully dominated the convenient side of today’s market, but they weren’t satisfied with the number of things they offered. Sure, they had different currencies, but a new trend soon caught their attention.

The Bitcoin craze was catching on in 2014, and PayPal wanted in on the fun. After a few weeks of negotiations and speculation, they made the grand announcement. In a partnership with BitPay, GoCoin, and Coinbase, you could begin using Bitcoin as your currency when using PayPal. Of course, many disputed the validity of the very decision, but it turned out to be an impeccable one.

This wasn’t the end of the relationship between PayPal and Bitcoin. In 2016, the company announced yet another cryptocurrency-aided feature. This time, they partnered with Coinbase to allow the service’s users to cash in Bitcoins into their PayPal account. Such a decision means much more than just mere acceptance of a new virtual currency. This move signified PayPal as the direct middle-man in making Bitcoin a reality in terms of cash conversion.

10. Subway

You wouldn’t expect to hear the words cryptocurrency and fast food in the same sentence, but it’s time to get used to stuff like this. It’s the 21st century and we’re eying a revolution on all fronts. This is especially true for even the pillars of everyday life, like fast food purchases. One company choose to take a step into the future and make us all gasp in jealousy.

Subway functions on an interesting principle. The mother company allows individual shops to be bought by entrepreneurs and to be run by them. However, this is not all. These franchises can be modified to an extent, meaning that the owner is free to add what he wants to the mix. A few years ago, a couple of owners decided to try and add Bitcoin as a means of payment in their shops.

This caused a lot of stir and was deemed unnecessary by many people. However, this move prompted many businesses around the world catch on to the hype wave and ride out into the sunset of the financial revolution.

There are even existing rumors that Subway will start accepting Ethereum, which, by all means, would be an even better move. Ethereum is deemed more stable by some investors, but Bitcoin is currently showing no signs of stopping whatsoever. A brilliant decision nevertheless. It’s important to companies that are thinking ahead in every field.

11. Virgin Galactic

The space race is heating up recent years. More and more companies and investors are trying to open up the field for semi-affordable space travel. Yes, something that was straight out of a science fiction novel is being actively worked on by the world’s elite. Space X, Boeing, NASA and many other private and state companies are racing for the crown of the starter of space tourism.

It’s a little less serious than the Soviet-US space race all those decades ago, but it could still yield significant consequences on our world. One of the frontrunners in this race is Virgin Galactic, the brainchild of one Richard Branson. The iconic billionaire entrepreneur is the one who is to thank for much of the advancement in this field in particular.

In 2015, he made news by allowing people to book their places on trips to outer space using cryptocurrency. This not only meant a move in the right direction, but an excellent push to the then-struggling Bitcoin movement. It’s important to have the world’s elite supporting such a revolutionary cause, as their voices are the loudest and can be heard anywhere.

Richard himself has stated that he loves cryptocurrency and that he is a firm believe it will eradicate money once and for all. One of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs, investors and CEOs is definitely a good figure to have as a supporter. Moreover, he even confirmed that millions in Bitcoin payments have already been made. An amazing development nevertheless.

12. Zynga

When Facebook got off for the first time, nobody imagined it would become this big. At the beginning, people were praising for its immediacy and an efficient interface. It was being used as a means of communication more and more. People liked it and it soon brought other useful perks to the table. It became much more than the initially speculated social media network. Weather reports, link sharing, music posting – everything on this list made Facebook what it is today. But one thing made the popular network really explode and that is Facebook games. Yes, games caused the first big boom more than a decade ago.

Amongst the games we could see on Facebook at the time, most were run and created by one company – Zynga. They were solely responsible for hours upon hours of addictive gameplay, all at the comfort of your social media network.

They were the carriers of a new revolution and wanted to go all out and be even more revolutionary. One reason they were popular and their profits were sky high was the notion of in-game purchases. For small amounts of money, you can have an advantage over players. That could be done with regular money, until the board of directors decided to add Bitcoin to the mix, via BitPay. It was a wise move that allowed them to be even closer to their customers.

Only after a few days, their shares started skyrocketing, as people began praising their embracing of the new and exciting cryptocurrency. They were actually the first gaming company to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, all those months ago. Somehow, it’s still a good decision that will always linger in the hearts of fans of games like Farmville and others.

13. Steam

We’ve somehow established a trend on this list. Company after company has reestablished the meaning of “service”, immediately bettering the way we look at that specific business sector. This is true when it comes to gaming, too. As PC gaming started taking off, you had to buy CDs of your favorite games. It was the only viable way of trying out what you wanted to play. There was simply no other way. Piracy came along as a free alternative, but it’s never a safe nor secure way to indulge in something. People needed a cloud service, just for games, where they didn’t depend on physical copies of games to play them. As a result, Steam was born.

Valve, the company behind Half Life, decided to provide their fans with the first gaming cloud service. All you had to do was purchase a game and you could download it to an unlimited number of computers and play all you want. Your machine could burn down, but it wouldn’t affect your Steam account. The payments were already easy and enjoyable, so Steam wanted to further facilitate the notion of online payments for PC games.

Thus, in 2016, Steam finally allowed users to pay for games using BitPay, something many people have disputed, but since understood. The move was a success, and it had higher motives than just capitalization.

Steam has users in many developing and less developed countries. There, access to credit cards is not so easy, especially for young people who aren’t independent yet. Because of this, Bitcoin provides everyone with an excellent solution to bypass any boundaries. Cryptocurrencies know no borders, taxes or similar primitive regulations that plague the economy of the entire world.

14. Shopify

When it comes to eCommerce, we’re talking about one of the pillars of the modern trade world. A long time ago, you were forced to venture into a physical store and choose whatever you wanted. This created problems for both sides, the provider and the customer. If you, as the customer, wanted something, you were forced to appear right on the spot, no matter how far the store actually is. The provider also had everything ready for the transaction, without any delays whatsoever. Such a sales model was unsustainable and needed to change as the years went by. The solution came in the shape of the eCommerce platform.

Using eCommerce, you can purchase anything you want with just a click or two. It’s incredibly easy and you can expect everything you ordered to right at your doorstep in less than one week. Such convenience was unheard of, and one of the leading eCommerce platforms, Shopify, immediately stood out.

They created a business method that many other sites religiously followed and made use of. They were notorious for their easy payments systems, alongside many other perks. However, they wanted to stand out even more and take matters into their own hands. In order to do this, a decision was to be made.

In 2013, they were frontrunners in the Bitcoin race and allowed their customers to pay with Bitcoin. This wasn’t just for services of the platform, but for every merchant, too. The growing cryptocurrency signified potential and Shopify knew how to make use of the opportunity. Since then, their shares net worth and profits have gone dramatically up. It’s amazing what one smart decision can do to affect an entire business.

15. Tesla

When we’re talking about innovation and innovators, you can’t miss one man. Elon Musk is one of the most innovative human beings in recent history. With his shrewd business tactics, revolutionary ideas and humanitarian work – he changed the face of the world forever. He managed to do so through hard work and an open mind. Having a sense of evolution around you can be a great aid in terms of being able to instill change in the environment. That view of the world is directly embodied in Elon’s biggest company yet, Tesla.

Just like the genius inventor whose name the company bears, Tesla seeks to bring a revolution to the surface of our planet. Tesla cars are purely run by electricity and rely solely on it, without the need for fuel or any other non-renewable energy source. As if this wasn’t innovative enough, Elon Musk had his sights on more emerging trends in the world. The most significant of these was the rise of one cryptocurrency a few years ago, the Bitcoin. Elon, an advocate of freeing up the economy saw this as an opportunity not only for the whole world but for his company, too.

By allowing vendors to sell the Tesla Models S and X for Bitcoins, Musk has yet again shown a sense of doing business the most efficient way. With Bitcoin making boom after boom, it’s safe to say that the South-African entrepreneur and visionary is happily smiling. And he should, as he was one of the main advocates of cryptocurrency from the beginning. Every single step Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other currencies have taken is directly connected to Musk and his influence. A man of the future, nevertheless.