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Vindication: The Internet Put These Brutal Karens In Their Places

Darren November 16, 2023

The Haircut

The Karen haircut is such a cliche but it’s also very accurate. Many of them continue to unironically style their hair in this way. It’s a sign to move out of their way like the spikes on a lionfish. Unfortunately, sometimes they’re unavoidable and they take advantage of other people.


Here they audaciously cut the line and forced other people to wait. Most folks don’t want to kick up a fuss and cause a public incident because they have too much dignity. But Karens throw dignity out of the door with their garbage. Sadly, that’s what happened here (via Reddit).

You’re Useless

Here’s another example of an innocent bystander suffering Karen’s wrath. There’s nothing worse than being in the wrong place at the wrong time when Karen is on the rampage. This person was in a store doing some shopping when they had a near-brush with carnage.


They escaped lightly but it’s still laughable that someone treated them this way. It made no sense and was so rude but Karen didn’t care because she’s a selfish human being. We think she’s human anyway but it wouldn’t surprise us to learn that she’s an alien in disguise (via Reddit).

Not Enough Holes

Some people will do anything for their children. But it becomes problematic when they start requesting unreasonable demands in public. One owner experienced this firsthand when Karen brought her daughter to his restaurant. Check it below because it’s laughable.


Imagine the incredulous look on his face when she asked him to do this. He must have assumed that she was joking at first but then he would have realized that she was serious. The man obliged because the customer is always right, even if they’re psychopaths (via Reddit).

Yeah, You Are!

Here’s another example of a male Karen in action. They requested a very early check-in and the hotel duly obliged. This isn’t always possible but they gave him a room without an issue. However, he had a garbage attitude and treated the workers horribly.


The story is embarrassing because it shows how some people take hospitality staff for granted. There’s no reason to treat another human being this way. He got what he wanted and if he had to wait for a few extra minutes it’s not a big deal. But he didn’t accept that (via Reddit).

Calm Fury

This proud Netizen described how they dealt with a vindictive Karen. The Internet enjoyed how they stayed calm and destroyed the malicious woman. They almost had a serious collision because of the other person’s dangerous driving but the Karen didn’t care.


They did the right thing because it’s risky to directly confront a Karen. However, the truck driver refused to allow her to escape without justice and successfully got her vehicle’s information. This could have been much worse but the Karen didn’t care and paid the price (via Reddit).