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Vindication: The Internet Put These Brutal Karens In Their Places

Darren November 16, 2023

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The Internet thought that this Karen story was so dumb. It’s short but sweet as we can see below. In sum, Karen didn’t like one employee because they were doing their job properly. Remember, they deserve instant attention regardless of what else is going on around them.


The scathing responses show that most people don’t condone this shameless behavior. Don’t act like Karens in real life because nobody respects them. We feel sorry for the nice Karens in this world who must be contemplating a name change because it’s a rough label (via Reddit).

Cash Only!

Another Internet user had an insane story about their Karen experience. They worked in a store and were in the process of closing down for the night. Everybody knows that there’s nothing worse than coming in as a shop is closing. It’s okay if someone is grabbing one item but not doing their full groceries.


This entitled person didn’t care that she was inconveniencing the store workers. She refused to accept that they couldn’t access the safe even though it was completely out of their power. The best part is that her name is Karen because she’s living up to it.

Pregnant Karen

Logic doesn’t apply to Karens because they don’t have any. Check out the story below because it’s one of the most eye-rolling situations ever. This Redditor explained how they were on a packed train when they had a confrontation with a pregnant Karen.


First, let’s be clear – someone should have given Karen a seat. That’s entirely true and it’s shameful that nobody allowed a pregnant woman to sit down. But she picked on the wrong person because they had no power to help her in this situation (via Reddit).

The Weight of the World

Karens almost always have unreasonable demands. It’s a trademark of the species but the following account takes this to the next level. Most store workers will help people carry items to their vehicles if they need them. Maybe they have a heavy appliance that’s difficult for one person to move.


But as we can see above that’s not the case in this situation. Imagine asking a store worker to carry a single greeting card to their car. It’s so ridiculous but nothing is impossible in the shameless world of Karens. We believe that this happened because that’s what they do (via Reddit).

I’m Disappointed

Sometimes it’s easier to give Karens what they want because otherwise there will be an embarrassing confrontation. Most regular workers don’t earn enough money to get in a heated confrontation with these wicked people. That’s the case in the story below.


We’re sure that the barista would have loved to throw the coffee in her face but they showed admirable restraint. If they wanted to prove their innocence they could probably have shown CCTV but it’s too much effort. The audacity of Karen is something to behold (via Reddit).

Blonde Roots

The only thing worse than a Karen is a Karen who blatantly lies. This Redditor had a ridiculous story about a crazy woman who tried to create trouble for a restaurant’s workers. She put her hair in her meal and pretended that it was a staff member’s. But there was one major flaw with her devious scheme.


Most Karens lack self-awareness and don’t care what other people think as long as they get what they want. This is a classic example because her companions’ awkwardness didn’t faze her. Some people willingly throw away their dignity for a free dessert.

Branded Part

Karens automatically expect the world to give them what they want. It doesn’t matter if they receive the most reasonable explanation in the world because they won’t accept it. In this case, a Home Depot worker explained that they had a universal part but not the branded version they wanted.


It’s hilarious that they used Wal-Mart – a different store – to justify their rage. Why didn’t they go to Wal-Mart and buy it then? It’s so bizarre but this is Karen logic at its finest. In the end, the store worker watched helplessly as the angry Karen stormed out (via Reddit).

Caramel Dip

The words ‘limited edition’ don’t mean anything to Karens. If they like or want something they expect an unlimited supply when they demand it. One McDonald’s worker discovered this the hard way when Karen requested caramel dip for her child’s chicken nuggets.


Finally, the manager solved the problem but it was so ridiculous. The hilarious part is that Karen thought that she won this situation. Let’s hope that the restaurant overcharged them for those pumps and punished her rudeness. This is shocking behavior and nobody can condone it (via Reddit).

Flying Priority

Airport etiquette is a strange thing because people act in weird ways. They’ll queue for half an hour even if they know that they have a pre-booked seat. Meanwhile, passengers act passive-aggressively over seat rests and going to the restroom. But one Karen took it to another level.


There was no reason for her to bully another person who was in the same situation. If she had priority boarding she would have had the opportunity to use it so this was complete garbage. But that’s very typical of Karens who would lie to St. Peter at the pearly gates (via Reddit).

The Haircut

The Karen haircut is such a cliche but it’s also very accurate. Many of them continue to unironically style their hair in this way. It’s a sign to move out of their way like the spikes on a lionfish. Unfortunately, sometimes they’re unavoidable and they take advantage of other people.


Here they audaciously cut the line and forced other people to wait. Most folks don’t want to kick up a fuss and cause a public incident because they have too much dignity. But Karens throw dignity out of the door with their garbage. Sadly, that’s what happened here (via Reddit).

You’re Useless

Here’s another example of an innocent bystander suffering Karen’s wrath. There’s nothing worse than being in the wrong place at the wrong time when Karen is on the rampage. This person was in a store doing some shopping when they had a near-brush with carnage.


They escaped lightly but it’s still laughable that someone treated them this way. It made no sense and was so rude but Karen didn’t care because she’s a selfish human being. We think she’s human anyway but it wouldn’t surprise us to learn that she’s an alien in disguise (via Reddit).

Not Enough Holes

Some people will do anything for their children. But it becomes problematic when they start requesting unreasonable demands in public. One owner experienced this firsthand when Karen brought her daughter to his restaurant. Check it below because it’s laughable.


Imagine the incredulous look on his face when she asked him to do this. He must have assumed that she was joking at first but then he would have realized that she was serious. The man obliged because the customer is always right, even if they’re psychopaths (via Reddit).

Yeah, You Are!

Here’s another example of a male Karen in action. They requested a very early check-in and the hotel duly obliged. This isn’t always possible but they gave him a room without an issue. However, he had a garbage attitude and treated the workers horribly.


The story is embarrassing because it shows how some people take hospitality staff for granted. There’s no reason to treat another human being this way. He got what he wanted and if he had to wait for a few extra minutes it’s not a big deal. But he didn’t accept that (via Reddit).

Calm Fury

This proud Netizen described how they dealt with a vindictive Karen. The Internet enjoyed how they stayed calm and destroyed the malicious woman. They almost had a serious collision because of the other person’s dangerous driving but the Karen didn’t care.


They did the right thing because it’s risky to directly confront a Karen. However, the truck driver refused to allow her to escape without justice and successfully got her vehicle’s information. This could have been much worse but the Karen didn’t care and paid the price (via Reddit).