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These Wacky Hotels Actually Exist and We Aren’t Kidding

TristaSeptember 21, 2021

4. The Manta Resort – Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Manta Resort on Pemba Island is part of the Zanzibar archipelago. If you stay here, you can stay on a private island that floats. The floating structure has three levels; the landing deck, the top floor for daybeds and relaxing, and the sea room, which is your bedroom.

Step out of your bedroom and take a swim in the ocean, or go downstairs to your underwater sea room. Next time you travel to Tanzania, check out amazing hotels like this resort.


3. Whitepod – Geneva, Switzerland

This eco-luxury hotel combines comfort and ecological consciousness for a totally guilt-free trip. Stay in one of these pods overlooking the stunning mountain view with all the amenities you might want. They carefully designed the pods to sit on wooden platforms to provide a majestic view of the mountains and Lake Geneva. An A.C. thermal pump can cool your pod in the summer, with a pellet stove, breakfast brought to you, a coffee machine, and Netflix at your disposal.

If you wander out, you can take a nice sauna break or head to the bar for refreshment too. The hotel also provides tours of museums, chocolate factories, suspension bridges, zip lines, and so much more. You’ll never want to leave.


2. Hotel Kakslauttanen – Finland

Why not head to a family hotel in Finland’s Lapland, about 250 km north of the Arctic Circle? The largest of Finland’s natural parks is just a stone’s throw away, and it’s so clean you can drink from the surrounding streams. The nearest hotel is just 30 minutes away, though you’ll feel like you’re entirely in the wild once you are there.

The glass igloos include toilets and beds, but the four-person igloos include their own shower as well. The glass allows for a totally unfettered view of the Northern Lights. You’ll also have breakfast and dinner served for free, and who doesn’t want that?

Design Hotels

1. Le Grotte della Civita – Italy

If you’re a history buff, consider this labyrinthian hotel of UNESCO-listed caves. Professionals renovated the rooms using traditional techniques and tools since the caves are ancient dwellings carved into the stone face of the hill.

There are 18 rooms to book, and all seating, beds, lights, bathing areas, and kitchenettes include indigenous materials. The upgraded rooms have terraces, where you can request an in-room massage whenever you feel like it. Please sign us up for a room in each of these hotels.