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These Garbage Tattoos Are Almost Too Bad To Believe

Darren September 7, 2023

Tattoos have never been more popular than they are today. People see them as a way to show their creativity and mark the most impactful things in their lives. It’s an understandable pursuit and has definitely resulted in countless pieces of meaningful beautiful artwork. But for every great tattoo, there’s a garbage tattoo that proves it can be risky business.

With that said, the following tattoos are almost too bad to believe. When considering your own body art, it’s important to do your research and find a reputable artist with a strong portfolio. Unfortunately, these people made horrifying mistakes by getting shocking designs. However, their loss is everyone else’s gain because these garbage tattoos are incredibly entertaining thanks to their sheer foolishness. Check them out below.

Wolf Woes

Many people choose animal tattoos because they relate to their favorite creatures. Wolves are very popular because they can symbolize many things. Some folks like the lone wolf motif while others associate the animal with strength and resilience. But none of this matters if they choose a terrible artist.


This is one of the most garbage tattoos ever. It’s so bad that it’s almost endearing but imagine walking around with that forever. This is an extensive tattoo too so it’s not easy to cover. Some people don’t think before they accept ink on their bodies. Unfortunately, this young man made a mistake that he will live to regret (via Newsweek).

Pinup Girl

Pinup girls have been around for nearly as long as time exists. These classic tattoos are traditionally popular with sailors, bikers, and members of the military. It’s a bold statement because not everybody has the confidence to stick a beautiful scantily-clad woman on their bodies, but they can be amazing.


Unfortunately, the picture above is amazingly bad. With some garbage tattoos, we can see what the artist was trying to achieve. But unless they wanted to draw the worst image of a woman ever, this was a complete failure. A five-year-old could have done a better job because this is extraordinarily bad (via Reddit).

Sad Elephant

Many people love elephants because they’re gentle giants and beautiful animals. But they don’t always come across well in tattoos. It takes an experienced, talented artist to ink a quality image. However, it’s safe to say that the professional who did the one below had neither of these traits.


This is almost hilariously bad because it’s such a terrible design. We love the addition of the teardrop because it suggests that the artist was thinking about what they were doing. It’s too bad that they had no talent because this ghoulish outline is horrifying. At least the customer can cover it with something else (via Them.us).

Zombie Baby

Face tattoos are a risky business because they immediately signal a departure from mainstream society. Nobody is getting a frontline job with a face tattoo these days. We’re not saying it’s wrong or right but that’s life. So at least get a decent face tattoo because it’s a massive statement.


But this individual decided that he’d slap a zombie baby on the left side of his face. We’ve no idea what he was thinking because this is nightmarish. Maybe it’s his child but it is still a terrible idea. Children’s names are a common tattoo idea but this fellow took it to the next level (via Mommyish).

It’s My Life

Most tattoo artists agree that they receive many song lyrics or book quote requests. Ordinary people hear a line that resonates with them and they want to carry it with them through life. But there’s one crucial thing to do before allowing an artist to etch the words onto their skin.

Good Housekeeping

Check for typos because there’s no delete function on an ink gun. The photo above is a horrifying example of how things can go badly wrong when we stop paying attention. Meanwhile, besides the obvious typos, they also opted for one of the worst fonts ever. Their life must not mean much because this is one of the most garbage tattoos we’ve seen (via Good Housekeeping).

The Lion King?

This is the first of a couple of Lion King tattoos on this list because they’re very popular. There’s something about the tragedy of Simba’s childhood before his inspiring rise that Disney fans adore. This man decided to slap a gigantic image of Simba and Mustafa on his back so check it out.

The Sun

Yes, it’s one of the most garbage tattoos ever. It appears that a child took a packet of crayons and scrawled it on his back. We don’t mean that in an edgy artistic way either. This is a horrendous burden to carry for the rest of his life so let’s hope he can cover it up. At least nobody can see it unless he takes his shirt off, but good luck with romantic partners (via The Sun).


Sometimes people do things without considering the impact on the rest of their lives. This young woman decided that she wanted to tattoo stars across her face. She probably thought that they would be very cute and quirky. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if she used makeup or henna ink instead.


But no, she opted for a permanent tattoo that won’t be cute when she’s in her fifties. People can do whatever they want but they should understand that there will be consequences. The worst part is that this doesn’t even look good. Maybe she’s a tattoo artist herself so it’s not an issue professionally (via Mirror).

Your Next

Here’s another inglorious typo that we can’t believe nobody picked up on. There are usually multiple opportunities for a customer to stop and think about what they’re doing. First, they talk to the artist about their idea. Then the tattooist usually drafts some designs for them to choose from. They make a few changes before finally getting to work.


But that’s not what happened here. Instead, they got excited and wrote the typo we can see above. It’s a hideous mistake but it’s hilarious to see. ‘Your next,’ but for what exactly? It’s a question they’ll be pondering for the rest of their life. Never skip the grammar lessons because they’re important (via Cheezburger).

Cardi Frank?

There are so many things wrong with this tattoo that we’re struggling to find a place to start. Firstly, let’s read the caption and learn why this man got it in the first place. He took a ton of Xanax and this put him in a place that no human should go to. Then he went and made one of the biggest mistakes of his life.


He wanted Cardi B on his face but we don’t know why. Surely, it would make more sense for him to get one of her song lyrics instead of opting for a portrait. The worst part is that it’s one of the most garbage tattoos ever. As one commenter noted, the resemblance to Anne Frank is uncanny (via NY Post).

Naked Truth

There are so many horrible tattoos on this list but this is a special case. It’s another example of a pinup girl gone wrong because it’s horrible. Firstly, the placement is ludicrous because it’s so jarring. She opted for the back of her head and this must have been extremely painful. It was brave but in the end, it was also extremely stupid.

The US Sun

We assume that she doesn’t have children yet because of this out-there design. Meanwhile, what’s going on with this angel’s face it’s very creepy. Imagine being the artist who worked on this because it is something unique. We’re not sure if they’ll be sticking this in their portfolio (via The US Sun).

Holy Hoops

Plenty is going on in this tattoo but none of it is good. However, it’s so bad that it is almost a work of genius. One person decided that they wanted to combine two of the most important things in their life: Jesus and basketball. There’s nothing wrong with this except for their interpretation.


It’s a little confusing but we’re not sure why they opted for a crucified Jesus shooting hoops. Forget about everything else for a moment, because this is one of the craziest ideas ever. Meanwhile, the design is terrible and that tattoo artist belongs on a blacklist. This is undoubtedly one of the most garbage tattoos ever (via Reddit).

Nothing Else Mattress

Tattoos play a big role in metalhead culture because it allows these music fans to express themselves. Some of them opt for song lyrics like the ones below. However, unlike this tattoo, they opt for sentences without multiple typos. Once again, this is crucial when inking words onto the human body.


Sadly, this Metallica fan discovered this the hard way because they got the one we can see above. Maybe they were being ironic and deliberately chose ‘mattress’ instead of ‘matters.’ If that’s the case then it could be a work of brilliance. But this seems unlikely and it joins the ranks of garbage tattoos (via Reddit).

Pirate Pikachu

Pikachu is one of the most recognizable fictional characters in the world. The yellow Pokemon had endless adventures with Ash Ketchum. Millions of people grew up watching TV series, playing the video games, or collecting the valuable cards. That’s why Pokemon tattoos are also very popular today.


But this is one of the worst ever. Allegedly, the artist made a mistake with the eye so they came up with a novel solution. They added an eyepatch to cover the error. This left the customer with a deformed Pikachu wearing an eyepatch. It’s dreadful but there’s something oddly endearing about it (via Reddit).

Hit List

Most significant others don’t want to think about their partner’s previous relationships. They’d prefer not to have reminders of their exes around the place. Unfortunately, this man didn’t get the memo because he decided to commemorate his past girlfriends uniquely. Check out the photo below to see what he did.


Only time will tell if Laura receives a line through her name. We appreciate that the fonts improved with each relationship. It’s funny but it’s also a terrible idea because we can’t imagine his romantic partners loving it. Imagine the jokes about being next that they must endure (via Cheezburger).

Don’t Judge Me

It’s fair to assume that God is judging this young man very harshly right now. This tattoo typo is one of the most painful we’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, what has the Grim Reaper got to do with anything? Some tattoos seem like great ideas at the time and we’re sure that this was one of them.

Tide Fans

But then the recipient wakes up the next morning with an itchy pain and realizes what they’ve inflicted on themselves. There’s nothing wrong with tattoos but there are some shocking ones out there. Think before getting one to avoid ending up on lists like this one. Nobody wants that (via Tide Fans).

Fantasy or Nightmare?

This is one of the most appalling garbage tattoos ever. Did a child design this because it appears as if it came from a scrapbook? No self-respecting professional artist would inflict this on another human being. We’re assuming that the victim loves The Lord of the Rings but they probably didn’t want an orc to draw it.

The Sun

The castle is one of the worst things we’ve ever seen because it’s so amateurish. Meanwhile, what do we even say about the dragon soaring overhead? This was also a very painful tattoo because we can see the red inflammation across the person’s back. There’s nothing positive to say about this nightmare (via The Sun).

Circle It

Everybody knows that it isn’t easy to draw a perfect circle. Protractors exist for this reason because it’s so difficult. It’s crucial to go to a good tattoo artist for straight lines and circles or they can be a disaster. This artist drew nine circles in the image below but none of them are correct.


They wanted to represent the phases of the moon but instead, it looks like they drew Japanese rice balls. These wonky shapes are an insult to astronomy because they’re so bad. This is also a massive tattoo that stretches the entire way up the recipient’s arm. It’s not going to be easy to hide this monstrosity (via Imgur).

Face Failure

We’ve already spoken about face tattoos and how they’re a commitment to a certain life. Some rappers pull them off or UFC champions like Sean O’Malley. But they’re few and far between. Another important point is that small and subtle ones usually work best. Unfortunately, this fool didn’t get the memo.


It looks like he allowed a toddler to take a pen and scribble all over his face and neck. Who knows what this represents but who cares because it’s so dumb. We’ve no sympathy for these types of people because it’s such a bad self-inflicted life choice. They can’t blame us for judging them (via Reddit).

Hakuna Matata

Here’s another Lion King tattoo that left people shaking their heads. One glance isn’t enough to understand how bad this is because most of the picture is okay. It’s not the sharpest rendition of Mustafa, Simba, and Pumba but it’s not horrific. However, look at Timon the meerkat.


It’s as if the artist stopped caring because they simply doodled a tiny monstrosity. Surely, they could do better because the rest of the tattoo isn’t that bad. But this Timon is hilariously bad and we almost hope that they keep him. It’s probably not good for the artist’s portfolio but it’s still funny (via Reddit).

Somke Weed

Here’s another classic tattoo misspelling. It’s wonderful how artists continue to deliver shocking results. This person enjoys smoking marijuana. They decided to celebrate the herb by inking it onto their body for posterity. Meanwhile, they added a caption so there was no doubt about their favorite activity.


But the results make it one of the most garbage tattoos ever. Nonetheless, we quite like it because the typo fits the generally terrible design. This isn’t good work but there’s something very endearing about how bad it is. Some bad tattoos are plain awful but others are fun like this one (via Reddit).

The King

Elvis Presley is one of the most iconic musical artists in history. Unsurprisingly, many people choose Elvis-inspired tattoos because they love his lyrics and style. But choosing a performer’s face is a different situation because it’s a risky move. Especially when the artist appears to love potatoes more than people.


There’s no disputing the fact that this appears to be a potato with a face. If that’s what they were going for then it’s a fantastic tattoo but somehow we don’t think that’s what they had in mind. It’s an original design but not in a good way. Maybe they’re happy with it because it means something special but we’re dubious (via Reddit).

Dumb Dates

We’ve seen some garbage tattoos on this list but this is down there with the worst of them. Somebody decided to tattoo every concert date that they attended. There’s something incredibly cringe about this, especially when we see the list of names with Nickelback being a polarizing choice.


What will they do when they run out of space? Maybe they’ll start putting them on their belly instead. It would be cheaper to buy a t-shirt from every concert instead of etching names onto their body. This is a weird one and we’re not quite sure about their logic. But good luck to them because they’ve had decades to think about it (via Cheezburger).

Facebook Famous

Some tattoo artists should take a look in the mirror and question their existence. The customer isn’t always right and the artist has a responsibility to tell them if it’s a bad idea. But some unscrupulous tattooists take the money without asking any questions. It’s not their problem so they don’t care.

The Sun

That’s why this man has ‘Facebook Famous’ on his neck. We hope he enjoys the rest of his life flipping burgers because he’s never going to amount to anything else. There are no words to describe how bad this is because it’s so cringe. The only thing that would make this worse is if he went for Twitter instead (via The Sun).

Too Cool For School

It’s a shame that this person didn’t spend more time in school because it might have spared their blushes. Maybe they wouldn’t have a place on this list of garbage tattoos. This has a generally terrible design as well as an ironic spelling mistake that is hilariously mad. We wonder if they did it intentionally.


It’s possible that they accepted this terrible design because they thought it was quirky and fun. If that’s the case then no problem because they have a sense of humor. Not everybody would want it but there’s nothing wrong with individuality. However, it’s more likely that they completely lack any self-awareness (via BuzzFeed).

Where’s Wednesday?

Wednesday Addams is one of the most popular pop-fiction characters right now. The recent Netflix series Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega, revived everybody’s favorite juvenile goth. One fan loved Wednesday so much that they decided to get a tattoo of the notorious Goth girl.

The Sun

But the result didn’t come out the way that they expected. This looks more like Gollum in a wig because it’s so bad. We’ve kicked off this list of garbage tattoos with a doozy because this is horrendous. Imagine being this person’s partner and waking up to those eyes staring at them every day (via The Sun).