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These Garbage Tattoos Are Almost Too Bad To Believe

Darren September 7, 2023

Too Cool For School

It’s a shame that this person didn’t spend more time in school because it might have spared their blushes. Maybe they wouldn’t have a place on this list of garbage tattoos. This has a generally terrible design as well as an ironic spelling mistake that is hilariously mad. We wonder if they did it intentionally.


It’s possible that they accepted this terrible design because they thought it was quirky and fun. If that’s the case then no problem because they have a sense of humor. Not everybody would want it but there’s nothing wrong with individuality. However, it’s more likely that they completely lack any self-awareness (via BuzzFeed).

Where’s Wednesday?

Wednesday Addams is one of the most popular pop-fiction characters right now. The recent Netflix series Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega, revived everybody’s favorite juvenile goth. One fan loved Wednesday so much that they decided to get a tattoo of the notorious Goth girl.

The Sun

But the result didn’t come out the way that they expected. This looks more like Gollum in a wig because it’s so bad. We’ve kicked off this list of garbage tattoos with a doozy because this is horrendous. Imagine being this person’s partner and waking up to those eyes staring at them every day (via The Sun).