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These Toxic Love Stories Will Make You Want To Stay Single

Darren August 9, 2023

Very few people experience love at first sight because that’s just not the real world. We usually kiss many frogs before we find our prince or princess. Couples often break up because they realize they’re incompatible or want different things. But nonetheless, a toxic relationship can produce crazy -and hilarious – stories.

So today we’ll look at some of the wildest toxic relationship tales. Real people shared the horrific things that they went through in their lives. We hope that they all recovered from these horrible and ridiculous events. They deserve to find the right partner because they went through some truly horrific and bizarre tales.

Sexy Cheetah

Sometimes, partners appear to have split personalities because they run so hot and cold. This Redditor explained that their ex-girlfriend tried to kill them by smashing them with her car. Fortunately, they ran to safety but it could have been a disaster.


Most toxic relationships don’t have a near-death experience like this one. So it’s simply mad that she dared to call her would-be victim the next day and compliment them. Hopefully, his next partner doesn’t have to keep looking over their shoulder (via Reddit).

Best Friends

Overly possessive partners are the worst because they’re too controlling and paranoid. They often act jealously and make life uncomfortable for everybody. Check out the story below because it’s a perfect example.


We don’t know why this man thought that he had the right to control his girlfriend in such a way. The wildest aspect of this is that he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong. He assumed that it was acceptable for him to run background checks on all of her future partners (via Reddit).

Birth Control Pills

Nobody should joke about birth control because it affects everyone in the relationship. However, some women abuse their ability to control its use. The following tale shows how one girlfriend misinformed her partner about birth control pills.


The only positive thing that we can say about this is that maybe she wasn’t being malicious. It seems more likely that she was afraid and didn’t think about the other factors. But this didn’t help her boyfriend’s peace of mind and ruined his trip (via Reddit).

Stock Photo

Here’s another fake pregnancy test story but it’s much worse. This time someone genuinely pretended to be pregnant. He knew that their time together was over but she couldn’t accept it. In the end, it became clear that they had a toxic relationship because she was emotionally abusive.


It’s almost hilarious that she picked the first stock photo that she found. Why anybody would think that this is believable is completely ridiculous. Fortunately, the boyfriend had the composure to deal with this situation and managed to escape her clutches (via Reddit).

Salad Dressing

Emotional abuse is a toxic relationship trademark. Sadly, it happens too often. But some partners take it to the extreme as we can see in the story below. This person’s ex-boyfriend tried to convince her that he committed a horrible act of self-harm.


It’s horrible to emotionally blackmail somebody into staying in a relationship. That’s what he tried to do but he didn’t succeed because he was a moron. Maybe he panicked and made an impulsive decision but that’s not an excuse (via Reddit).

Fake Cancer

One of the most disgusting things that people can do is pretend that they’re sick to emotionally manipulate their partner. Unfortunately, one young woman had no qualms about trying to bully her boyfriend into staying with her by pretending that she had cancer.


This is an insane story and we’re glad that he escaped this toxic relationship. Nobody deserves to go through this type of emotional abuse because it’s so cruel. Hopefully, the teenage girl found the help that she needed and became a better person (via Reddit).

Pierced Nipples

Obsession causes people to act in crazy ways like the story below reveals. One Redditor explained that their ex had a wild reaction to their new partner’s pierced nipples. They couldn’t let the relationship fizzle out and tried to get back with her former boyfriend. But he wanted nothing to do with her but we’re not surprised after reading this.


There are so many things wrong with this story because it’s so unhealthy. Firstly, she committed a felony by breaking into her ex’s apartment. Why did she think that he would happily receive her after they split up? Shockingly, the sight of her newly pierced nipples didn’t convince him to take her back (via Reddit)

Crazy Delusion

Jealousy manifests itself in different ways, but some people take it to the extreme. Most people feel a sense of envy when their partner talks to other attractive men or women. They worry that their boyfriend or girlfriend will find somebody more attractive and leave them. But usually, family members don’t enter the equation.


This is a wacky story and we don’t know how he stayed with her. First, it’s delusional but it’s also insulting. He must have known that he was in a toxic relationship but it’s not always easy to escape from them. Luckily, he eventually threw off his shackles and left this crazy person behind (via Reddit).

Stuck Together

One of the worst things about the modern era is that many couples can’t afford to leave each other. They know that they’re in a toxic relationship and want to move on. But maybe they’re stuck in a rental agreement and can’t afford to pay for a new deposit.


This isn’t an unusual story but it’s a horrible one. They know that it’s time to split up but there was nothing they could do about it. Many folks found themselves stuck in a toxic relationship during the global health crisis (via Reddit).

Guidance Counselor

This is a horrible story because an adult completely abused their power in sick fashion. A guidance counselor put a young girl in a horrific position when she tried to force a young couple to stay together. It’s ridiculous that she thought this was okay to do.


Imagine forcing a teenage girl to stay in a toxic relationship with an abusive boyfriend. This is beyond belief because nobody should do this. The Redditor harshly said that she was dumb not to get rid of him earlier. But she needed help and found herself alone in a wild situation she wasn’t prepared for (via Reddit).

Broken Relationship

This poor person endured a toxic relationship that saw most of their belongings broken. They made the mistake of settling for the first girl who wanted to be with them. This was a massive error because she was a possessive lunatic.


There’s no excuse for treating anybody this way because relationships should be equal. Unfortunately, he suffered emotional abuse and bullying because she tried to control him. He admits that he was weak but she exploited this. Fortunately, he moved on (via Reddit).


The previous story saw an ex-girlfriend breaking her partner’s stuff. But at least she didn’t try to kill his new partner. That brings us to the next entry on this ridiculous list. Check out how one crazy girl worked herself into a drug-addled state.


Imagine her exiting the moving vehicle with the bat in her hands. This would be an extremely useful skill in a zombie apocalypse but it’s not socially acceptable in normal society. Luckily, he defused the situation and nobody got hurt (via Reddit).

The Fiancee Lie

Sometimes people tell lies in business because they want to put pressure on their partners. They’ll say that they’ve signed a deal that forces their partner to accept. But don’t try this in a toxic relationship because it won’t end well.


We’ve no idea why she thought that this would work or would endear her to her boyfriend’s family. After she left they all thought that she was a lunatic. Luckily, he escaped from this relationship because this was a dangerous sign (via Reddit).

Downward Spiral

Some relationships see people become very co-dependent. This story showed what happened when one girlfriend expected her boyfriend to propose but it didn’t happen.


That’s one of the most extreme reactions in history and we feel sorry for them both. She needed psychological help and it must have been traumatic for her poor partner too. There are no winners in this scenario because it was a very toxic relationship (via Reddit).

Violent Boyfriend

There are no excuses for putting hands on a woman. Some men think that they have the right to physically abuse their girlfriends because they’re weak human beings. These bullies act this way because they’re insecure and don’t want the women to leave them.


This person is obviously a horrible human being. Fortunately, she had the conviction to enforce the restraining order. It can be very difficult to escape from a toxic relationship but she managed to stay strong (via Reddit).

Picture Montage

Obsession can be a terrifying thing as the story below shows. Some people can’t let their partners go and move on even though it would be healthier for both of them. This can create uncomfortable and disturbing encounters like the following account.


It’s wild that this girl continued to maintain her obsession as she began her next relationship. We wonder what her new boyfriend thought about this and how did she hide it from him (via Reddit).

Attempted Murder

Sometimes we do irrational things when we’re angry. That’s part of being human but there’s a limit to how far we can go before we have to question ourselves. It’s often easy to lose control when our partners infuriate us. We want to punish them or take revenge but this person crossed the line.


It’s sick to try to murder a partner because you don’t like them anymore. Fortunately, he lived to tell the tale. We don’t know if he pressed charges against her but he would have been within his rights to (via Reddit).

Disturbing Message

Some relationships don’t work out and people realize that they’re not meant to be together. Maybe one of them did something wrong and committed an act of infidelity or emotional abuse. They know that they’re the reason why it became a toxic relationship. If they accept responsibility, it may be possible for wounds to heal.


This ex apologized for his past antics but then he ruined everything by adding the following disturbing message. Who knows what he was thinking but it’s a relief that she is no longer with him. That’s an extremely vivid and disturbing threat (via Reddit).

Doughnut Hole

Now we’re going from a disturbing story to a dumb one. The girlfriend here had an emotional breakdown when she saw there was a hole in her doughnut. Yes, that’s exactly what happened after she saw that the ring was missing the middle. It may not seem that bizarre, but she couldn’t handle it.


Unsurprisingly, her friends couldn’t believe her reaction or her stupidity. Her boyfriend managed to retain his composure but only because her dumbness stunned him. It’s hilarious that this was a turning point in their relationship and that he realized that she was a moron (via Reddit).

Say No

Many men will agree that common sense and logic go out of the window when a beautiful woman is in front of them. They find themselves in dumb situations because of it. This man showed more self-control than most would in a wild scenario.


We applaud him for his resilience. She tried to seduce him but he managed to reject her advances. They must have had a very toxic relationship because he didn’t even consider having one last night with her. The laugh sealed the deal because it was a hilarious but brutal reaction (via Reddit).

Another Pregnant Call

All women know that it’s never nice to lie to men about pregnancies. This is one of the most emotionally abusive things to do and there’s no excuse. Imagine the crazy thoughts that went through this Redditor’s brain after his ex told this horrible lie.


This is one of the nastiest stories on this list but she showed her true colors. Finally, he saw the truth and decided that he didn’t want anything to do with her anymore. We don’t blame him because she was a cold and cruel person. (via Reddit).

Creep Control

Men and women can be horrible to each other as this list shows. Another Redditor showed how their ex-boyfriend outed them to their family. First, it wasn’t his place to do this, and second, it wasn’t even true.


This story is very unpleasant and we hope that the person recovered from this traumatic ordeal. It may have affected their ability to date other people because they may be reluctant to trust. Sadly, this sort of thing happens too often in society (via Reddit).

Relationship Scars

The Joker once said: “Do you want to know how I got these scars?” We’re betting it’s not because he was trying to emotionally manipulate his girlfriend. But that’s what one man tried to do to his girlfriend after he became obsessive.


It’s crazy that he scarred his body with a knife. Name tattoos are a terrible idea but this took it to a whole different level. It’s not a shock that she didn’t stick around for long with him. Who knows what he would have done next (via Reddit)?

Crazy Guy

This person’s friend also had a nightmare experience with a clingy boyfriend. He cheated on her and she naturally decided to end things. She didn’t trust him anymore because he violated the sanctity of their relationship.


But this moron couldn’t get this into his head and stalked her. The dumbest aspect of this was that it was entirely his fault. She didn’t break up with him because she didn’t like him. It was because he broke her heart (via Reddit).

Cheating Boyfriend

This is another ridiculous situation where a cheating boyfriend failed to come to terms with his mistake. Any man reading this should learn a couple of lessons. First, don’t cheat on anybody because it’s horrible. However, if they find out, leave them alone because they’ve endured enough damage.


It’s not shocking that this toxic relationship put her off dating for a few years. No doubt she struggled to trust men again for a while because this was a traumatic experience. It’s also interesting but disturbing that he tried to turn it around on her (via Reddit).

Wedding Cakes

This toxic relationship went from hot to cold quickly. Everything was fine in the beginning until she started sending marriage signals after a week. That’s far too intense for most people who don’t really know their partner yet.


It’s almost laughable that she tried to make it seem like he was the crazy one. In the end, he was lucky because he escaped from her clutches. Best of luck to her new partner because he doesn’t know what he’s in for (via Reddit).

Vampire Girl

This Redditor’s friend dated a crazy girl but eventually broke up with her. It won’t shock anybody that he didn’t think that there was a future in their relationship. That’s because she had strange delusions about vampires.


We don’t know if she took this further and started drinking blood. But it was enough to turn her boyfriend away because he didn’t want to continue this strange relationship. She frightened him with her weird ideas and it became too much (via Reddit).

Queen Kesha

Another crazy girlfriend decided that she cared more about Kesha than her partner. She had an extreme reaction after he admitted that he couldn’t stand the music artist. This isn’t the wildest opinion we’ve ever heard because people don’t universally love her.


It’s a little bit too much to force somebody to leave a car because they don’t like a singer. The man must have thought that she was joking but she made it clear that she was serious (via Reddit).

Lego Love

Everybody has obsessions but it’s important not to allow them to become unhealthy. Unfortunately, one boyfriend discovered that his partner had an intense connection with her Lego set. He discovered that he shouldn’t have messed with her blocks.


It’s a little bit too much to throw somebody out of the house because they moved a figurine. Perhaps she could have respectfully asked him not to touch her belongings. But she reacted in an overbearing and extreme way that proved they had a toxic relationship. He decided it wasn’t worth it (via Reddit).

Young Marriage

These days most people don’t get married until about 30. However, some couples opt to put a ring on it earlier with mixed results. This Redditor said that she was 19 when she made one of the biggest mistakes of her life. In the end, it only lasted for a year but it was a horrible experience.


Nonetheless, it may have been a good thing in the end because it changed her path. Everything happens for a reason but she finally met the man of her dreams and had a baby with him. This woman is a force of nature because she worked very hard to make everything happen in her life the way she wanted (via Reddit).

Pathological Liar

Everybody lies, usually about little things. For example, it could be about doing the laundry or agreeing that their girlfriend’s clothes look nice. But some people take things too far and this can create a toxic relationship.


We love the bit about the special sniper school training. She had a problem but this doesn’t mean it wasn’t unbearable for her partner. In the end, he couldn’t handle it anymore and broke up with her. Hopefully, she learned a lesson but compulsive liars struggle to heal themselves (via Reddit).

Total Control

Here’s another wild situation where a boyfriend tried to exert complete control over his partner. It becomes clear that there’s an insidious reason behind their crazy actions. This story shows how one toxic relationship spiraled out of control.


People always ask why abused partners stay with their significant others. However, the reality is that they can feel isolated as if there’s nobody who will help them. In this case, the woman didn’t have any friends or a way to communicate with anyone. She became an unwilling hermit (via Reddit).

Smear Campaign

One of the worst things that a crazy ex can do is to start spreading chaos amongst someone’s friends. Nobody wants their favorite people to think badly of them. This Redditor went through a miserable time because his former partner was a psycho.


It’s incredible that she even went as far as to target his daughter. This was too much and he rightfully brought law enforcement into the conversation. Amazingly, he was open about what he might do if they didn’t intervene (via Reddit).

Sex Offender

Everybody thinks that they know their partner, but that’s not always the case. We all keep secrets from our significant others but usually, it’s something like occasionally using their towel without telling them. However, this Redditor discovered the dark truth about her boyfriend and it proved to be an insurmountable barrier.


Nobody can blame her for breaking up with him after this because he’s a damaged human being. He would likely re-offend and cause more harm to a young person. He groomed a teenager when he was in his twenties (via Reddit).

Insulin Overdose

Here’s another situation where an immature young woman tried to get her boyfriend’s attention in the wrong way. He was dating her when he was in college while she was 18. We’re unsure what age he was so there may be a danger sign here too. But let’s assume that he was only one or two years older than her.


She lied about overdosing on her insulin but he tried to do the right thing. Earlier, he realized that they had a toxic relationship and this proved the point. It’s probably better for both of them that they split up before they hurt each other more. She also should date someone her age instead of an older man (via Reddit).