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These Everyday Things Were Useless Until The Internet Solved Them

Monica February 9, 2023
Everyday Monkey

Sleeping In Public

At first glance, this looks like a public art display. Most people wouldn’t give it a second glance, especially if it’s something they see every single day. But upon closer inspection, the original poster saw hooks inside. What could it be for? They asked about the internet, I told them it’s used for sleeping.

People can come to the park with their hammocks, set them up, and have a snooze. This park has its people in mind! It’s not something you usually see, but it’s something we hope to see more of (via Everyday Monkey).


Strange Household Items

This household item looks strange, and it’s hard to tell if it has a purpose or not. It could be an abstract piece of art or something used for cooking. Either way, this person asked the internet what its purpose is.

It turns out it’s mid-century modern artwork, and nothing else. It doesn’t have a specific function, unfortunately. We were hoping for something more strange (via DoctorSugarPuss)

Everyday Monkey

Southeast Pennsylvania’s Biggest Mystery

This user discovered these strange yellow mesh objects on most of the telephone poles in Southeast Pennsylvania. They were confused because they couldn’t figure out their purpose. After noticing it on one telephone pole, they started noticing them on all of the telephone poles.

Without wanting to waste another second and suffer in the unknown, they took to the internet and asked what these grids are. It turns out they’re called grid reflectors and is used to help motorists avoid utility poles. Safety is number one (via Everyday Monkey).


Southeast Wisconsin’s Biggest Grid Mystery

We saw Southeast Pennsylvania’s biggest mystery, and now we’re seeing Southeast Wisconsin’s biggest grid mystery. The original poster found this grid in an old school house basement from 1915. It could have been a multitude of things, but it turns out it’s an old heating system.

Those old systems had a wood stove in the basement with wooden vents, to help the heat passively rise. Churches in the area likely had the same structures (via Timmy_The_Tiger_55).

Everyday Monkey

Military Camp Discoveries

These weird-looking ropes were found in the woods in the Netherlands, near a military camp. It looks like a strange weapon or a toy. If we found these, we’d make a run for it. Who knows what else they’d find?

It has nine beads on the bottom and four on top. Thanks to the internet, though, they discovered they’re ranger beads. People use them to count distances at a known pace. That’s a lot more comforting than a weapon (via Everyday Monkey).

Everyday Monkey

The Sudden Appearance Of A Large Structure

After repaving a road, this large structure was plopped in the middle of it. It looks like a hidden bunker or an office. Or something benign, like an operating room for street traffic lights. W

ith little information to go off of, it was hard for the users of the internet to decide what this was used for. It turns out it’s used for stormwater retention to help relieve the sewers (via Everyday Monkey).