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These Everyday Things Were Useless Until The Internet Solved Them

Monica February 9, 2023

Small Pale Pink Lumps

During the dead of winter in Michigan, this person wandered outside, only to find these small pale pink lumps stuck to their window screen and on the ground. We were hoping it was some sort of flower, but it turns out they’re just bird droppings.

The bird to blame likely ate a lot of blackberries or related fruit, and they’re the seeds. The Reddit user was impressed with the bird’s aim and figured it must’ve found a bush of frozen berries nearby (via anti_team).

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Creepy Park Vents

These objects look like something from a zombie apocalypse. At first glance, it makes the park look haunted. But this Reddit user asked the internet what these strange devices were.

It turns out their vents are for underground gases. Boring! We were hoping for something more thrilling, like a secret gateway to the underworld like in Stranger Things. Real life just isn’t like the movies (via Everyday Monkey).

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The Mystery Monster Blob

Imagine drinking your coffee monster drink, only to find this mystery blob. That would make us vomit almost immediately. Luckily, it’s likely nothing to worry about. The users of the internet guessed it was probably some solids from the milk in the drink mixed with the other ingredients, creating the blob.

On the other hand, it could be something that went wrong during production that led to that rubbery blob in the drink. Either way, we’d toss the drink and never look back (via Everyday Monkey).


An Object From Outerspace

This Reddit user found what looks like an asteroid from outer space. They said it’s very heavy, like lead, but it’s not lead. So it must be something similar or actually something from another planet. Unfortunately, the users of the internet quickly put down that assumption and told us that it was the Pyrite cluster.

It doesn’t have any melted parts like an asteroid would have. Sometimes, it’s better not to ask the internet things and just believe what you want to believe. An asteroid certainly sounds way cooler (via Picasso65).

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Standing On The Beach

Even though Peru has some spectacular culture and heritage, it’s not every day you find a wooden object washing up on the beach. This Reddit user found ceremonial chonta, though they had to ask the internet before deciphering its meaning.

It was previously used in traditional healing ceremonies, and the carvings are made from the Chonta palm. Usually, it’s seen sitting on the head of a ceremonial altar, though that’s not the case here. Now, this wooden chonta sits on this person’s car’s dashboard (via Everyday Monkey).

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A Strange Wheel

What would you do if you came across this object in your backyard? Is it something religious, used in a ceremony, or a dog toy? It could be any of those things, which is why this Reddit user went to the internet to ask what it was. As unimpressive as it is, it’s still fun to find random things.

Its purpose is to hold rebar in place while pouring concrete. It’s called a special wheel or chair, and is a disappointing discovery all around, especially compared to the other things people have found. Time to get looking again (via Everyday Monkey).

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Better Left A Mystery

If you saw this, you might wonder what these tiny specs hanging in your bedroom are. They always say ignorance is bliss, and there’s a good reason for it. In hindsight, this person should have cleaned these tiny specs and never looked back. But thanks to the internet, it turns out these tiny specs are a bug.

They’re female lacewings. This means it’s a female bug that’s laid its eggs on a piece of dried mucus, attached to a leaf. That’s the reason to grab your fire extinguisher and blow the house apart. If there’s one, that means there might be more. Time to get out your magnifying glass (via Everyday Monkey).

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Insect Activity

It’s time this person calls pest control because they have a serious problem on their hands. After clearing the mystery white powder, it came back. This means something living is causing it to come in the first place.

Thanks to the users of the internet, this strange thing is called “frass,” which is the perforated board that stems from the activity of insects. It’s a serious problem and not something to mess around with any longer (via Everyday Monkey).


Hidden Secrets In A 1955 Home

This person must have done some serious snooping because they discovered this panel behind a hidden door in a 1955 home. These plugs could be used for a multitude of things, which is why they asked the internet for help. Is it something innocent, like speakers for audio? Or something more sinister, like harsh medical treatment?

Luckily, the users of Reddit were quick to identify the plug and said they were ¼” jack plugs. You can’t get more specific than that! Based on the size of the wiring, they’re audio based. We still wonder why it was behind a hidden door though (via Reddit).

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We Don’t Remember Buying It

Finding strange objects in your home is one thing, but finding strange objects you don’t remember buying is another. What would you do if you just found this strange flat silver ball in your drawer? Did a stranger break in and put it there?

This person could have spent months pondering the mystery of the silver ball, but thanks to social media, they learned it’s a stainless-steal soap that you can use after chopping garlic or onions. It gets rid of the smell on your hands (via Everyday Monkey).


Strange Backyard Tubes

When these people found these strange tubes in their backyard, they thought they found the remnants of a meth lab, sculpture, or construction fill. While those are very different things, we can understand why they thought that.

These tubs would have remained a mystery if it wasn’t for the internet. They discovered it was an electrode tube that was likely used for a neon sign (via Nachie).

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The Inheritance

Many people inherit money. Others inherit huge wrenches. What’s the purpose of a wrench this size? You can’t even pick it up to use it. We love the comparison they gave using the banana. Did someone give this to them as a joke, or is this the actual size?

It weighs over 30 pounds and apparently, it was used in the Federal Reserve, which they deducted thanks to the internet. This wrench used to be a major tourist attraction, which is pretty cool. Maybe they can start an at-home business and make it a tourist attraction again (via Everyday Monkey).

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Clear Flat Disc With Holes

This object looks benign. It doesn’t have a clear purpose, and we’re not sure how it could even have a purpose. It could be an ashtray, a stylish frisbee, or a strange cooking mechanism. Fortunately for this Reddit person, they were able to find out its purpose. It’s a flower frog used for arranging flowers.

The number of holes pertains to the number of stems someone could put through to use for arranging. It comes in many styles and designs, and this is just one of them. That’s not something we would’ve ever guessed (via Everyday Monkey).

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19th Century Inkwells

This item is very old and outdated. Even our grandparents might not know what function it serves. It looks like something that belongs in a museum or is sold at an antique shop. It’s a double inkwell that was used in the 19th century.

Considering none of us grew up in the 19th century, it makes sense why this object remained a mystery. The well is used to wash your pen after using it to write so the ink doesn’t clog the tip. You could also use this for two different colors of ink by putting one color in each of the wells (via Everyday Monkey).


Is This A Fossil?

This could be a fossil, a piece of wood, or a piece of stone. We have no idea if it’s an ancient animal that’s petrified or something found in a forest. This Reddit user would have lived the rest of their life wondering about this mystery if it wasn’t for the internet.

Thanks to an archeologist from the internet, they concluded it was an elephant tooth. Because it has no mineralization, it’s supposedly from an elephant. The original poster found it next to their grandfather’s collection he had when he was a geologist (via Pjones2127)

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Digging Up The Dead

This is a creepy discovery. Imagine finding a coffin on your friend’s farm. They might believe they were living on top of a graveyard, or there was a horrible crime committed on their property. They decided to keep it closed before they knew what it was, which was probably a smart move.

But it turns out it’s a septic tank. That’s not as creepy as a coffin. If the original poster kept digging, they would have found a pipe on either side. These tanks were usually buried between one and three feet below the ground (via Everyday Monkey).

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The Chest Of Drawers

This dresser looks like the gateway into Narnia. It doesn’t have any sides, and there’s an open space near the front of the drawer. It’s not your typical dresser for clothes, it’s an artist’s cabinet.

Thanks to the people of the internet, they quickly solved the dresser mystery and learned they need to be careful not to damage the artwork (via Everyday Monkey).


Strange Pink Plastic Things

If you didn’t grow up in the ’80s, you’re probably wondering what these pink plastic things are. They look like they’re odd decorative pieces, used for cooking, or a dog toy.

But they’re none of those things, and thanks to the folks of the internet, the original poster learned they’re hair rollers. How strange! It’s obvious they never curled their hair or touched a hair roller, and probably never will. The mystery is solved (via isinaltinkaya).

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Spiderman’s Alter Ego

Spiders are terrifying, even if they look fake. Imagine if it was the middle of the night, and you saw this terrifying spider-shaped thing in your fence. No thanks! It’s better to believe it’s Spider-man’s alter ego, and he’s just hiding away in the fence, waiting to save the day. But thanks to the internet, it turns out this is an electrostatic animal guard.

When an animal touches the prongs, it gets a zap. This is similar to an electric fence or collar that prevents your dog from escaping. Let’s hope the original poster stayed far away from it. It’s likely they did, considering it looks like the shell of a terrifying spider (via Everyday Monkey).

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Sleeping In Public

At first glance, this looks like a public art display. Most people wouldn’t give it a second glance, especially if it’s something they see every single day. But upon closer inspection, the original poster saw hooks inside. What could it be for? They asked about the internet, I told them it’s used for sleeping.

People can come to the park with their hammocks, set them up, and have a snooze. This park has its people in mind! It’s not something you usually see, but it’s something we hope to see more of (via Everyday Monkey).


Strange Household Items

This household item looks strange, and it’s hard to tell if it has a purpose or not. It could be an abstract piece of art or something used for cooking. Either way, this person asked the internet what its purpose is.

It turns out it’s mid-century modern artwork, and nothing else. It doesn’t have a specific function, unfortunately. We were hoping for something more strange (via DoctorSugarPuss)

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Southeast Pennsylvania’s Biggest Mystery

This user discovered these strange yellow mesh objects on most of the telephone poles in Southeast Pennsylvania. They were confused because they couldn’t figure out their purpose. After noticing it on one telephone pole, they started noticing them on all of the telephone poles.

Without wanting to waste another second and suffer in the unknown, they took to the internet and asked what these grids are. It turns out they’re called grid reflectors and is used to help motorists avoid utility poles. Safety is number one (via Everyday Monkey).


Southeast Wisconsin’s Biggest Grid Mystery

We saw Southeast Pennsylvania’s biggest mystery, and now we’re seeing Southeast Wisconsin’s biggest grid mystery. The original poster found this grid in an old school house basement from 1915. It could have been a multitude of things, but it turns out it’s an old heating system.

Those old systems had a wood stove in the basement with wooden vents, to help the heat passively rise. Churches in the area likely had the same structures (via Timmy_The_Tiger_55).

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Military Camp Discoveries

These weird-looking ropes were found in the woods in the Netherlands, near a military camp. It looks like a strange weapon or a toy. If we found these, we’d make a run for it. Who knows what else they’d find?

It has nine beads on the bottom and four on top. Thanks to the internet, though, they discovered they’re ranger beads. People use them to count distances at a known pace. That’s a lot more comforting than a weapon (via Everyday Monkey).

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The Sudden Appearance Of A Large Structure

After repaving a road, this large structure was plopped in the middle of it. It looks like a hidden bunker or an office. Or something benign, like an operating room for street traffic lights. W

ith little information to go off of, it was hard for the users of the internet to decide what this was used for. It turns out it’s used for stormwater retention to help relieve the sewers (via Everyday Monkey).