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Red Carpet Rebel: The Best Photos Of Brad Pitt Over The Years

Monica May 17, 2023
Men’s Health

Polished With Jolie

We’re seeing yet another instance when Pitt mimicked his partner’s style. Maybe he finds more inspiration from his partner’s than we think. In 2015 at the American Film Institute Festival, he sported a hairdo that matched his wife’s. We don’t hate it at all (via Men’s Health).


Suede Is Back

Pitt never let suede get away from him. In 2016, he brought the suede boots back and paired them with tapered jeans and a button-up shirt. This was the era of Seven, and Pitt made sure everyone knew it. He paired the jeans with a fedora hat, leather bag, and light sunglasses that made everyone’s hearts melt (via Hola).

GQ Magazine

From Curtains To Spikes

It took Pitt two years, but the star went from boyband curtains to spiky hair. In 2017, he took his spikes half an inch higher and wore a neutral suit to match. His barely noticeable scruff looks good with the spikes (via GQ Magazine).


Tan From Head To Toe

In 2019, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star wore a completely tan outfit with tan shoes to match. If anyone other than Pitt tried to pull this off, they would look ridiculous. He took monochrome and made it look cool (via Hola).

Men’s Health

Simply Brad Pitt

Pitt is slowly going back to his roots. In 2019, he wore his hair in a middle-length style, which probably suits his personality the best. Even though we love some of his outlandish hair and clothing styles, this one suits him the best (via Men’s Health).


Suit And Tie

In 2020, Pitt wore yet another classic suit. We see his sartorial elegance in this simple outfit one more time, with a white shirt and bowtie to match. Alright, Pitt, we get it. You can wear anything and make it look good. Throughout the years, Pitt has done nothing but prove he can pull off any clothing style and hairstyle and look good doing it. It’s a feat most of us will never achieve, so we’ll just have to keep admiring Pitt for his ability to look good anywhere at anytime (via Hola).