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Real Workers Share Stories Of Truly Ridiculous Customer Complaints

TristaApril 14, 2021

4. Buy One, Get Them All For Free

“I manage a women’s clothing store. We had a big sale one day, offering 50% off everything, which was very unusual,” said Redditor painted_nails. “Throughout the store, we placed black signs that said: “50% off your entire purchase.” To signify the clearance section, we used red signs that said 50% off. I had a woman come up the register with arm-loads of clothes. I proceeded to ring her up and give her total, which was ridiculously low for the amount of clothing she was getting (think $50 top reduced to $14.99, plus another 50%).” 

“So I finished ringing everything up and gave the woman her total, and she’s looking at me dumbfounded. “No, you made a mistake. The clearance items are free.” At first, I thought she was joking with me, but no. She wanted two discounts of 50% each on all the marked-down stuff. Her logic? The signs are different colors. I should get both colors.” Usually, when something is too good to be true, it just is. It’s highly unlikely a store would just give away free items, so you would think this customer would ask before picking out all of their items.


3. Ordering For Two

“A woman comes through the drive-through lane and orders stuff. One of the things is a large diet drink,” revealed Reddit user mman0385. “She pulls around to the window, and I look over to see she is driving a full-size van with a live miniature horse in the back. I hand her the diet, and she gives it to the horse. I’m thinking, OK, that’s weird. I turn away to make sure her order is ready. Then, I turn back around. She is livid. I ask her what’s wrong, and she screams at me and throws a broken cup at me.”

The Reddit user continued on about this strange story, “She tells me off, ranting about how horrible our cups were. Apparently, the horse broke the cup, and it spilled everywhere. I’m like, really, you gave it to a FREAKING HORSE. What did you think was gonna happen? The cup even had dirt and hay on it when I got it back. Just one of the many messed up people I’ve seen during my time as a fast-food employee.” This obviously isn’t alright and any employee should let a manager know right away if this behavior is happening from a coworker or from customer.


2. This Isn’t Jurassic World

“I worked at a famous zoo for many years. I worked with guest relations for quite a few years and heard plenty of crazy complaints,” said Reddit user Browncoatfox. “But the best I heard happened just about a year before I transferred to that department. It is not unbelievable compared to the other things I have heard working there. Basically, every now and then, during summer, the zoo would have animatronic dinosaurs. You know, for kids to come and see. They had done this for years and years off and on, and honestly, it was pretty well-done animatronics. Nothing I would pay to see as an adult really, but really fun for kids.” 

Then this complaint took a turn for the weird. “Anyway, apparently, during one of the last summers I know that they had this event, there was a lady from England who came to the guest relations window furious and demanding a refund. As a policy, they try to treat any complaint respectfully and politely, asking what the reason for the refund would be (they are much easier to give a return ticket than a flat refund). Well, the lady didn’t just want her ticket refunded. She wanted her entire trip from England to America refunded as well. Her complaints included: she came to see the dinosaurs, and they weren’t real.”


1. Too Fast

Here is the king of ridiculous complaints courtesy of Redditor fludru. “I once had a customer complain about me because I answered emails too fast. You see, because he got responses within just a couple of minutes every time he’d ask for tech support, he assumed it was a chat session. Even though he was, you know, emailing us, and each ticket sent an auto-response indicating, “Thanks for your email, you’ll get a response in 1 business day or less, our hours are X to Y”, etc. When we left for the day after sending a response to one of his messages, he was incensed because he felt I abandoned our’ chat session’.”

This is where it got very weird. “I indicated that this was an email thread and not chat. We can only respond during our office hours; he said I was maliciously misleading him into thinking we were chatting. How? By intentionally responding to him too quickly. (I am not sure why I guess, out of some perverse pleasure.) Therefore, we hurt his business and owed him damages when we didn’t immediately respond at any time. Fortunately, my company isn’t pants-on-head stupid about this kind of thing, so I didn’t have to worry about it.” This service was too good, and because this customer doesn’t know the difference between a chat and email, he thought they must pay him.