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Details Of The Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show That Fans Missed

Monica February 14, 2023

Rhianna’s Backup Dancers Wore Puffy Hazmat Suits

No one’s sure why Rhianna’s dancers wore puffy suits, but if you missed the performance, these suits are eerily reminiscent of Hazmat suits. It was a futuristic look that hits a little bit too close to home in regards to the COVID era, but we’ll give it to Rhianna. She’s an icon of the music industry and her Super Bowl halftime show earned rave reviews overall, so she did it anyway (via Time).


Rhianna Broke A Halftime Tradition

One of the Super Bowl Halftime Show’s traditions is to bring out a special guest or guests during the performance. Rhianna broke that tradition. She was the sole performer during the entire show. She was “relying instead on the impeccable talents of her dozens of backup dancers, who wined, body-rolled, and dropped it low.” That sounds like enough of a special guest performance for us. While some people may not have appreciated the breach in tradition, millions of others didn’t seem to care. Or notice (via Time).


Ben Affleck Directed The Dunkin’ Donuts Ad

Dunkin’ Donuts enlisted Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck to star in their super bowl ad. Because Affleck has a long association with the brand and is often seen drinking Dunkin’ Donuts drinks, they wanted him to star in the ad. Surprisingly, he also helped direct the ad. “Affleck mans the drive-through booth at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Medford, Massachusetts with a Boston accent and shocks customers. Lopez comes through the drive-through and asks him what he’s doing. You’re embarrassing me in front of my friends,” he says. “Grab me a glazed,” she demands.” They added a touch of humor for their viewers (via Telegraph).


Rhianna’s Performance Was Somewhat Of A Miracle

That’s to say, everyone’s performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show is somewhat of a miracle. The show involves hundreds of people putting up the stage, performing, and breaking down the stage. Rhianna gave us the inside scoop as to exactly how much is involved. She said, “I mean, it’s literally like, 300 to 400 people breaking the stage down and building it back up and getting it out in eight minutes. It’s incredible. It’s almost impossible.” Eight minutes is not a lot of time. And Rhianna’s performance was only a whopping 13 minutes (via Mirror).


We Might Not See Another Album For A While

After Rhianna revealed her pregnancy, people were so distraught at the fact that we might not see her release a new album again for a quite while. She’ll bring another human onto this planet, and yet people are only thinking about the new music she’s not going to make. We have her old songs to hold us over for a while, that should be enough. We have Don’t Stop the Music, Disturbia, and Umbrella which were classic hits and still are. Let’s forget about her new music for a while she’s pregnant and just be happy for her while we look back on her Super Bowl Halftime Show performance fondly (via Harpers Bazaar).