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Cheap Or Thrifty: Children Share Their Parents’ Attempts At Saving

TristaSeptember 23, 2021

6. Kids Get Ride For Free

Children below a certain age are allowed to ride for free, or their fare is at least a bit cheaper. This mother decided to use that to convince the bus driver that she had two young children. She told them that her 19-year old was actually 12 and that her 12-year old was 6. Her story didn’t work at all.


5. Restaurant Ketchup

With the way fast food places are giving up ketchup, is there really a reason to buy a bottle of it at the store? It’s a way to save money, but some families take these packets and use them to refill the ketchup bottle they have at home. This family ends up saving all of their extra ketchup packets and keeping them in a box in the kitchen.


4. Pirating For Pleasure

Some people go the extra mile when they try to save money, but rarely does it involve breaking the law. This father had no problem with it, however. He would rent movies from the store and then have a second VCR to record them to have his own copy of the film at home to watch whenever he wanted.


3. Lying About Your Kids

Here is another case of lying about your children’s ages. There are plenty of restaurants that let children eat for free if they’re under a certain age. It seems like a good deal, but it invites people like this family to get their kids to act younger than they really are, just to get a free meal. It makes you wonder how often they got away with it.


2. A Free Ride Without The Quarter

You’ve seen those mechanical horses outside of stores. It costs 25 cents for a 30-second ride. But this dad didn’t want to waste the money, so he would end up just standing behind the horse and rocking it back and forth himself for as long as his kid wanted. More money is in his pocket, and his kid was happy.


1. Reusing Every Single Brick

Some people take the penny pinching to extremes. This person’s father had their garage demolished, and instead of carting it all away, he made his kids clean every single cement-covered brick with a pickax so that he could use them in the future. It took them almost a year to get it done, and the father only saved about $500. Talk about a cheapskate.