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40 Cheaters Who Got Caught Via Text Message

TristaJuly 6, 2021

6. Security Cameras Are Not The Best Idea

This family is different from all of the other families out there. They must have a range of security cameras in their home, watching everything that everyone does all the time. So this father thinks he’s doing his son a favor by giving him the security code for the cameras so that the son can delete some incriminating videos from the history. Unfortunately for the father, the son knows some incriminating videos in there too.

It turns out that son witnessed some videos of the dad fooling around with the mother’s yoga teacher behind her back. Now the father has nothing to hold over his son’s head now that the latter holds all the cards. The father offers to bribe him. However, the son asks for an even higher price as well as a new car.


5. When A Joke Is No Longer Funny

Everyone hates autocorrect. It takes an innocent message and turns it into something awful, leading to many misunderstandings. Many of those misunderstandings could lead to broken relationships that will probably never get mended. One girl tried to play an autocorrect prank by telling her boyfriend that she cheated on him. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the response she was expecting.

Instead, he admits that he cheated on her with her sister. The girlfriend replied by stating that she was trying to say she was checking up on him, leading to this sour exchange that ended their relationship. The guy saying that he loved her by the end was probably left on read after this. Maybe don’t make admissions next time if you’re not ready to deal with the consequences.


4. Take Everything And More

It’s nice to have a partner check up on you through text messages to see how you’re doing. This guy just wanted to see how his girlfriend was doing. Although her reply is a bit rough, there’s no reason for him to respond the way he did, only to realize too late that he’s not messaging the person he thought he was. This guy thought he was texting his lover, not his girlfriend. Not only that, but the bad boyfriend admitted that he was cheating on his girlfriend for her and that he didn’t deserve to be treated this way.

What about her? She didn’t deserve to be cheated on either, but he did it anyway. The boyfriend tries to smooth things over by telling her that he loves her, but that doesn’t go over too well. She told him that she’s taking the Xbox with her. She gets something out of it, forcing him to buy a new one.


3. A Prank Text That Led To Honesty

You know that conversation you have with someone they ask you which you want first, the good news or the bad news? Most people ask for the bad news first to get the good news to make them feel better. However, that’s not how this conversation went. The girl starts by saying that she broke her boyfriend’s Xbox, which can be devastating given the price of these machines. It’s easy to see from his response that he’s distraught.

However, they turned out to only be a ploy. The girl hadn’t broken his XBox at all but wanted to distract him with terrible news so that her admission seems less awful. Did it work? It’s hard to tell, considering the boyfriend still seemed more concerned about the state of his game system than the nature of his relationship with his girlfriend.

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2. Surprising The Wrong Number

Sending a surprise text to your boyfriend is one of the sweetest things you can do. It makes them feel loved and appreciated and will make them think about you all day until they see you next. Unfortunately for this girl, she ended up getting all of it wrong. The only good side of this is that it wasn’t her fault. It turned out her boyfriend, Andy, already had a girlfriend.

Thankfully, both girls took the mature way out and decided that it would be better to take matters into their own hands. The girl asked Jessica to tell Andy that they were no longer together, which likely led to an even more heated conversation between Jessica and Andy afterward. It’s his own fault; he landed himself in hot water with his two-timing.


1. A Text That Cost A Lot

A parent getting to go out and not having to take care of their children is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Mom needs some time and relaxation too, and she doesn’t get it as often as she wants. So when this mother heads out to have some fun, who could blame her? Well, we can, when we discover the nature of her text message. She’s supposed to be messaging her lover when she accidentally sent the message to her child instead.

She asks her lover to come over, and she’s left confused when they say they don’t want to. Then her child tells her to look at the number she’s messaging; how embarrassing! Her kid asked for $1000 and a laptop to buy their silence.