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30 Lavish Vacations Only Millionaires Can Afford To Take

TristaJune 10, 2021

17. Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island, is another playground for the rich and famous. In Newport, hotels such as the Chanler at Cliff Walk can set you back $925 per night. Newport is nestled along the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean and offers breathtaking views. Millionaires enjoy luxurious shops, spa days, and activities in Newport, surrounded by stunning mansions and countless spectacular views. 

The Newport Art Museum is a popular choice for art lovers. The museum offers stunning art pieces in a historic landmark – the John N. A. Griswold House. Millionaires also enjoy taking tours of the local mansions, driving luxury cars alongside the ocean, cliff walks, and more. The shopping in the area provides luxury clothing and everything needed for a fun and successful trip. Millionaires have been traveling to Newport for years to see the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and participate in the luxurious activities in this Rhode Island city.


16. Diving the Titanic

Synonymous with American history, this once-in-a-lifetime experience has millionaires ready and willing to take a trip down to the depths of the ocean to see the R.M.S Titanic firsthand. If you want to take this trip yourself, prepare to save as the trip costs $105,129 per person. Only nine people can participate at one time, making it a private vacation and an interesting experience. If you’re lucky enough to afford this vacation, you’ll see the wreck from the comfort of a carbon fiber submarine. Traveling 4,000 meters down into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean is an experience you’ll never forget.

The R.M.S Titanic sank on April 14th, 1912, after striking an iceberg. Hundreds of people lost their lives. Blue Marble Private started doing R.M.S Titanic tours in 2018 to allow people the chance to see it in person. Ticket prices are set to be the equivalent of a first-class ticket on the Titanic in 1912. This exciting tour will be one you’ll never forget if you’re able to afford it. Millionaires enjoy this tour for the history and ability to see something historical at the bottom of the ocean. 


15. Baccarat Heritage Trip

The Baccarat Heritage Trip is a perfect option for history buffs. Baccarat crystal was opened in 1764, making it the oldest crystal manufacturer in the world. The 12-day trip will take you to cities that helped the company open its doors. Millionaires will be flown from New York to Paris in a luxurious jet to begin their trip. The stunning crystal pieces are held in museums worldwide, so you’ll get to travel to Moscow, Russia, Istanbul, Turkey, Japan, and even South Korea.  

This trip is pricey at $300,000 per person. Millionaires enjoy traveling in luxury and history buffs will enjoy this trip for the historical aspects and learning about Baccarat’s past. They will know how King Louis XV played an instrumental role in the company’s opening while traveling in style. The trip also includes helicopter rides, spa treatments, opulent accommodations, private aircraft, scrumptious food, and more. It’s fun and luxurious journey, especially for those who love history.


14. Vail

Vail, Colorado, is a gorgeous city set in the Rocky Mountains. Adventurous millionaires love Vail for its stunning views and incredible skiing. That’s not all Vail has to offer, though. Millionaires splurge on fancy lodges, hotels, and even mansions while visiting Vail. This city has some of the best skiing available in the United States, incredible spas with unique treatments, and food to die for. Vail has grown in popularity over the years as a ski resort and millionaires have taken note.

While vacationing in Vail, millionaires enjoy the crisp air and stunning views. They stay at resorts such as the Elevation Resorts Residences at Solaris for $650 per night. This resort offers an indoor pool and luxurious suites designed to provide a relaxing experience. Other hotels such as The Ritz Carlton Club offer luxurious spa treatments for those who aren;’t there for skiing. The city of Vail also provides plenty of other outdoor activities such as the Booth Falls Trail, Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, Vail Scenic Gondola rides, and more.


13. The Hamptons

Situated on Long Island in New York, the Hamptons have something for everyone. Millionaires flock here for luxurious food, bars, boutique shopping, and more. Known for its beaches and boutique shopping, the Hamptons boast plenty of fun activities for millionaires. The Baker House is the most expensive bed and breakfast in the area at $875 per night and boasts historical significance in the area. 

It is as luxurious as you can get for a bed and breakfast. The most expensive hotel in the area is The Quogue Club at $650 per night. This stunning hotel offers luxurious amenities, gorgeous, modern rooms, and even beach cruiser rentals to explore the surrounding areas. The best outdoor activities include exploring Montauk Point Lighthouse and State Park, shopping at the Tanger Outlets Riverhead, and visiting the Long Island Aquarium. Millionaires consider the Hamptons the best weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of the big city.


12. Passport to 50

Passport to 50 is a luxurious flight to 20 cities in 20 days. The gorgeous private plane features programs to make your getaway a memorable experience. Enjoy a yoga session, a $500,000 charity poker event, fashion shows, and even hire a Master Sommelier to help you choose the best drinks for your time on the plane. That isn’t all the plane has to offer, though. Millionaires enjoy relaxing hypnotherapy sessions, reiki sessions, acupuncture, and more. The staff strives to make your flight the most relaxing experience of your life. So, how much does this trip cost?

Millionaires spend $13,875,000 to travel to 20 cities in 20 days on this luxurious flight. That’s by far the most expensive vacation on our list. Can you imagine spending that much money on vacation? Most of us will only dream about going on vacations like this. Some of the cities millionaires will travel to on this vacation include Siem Reap, Florence, Manilla, Havana, London, Cannes, and more. This vacation takes you to some of the best cities in the world.


11. Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro offers stunning pink sand beaches, beautiful weather, and luxurious hotels for those who can afford it. Millionaires enjoy this escape from every day in luxury hotels that cost upwards of $4,500 per night. The island boasts a Mediterranean feel with stone buildings and terra-cotta roofs. When planning vacations to Aman Sveti Stefan, you should look to the surrounding areas for fun activities as well. The area boasts many indoor and outdoor activities to make your trip a memorable affair. 

You can start your vacation by partying the night away in local Hvar featuring vibrant nightlife. If that isn’t your thing, you can take a trip to Dubrovnik, a local UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dubrovnik boasts 16th-century stonework, a gorgeous church called St. Blaise, a renaissance Sponza palace, and a gothic Rector’s palace. Rector Palace is now a magnificent museum you can peruse at your own pace. Aman Sveti Stefan also boasts helicopter tours and the Radevic Winery, where you can sample local wines.


10. Belmond Grand Hibernian, Ireland

The Belmond Grand Hibernian is an ultra-luxe train that travels through the Irish countryside. This gorgeous train features luxurious cabins, delicious Irish food, and stops at some of the most beautiful locations in Ireland. You’ll stop at places such as castles, 17th-century palaces, the Cliffs of Moher, and plenty of other gorgeous sites. Millionaires enjoy the luxury train ride through Ireland for its historical aspects, scrumptious food, and luxurious accommodations. 

Can you imagine spending $11,000 per person for a trip like this? That’s the price. It may seem expensive, but many millionaires take the plunge and travel in style on the Belmond Grand Hibernian. The Belmond Grand Hibernian takes you to so many different historic sites during the 12-day trip. It’s worth the money if you’re able to afford it. Enjoy the live music on the train surrounded by the luxurious interior of the train and views of the sprawling landscape outside.


9. Nicaragua

Since being removed from the travel ban list in 2019, Nicaragua has seen a major uptick in travel involving millionaires. The curiosity of the country has people traveling in droves to see what it’s all about. As the largest country in Central America, Nicaragua gives you a unique experience with its colonial-style buildings, gorgeous views, and delicious food options. Spanish architecture is something you see in other countries, but it provides a unique perspective on life in Nicaragua. If you’re planning a trip to Nicaragua, you’ll need some serious cash. 

Nicaragua offers some all-inclusive resorts with everything you’ll need for exciting and memorable vacations. They’re surrounded by gorgeous beaches and offer all sorts of fun activities to make the most out of your vacation. The most expensive hotels in Nicaragua will set you back a few hundred dollars, less than a plane ticket. However, the activities are what makes this vacation destination expensive. You could take a trip into the rainforest, visit the Masaya volcano, or visit one of the two inland lakes in the country. Millionaires appreciate traveling here due to a lack of tourists. They enjoy private vacations surrounded by lush rainforests, warm weather, and interesting architecture.


8. Jamaica

Jamaica is an affordable vacation destination depending on where you stay and what activities you plan on doing. This island has seen an uptick in vacationers due to the luxury resorts such as Goldeneye and Strawberry Hill. These luxurious resorts offer gorgeous rooms, top-notch service, spa treatments, and even a recording studio. Celebrities are known to stay at Strawberry Hill for the amenities and recording studio on the property. If you’re planning a trip to Jamaica and want a luxurious experience, plan to spend quite a bit of money.

Jamaica offers all sorts of fun activities. Enjoy a relaxing experience on one of the gorgeous beaches or stay in your hotel for a spa treatment. Outdoor activities on the island include traveling to The Blue Hole, the Martha Brae River, snorkeling, scuba diving, and more. Whether you’re planning a short vacation or a week-long vacation, you’ll never be bored in Jamaica. You can also see the local animals while there.  The most expensive hotels in Jamaica will set you back at almost $600 per night.


7. Borgo Santo Pietro, Italy

Borgo Santo Pietro is a five-star boutique hotel situated in the Tuscan region of Italy. This luxurious hotel offers a unique experience with its setting, a 13th-century villa. The gorgeous villa has been redesigned to offer luxury amenities for travelers. The hotel offers unique experiences such as truffle hunts, helicopter rides over the countryside, and even Vespa rides throughout the city. Borgo Santo Pietro is a perfect location for relaxing and fun vacations. Millionaires are set in a gorgeous vineyard on 200 acres of sprawling countryside. Millionaires travel here to bask in the Italian sunshine, enjoy delicious food and wine, and get spa treatments to die for.

They enjoy the Michelin star restaurants that use local, fresh produce as well. Florence also offers high-end, luxurious shopping experiences with plenty of places. You could also rent a yacht for the day, go hot air ballooning, or sit at a local cafe and enjoy a relaxing experience surrounded by the sights and smells of the city. Italy is a well-known travel destination for millionaires, with several wonderful activities available to try.


6. Vacations In Chile

Vacationing to Chile have grown in popularity over the years due to curiosity of the country and places like Easter Island. It isn’t a traditional luxury vacation, but that doesn’t mean it costs any less to travel to Chile. Millionaires enjoy traveling here for the beautiful views, delectable food, and interesting history. The most expensive hotel in Chile is the Hotel Hacienda Vira Vira – Relais & Chateaux, which runs $1,370 per night. This luxurious hotel offers skiing, spa services, a hot tub, pool, and everything necessary for a comfortable stay. The hotel is located in the city of Caburgua.

If you’re looking for an adventure, traveling to Easter Island off the coast of Chile is the perfect destination. Easter Island offers fun outdoor activities such as Rapa Nui National Park, Anakena Beach, Ahu Tongariki, and more. Ahu Tonariki offers the tallest Moai statues on the island. Millionaires enjoy taking in the views on the island and taking photos of the unique sculptures. The nation of Chile is also well-known for its wine.


5. Vacations In Egypt

Egypt is a jaw-dropping vacation destination for everyone, but if you want to experience everything the country has to offer, then you’ll need to spend some money. This gorgeous country has a plethora of historical options for everyone. Whether you want to visit the pyramids or spend your time in a swanky hotel, you’ll enjoy your time in this beautiful country. Wealthy visitors enjoy floating down the Nile River on the steamship Sudan, visiting locations between Luxor and Aswan. The steamship has been closed for many years but has finally reopened, landing Egypt one of the top spots on our list.  

Other popular destinations in Egypt include Luxor, Cairo, visiting the many archaeological sites and beach resorts along the Red Sea. You could spend your time at a stunning resort such as the Rixos Premium Seagate for just over $300 per night and enjoy all-inclusive amenities. These fabulous amenities include eight indoor and outdoor pools with a waterpark, nine bars, seven restaurants, and spa services to help you relax. Egypt has long been a popular destination for travel, but with new and luxurious travel options springing up, the wealthy are flocking to this exciting and adventurous country. 


4. The Silk Road By Train

History buffs may enjoy a train ride through locations along The Silk Road. The Silk Road was a trade route that allowed people to trade goods between Europe and China. Stretching over 14,000 miles, the Silk Road was an important advancement for early civilizations that allowed them to learn about other cultures, religions, and even cuisine. Travel the Silk Road in luxury aboard the Golden Eagle for a 21-day historical experience. This luxurious train offers daily meals, an onboard doctor, and gorgeous suites. Travel in style and enjoy the UNESCO historical sites, guided tours, and more.

The Golden Eagle will take you to some of the best locations throughout Moscow, Beijing, and Central Asia for a price tag of $44,595 per person. Even if you aren’t into history, you can still enjoy the trip and get to see some of the best cities in the world. This breathtaking tour is an excellent choice for thrill-seekers and history buffs alike. Giving riders the ability to travel back in time, The Golden Eagle is the epitome of class.


3. Vacations In Portugal

Traveling to Portugal is a dream for many, but you must be prepared to spend a decent chunk of money to do it. The Barrio Alto neighborhood in Lisbon offers luxury at its finest. With an electric nightlife, gorgeous hotels, and scrumptious cuisine, what’s not to love about a Portugal vacation? The 1% love to stay at the stunning hotels in the area and dine on local cuisine. Surrounded by beautiful cities and landscapes, Lisbon has it all. History buffs love to stay at the Corpo Santo Lisbon Historical Hotel for $4,843 per night.

The Corpo Santo Historical Hotel offers boutique shopping and luxurious suites for your stay. Enjoy the stunning architecture while shopping, having lunch, or relaxing in your suite. Portugal offers a variety of fun outdoor activities as well for the adventurous types. You could go on a balloon ride above the city while enjoying drinks and gorgeous views of the city, then view the street art and end your day with an incredible meal at one of the local restaurants. You can also take a kayak tour around Arrabida National Park for around $105 per person. 


2. Vacations In Maui, Hawaii

Maui may seem like a vacation for everyone, but it’s how you spend your time while vacationing here that puts it on the list. To go all out in Maui, you’ll have to pay. Maui offers 30 miles of pristine beaches, stunning resorts, delectable cuisine, and much more. If you want to go all out for your Hawaiian vacation, stay at the Four Seasons in Wailea. This gorgeous hotel goes for $2 249 per night and offers all of the amenities you could ever need, including spa services. For your activities, you could charter a boat to explore the areas around the island, relax at the spa, go snorkeling, and more. 

Another fantastic option for thrill-seekers is a Maui Aerial Tour to see the breathtaking landscape from above. You can even hire a private chef to cook an incredible meal while relaxing and taking in the sights and sounds of the island. Many A-listers also book private residences near Kapalua to get a more intimate experience while on the island. These luxurious experiences add up and often cost thousands of dollars for the elite.


1. Gladden Private Island, Belize

Situated 20 miles off the coast of Belize, Gladden private island is a stunning place to stay. With gorgeous white sand beaches and breathtaking views, you can rent the whole island for $3,000 per night. Designated as ‘The World’s Most Private Island,’ it will just be you and your guests, as staff stays close by on another island and comes only when necessary. Enjoy the views of the natural barrier reef surrounding the island from your private villa. This breathtaking vacation spot has been a popular choice for wealthy members of society for years. 

The Belize barrier reef surrounds Gladden Private Island with plentiful underwater wildlife. You’ll have views of the Maya Mountains and the gorgeous aquamarine waters surrounding the island. Gladden Private Island features a pool, bar, and fabulous spa amenities. You’ll always know when staff is on the island for an undisturbed experience. The team will arrange all of your meals as well as activities. All you have to worry about is relaxing and enjoying your time on this beautiful private island. You’ll have multiple options to choose when it comes to exploring different islands or just spending all of your time on Gladden.