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15 Best Cabins To Visit For Luxury Vacations

SimiDecember 21, 2017

Traveling to different destinations comes with some health risks. It’s difficult for some people to feel fresh, relaxed and rejuvenated when flying long distances. It is ideal to prepare as much as you can for the trip. For instance, getting a good night’s sleep and eating a light meal before your flight will help you cope well with the demands of your journey. Doing some gentle exercise also helps if it’s done before the flight.

On longer journeys, low cabin humidity can cause dry eyes, nose, and throat. Drinking plenty of water and fruit juice helps your body to be hydrated. On that note, keeping to a minimum the alcohol, tea, and coffee as these can lead to dehydration. Applying skin moisturizer and lip balm helps your skin retain some moisture and avoids dry skin.

Keeping your blood circulation going by standing up and walking down the aisle is significant. You can take some simple stretching exercises in your seat every few hours. This will enable you to feel fresher when you arrive at your destination. You can flex your different muscles such as those in the legs and arms. Sluggish circulation causes tiredness, muscle cramps and water retention that causes swelling of feet.

When traveling across time zones your body’s sleep rhythms can become disrupted leading to insomnia. Other effects include loss of appetite and fatigue. Prepare your body clock by getting a good night’s sleep before your flight. Try to give yourself a couple of relaxed days to adjust to new night and day cycles when you arrive. Here are some of the 15 best cabins to fly business.

1. Etihad

The A 380 has some of the best business class features that will make you flying comfortable and memorable. It has two business class cabins that take almost the entire top deck of the airplane. The first one has 11 rows of seats and the rear one has seven. There are eight seats in two rows at the very back of the plane. Each row has four seats in a staggered 1-2-1 formation.

The even-numbered rows have side seats that face in the forward position and have wide armrests. The middle seats in even rows have armrests on the aisles separated by narrow dividers between them. The middle seats are odd-numbered on the aisles and are rear-facing. Their armrests are thin separating them from the aisle. They are great when traveling as a couple or with a colleague. The rear-facing seats are 73 inches long and 20 inches wide.

They have an upholstered seat cushion and backrest with a beige fabric. The headrest is covered in leather. The thick armrest has buttons to control seat positions. The front-rear facing seats on the side contain a handheld control to manage the in-flight entertainment. You can also control the light. The touchscreen buttons control the seat, cushion firmness and lighting.

The business-class seats have a large 18-inch IFE screens. The airline provides you with headsets to cancel out the noise. They give you pre-departure drinks that include water and champagne. There are normal meal service times but you are free to order from the all-day menu at any given period. The meals have starters, mains, and dessert. The beverage menu contains non-alcoholic options that include coffee drinks and a selection of teas. Wines and other beverages are provided as part of their alcoholic drinks.

2. Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia has lately reassembled their entire fleet of 777s with a new business class service which is very appealing. There are now 37 reverse herringbone business class seats which have a 1-2-1 configuration. The forward cabin boasts of 24 seats and the rear cabin has 13 seats. Although the seats have a B/E aerospace super Diamond which is common in most of the airplanes, the ones in Virgin Australia have a really beautiful finishing.

In the herringbone seats, the tray slides out from underneath the entertainment screen. There is a spacious area for the feet. There are two compartments to the side of the seat with a flat storage console and one can store many things including a laptop, headphones, and phones. The other storage has many things such as the power outlet and entertainment controls. On the aisle side, there is an armrest that can be raised or lowered. It has a storage compartment that can keep water and headphones.

The headphones are of high quality. You will get two stylish pillows. The amenity kit includes eyeshades, socks, earplugs, lip balm, face cream a toothbrush, hand and body lotion. They provide pajamas and are comfortable to wear. The service is excellent and you will get a pre-departure champagne. If it’s your first time to board the plane they provide a detailed rundown of the seat and service procedures. Not forgetting that they will give you the menu that includes a breakfast card.

There are two lavatories between the cabins and another one in front of the forward cabin. It features an onboard bar which has high-top seats and couches for lounging. The impressive entertainment selection has a variety of sitcoms and movies. Their meals are served directly on tables and don’t use carts or trays. The bedding has a thick mattress pad and a nice blanket.

3. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand’s Boeing 777s features some of the finest seats in the business class. They are the 22-inch wide white leather seats that are comfortable like your lounge at home. The seats can be slightly reclined for take-off and landing. They fully recline to flat that measures about the 79-inch bed to fit most people. The thick memory foam mattress, fluffy duvet, and two full-size pillows will enable you to have a relaxing sleep.

The seats are wide enough to fit those with wide shoulders. also have an in-seat power socket, a USB port and a 12.1 inch widescreen TV and a table. The table is big enough for two people to dine together. The seat belt on the footrest helps when flying as a couple or colleague. Amenity kit has various items such as antipodes skincare. This includes varieties such as vanilla pod day cream and pawpaw.

The entertainment accessories are the latest systems that include a touchscreen TV. It has a wide selection of movies, series of television shows, various music albums, and games. For instance, you can access classic films, family movies, and rugby games. There is no need of worrying with the noise disturbance as the noise canceling headphones are provided.

The food on the Air New Zealand is excellent and have a renowned chef named Peter Gordon responsible for that. They provide four mains and three desserts. This includes cheese and has a midnight snack menu that has food such as a warm roll or sandwich. The beverages start with a glass of champagne before take-off. After departure, you can choose from different wines including awarding winning wines such as Kumeu River Chardonnay.  

4. Singapore Airlines

The Singapore Airlines has reconfigured their seats on the 777-300 ER flight. They have 42 business class seats which have a 1-2-1 configuration. They feature eight business class cabin seats that are in the forward cabin and the main business class cabin has 34 business class seats. The rear business class cabin has nine rows of seats. The cabins are incredibly designed and look beautiful.

There are two types of seat finishes. They have beige leather which takes half of the rows and black leather that has the other half. The bulkhead seats that are in this configuration have a lot of legroom and helps when you want to comfortably take a sleep. The window seats have a storage compartment area, a reading light, a headphone jack and power outlets. The entertainment controller and storage compartment of the headphones are in front.

The table tray is extendable from the armrest and can be adjusted to various positions. The height can also be adjusted. There is a storage compartment at the bottom left of the seat and another one to the left of the personal TV. This can fit small items such as glasses and phones. The seat controls are on the aisle-side of the seat if you are sitting on the left side. They have a WiFi and you can buy a WiFi pass that is chargeable.

They offer a pre-departure beverage which is either a champagne or their standard welcome drink of the month. Apart from normal meals that they provide, they offer a snack between meals. They give you a warm towel which is of high quality.Their nice two lavatories will make your flight a comfortable one.

5. Qantas Airways

Flying business class on a Qantas Airbus A380 airplane is comforting. The seats in the business class cabin are gunmetal grey and have a 2x2x2 configuration. The appearance of 72 beds look like pods when viewed from behind and measure 80 inches when fully flat. Their entertainment system is well-stocked with hundreds of films, TV shows, and radio channels. It also includes music albums and games.

The headrest is within the pod and you will not be fully exposed when you are resting. If you are working you can use a partition that separates passengers. The window seats because of the view and because of their cabinet sets. They are put against the cabin wall and assists you with extra storage for items such as laptops. Amenity kits have fashionable Australian-made Aspar by Aurora Spa products.

The cabin features a personal 12.1-inch TV and has various new releases. Each seat has a PC power outlet, two USB ports, and an internet port if you are working while flying. They provide a small lounge at the front of the cabin for those who want to relax. The lounge has a couch that is pressed against the wall and can be used when you want to change scenes.

The food and drinks are marvelous and are designed by the celebrated Australian chef Neil Perry. They provide you with both small and main plates for starters or mains. They can also serve you on request throughout your flight. The beverages contain a range of Australian wines that includes Leeuwin Estate Riesling and an oaky Wirra Wirra Shiraz. The non-alcoholic beverages include various types of coffee and tea.

6. Emirates

The Emirates Airline has become one of the most popular and serves mostly the business class passengers. There are 76 seats in the Emirates A380 flight and are set in a 1-2-1 configuration. They are flat-bed and feature a small mini-bar with assorted drinks. The dimensions of the seats are 48” wide and 70” to 79” long. There is nothing to worry about the space because there is enough room and storage space.

If you are traveling alone, take A or K seat category as you will be next to the window pane. the service area and the toilets are by the back of the plane. They have a magnificent ICE entertainment system that offers 2,500 channels of entertainment. This includes newly-released Hollywood, Arabic, Bollywood and European movies. Screens are 23-inches wide and some of the A380 services give live sports broadcasts.

Should you wish to work while on the flight, each passenger can have a 20MB free data. Additional access is charged or it’s free for those who are members of the Emirates loyalty scheme Skywards. You can also send an SMS and emails through the in-seat satellite phone. Furthermore, you can make a call from your own phone. The power sockets provide you with the ability to use the laptop or charge your devices.

The menu consists of three starters and three main-course meals that have either Western or Arabic types. There are assorted drinks which are also provided. Before landing you are served with tea and various kinds of sandwiches and scones. This is accompanied by a chocolate cake. The lounge and bar area are well designed and include table seating. Champagne is served throughout the flight.

7. Cathay Pacific

The A330-300 is another state of the art aircraft which has a 1-2-1 configuration business class cabin. The cabin design and seats are well-designed and have an overhead space. It is small enough to contain smaller items such as phones and laptops. The overhead compartments feature mirrors on the sides to enable you to see if something shifted during take-off and landing. You are able to check the safety of your items while flying.

There are a seven-row of main business class cabin seats and behind them, there are three rows. the foot-well has enough space and allows your feet to fully extend. Each seat has a cubby with noise-canceling headphones and mirror. A reading light is next to the cubby and has seat controls and power outlets that includes a USB port. You can charge your devices such as a laptop while flying.

There is a remote to control almost everything including the lights and IFE. The lavatory has Aesop toiletries. The seats featured a touchscreen in-flight entertainment system that has a wide selection of movies, music albums, and TV shows. The lounge is beautifully designed and is a good area to relax and change the scenes. It has comfortable couches and serves a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Champagne is offered once you get on board and are settled in. There is a good selection of menu that includes sweet and sour fish and shrimp and grilled beef tenderloin. You can also have a Thai red-curry chicken and you will be served first with a warm garlic bread and an amazing Parma ham and melon. The dessert includes a Haagen-Dazs mango and raspberry ice cream.

8. Virgin Atlantic

The Virgin Atlantic is known for its aggressive advertising and from the look of things they really don’t disappoint. The A340-300 has herringbone-style lie-flat seats. The configuration for each seat is designed to give each passenger all the privacy needed. It’s comfortable for sleeping and when traveling alone. There are a pre-departure beverage and a supper menu and breakfast card that is offered when you board.

The noise canceling headphones to be used when in-flight on their IFE system. They offer a mattress pad and duvet that increases the comfort of the bed. The bar can be used when you are tired of sitting in one place. It has three comfortable seats and a fancy design with beautiful lighting. The lavatories are clean and feature a Cowshed amenities.

The Virgin Atlantic uses a breakfast card on their overnight services like some of the other airlines. You can select choose items la carte from their breakfast menu. The drink orders are taken after take-off. The menu has a wide selection of cocktails such as a Moscow Mule. This is served with potato chips/crisps. They offer a hot towel before they serve their foods.

The menu has a wide selection of foods as well. The dessert comes with a cheese plate and cake. There are beverages such as hot chocolate that you can drink. The breakfast includes a full English Breakfast that comes with a side of waffles, fruit, and yogurt. The waffles consist of a berry compote. There is also a selection of salmons and mushrooms. A fresh squeezed orange juice and cappuccino are some of the beverages that are offered.  

9. All Nippon Airways

The All Nippon Airways is the largest airline from Japan and ranked as one of the top airlines in the world. The B777-300 has a seat configuration that allows individual privacy. There is a lot of leg room that goes beneath the monitor. The seat goes fully flat when in the flat position. This enables you to comfortably fit on the bed. They also provide a bed pad, quilt comforter, and a pillow.

The pillow can be used even when you are seating in the upright position. The seat controls have four options which are trackback, recline, lumbar support and upright/bed. A “do not disturb” is well-placed for those needing a quiet time for themselves. It has a coat hook and spotlight if you need a more direct lighting.  There is a TV with a hidden control button in front of. A USB port, iPod socket and charging port are available.

They provide you with a L’Occitane that includes L’Occitane ultra-rich lip balm, eye mask, and tissues. A set of slippers and noise-canceling headphones are offered. The broadcasts have Skychannel and Skyshop. They contain a variety of movies, videos, news, and games. There are new films which have been recently released.The onboard WiFi is available and is chargeable at a low cost.

They serve quality food and they put a tablecloth before serving. There are different options of the menu which have both Japanese and international foods. There are connoisseur-selected wines and whiskey. You can also get non-alcoholic drinks such as different coffee and tea types. The dessert is served after the main meals and you can choose from the Japanese or international options.

10. Japan Airlines

The JAL 777-300ER Sky Suite business class has 49 business class Sky suites that are spread between two cabins. The forward mini-cabin is behind the first class and has five seats. Most of the window seats have three windows. The main business class cabin is large and has six rows of seats. There are two lavatories and features a Japanese-style toilet in each bathroom.

The window and middle seats provide more privacy because the aisle seats are open to the aisle. To get a total privacy, you will need to a partition. There are a power outlet and a USB port on each seat. The push button seat controls are simple to use. They provide an air-weave mattress pad to help you feel more comfortable when sleeping. There are an extra pillow and blanket that they offer. There is also a Tumi amenity kit, slippers, and a Sony noise-canceling headphones.

The flight has a 23-inch screen for each seat. It has a wide selection of recent Hollywood movies with Japanese subtitles. The touchscreen controller can be used to select the programs. The satellite WiFi is offered and you can get a flight pass for it. The touchscreen can be used to order drinks and snacks using the TV controller. This is applicable only after the main meal.

They give you a warm towel before serving their meals. A glass of Champagne is followed. They have a variety of beverages that include Japanese and American whiskey, Bombay Sapphire Gin and Baileys Irish Cream. They provide either Japanese or international meal appetizers, main meal, and desserts. You can order any food during the entire flight.    

11. Air France

Air France has a new business class seats in the 777-300ER that have improved from the older cabins. The seats have a 1-2-1 configuration and each seat has a universal power plug and USB port to charge your electronic devices. A reading light is provided next to your head. The armrest on the aisles lowers when taking-off and landing. This creates more space and can be raised when having meals or working. The stool that is across the seat provides a footrest.

Underneath the seat, there is a space to keep your shoes. A numbered hangar helps you drape your coat and can be given to the flight attendant to hang it for you. The seat-side cupboard holds the headphones and a vanity mirror used when freshening. You can put your phone, camera or a magazine. There are three buttons to control the seat. One of them shifts the seat backward, forward and raise or recline into a lie-flat mode. The other button is the main recline button and the third gets you into the upright position.

The in-flight entertainment touch screens are 16 inches wide. During take-off and landing, they lock into the seat. They are controlled by a touchscreen hand-held remote. You can use the remote to watch the flight path and a movie at the same time. The meals and beverages have a list provided on the IFE system. This makes it easier to know in advance what you want before the flight attendant comes. The amenities include a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and earplugs.

Once you board, you are served with orange juice and Champagne. The well-known chef Daniel Boulud is responsible for creating on-board dishes. They provide starters, main meals, and desserts. The beverages consist of a wide selection of decorated wines chosen by a panel that includes sommelier Paolo Basso. The passengers are free to order the refreshments anytime.  

12. British Airways

The British Airways B747, Club World business class has a 2-4-2 seat configuration. The seats face forward and others backward. The seats are 20.5 inches wide and when they are fully reclined they measure to six-feet long. There are plans to introduce in 2019 a new Club World seating design. This will improve the spaces especially when the seats are in a fully inclined position.

The passengers are given a soft padded under-sheets, blankets, coverlets and fluffy cotton pillows to help you when sleeping. This helps you to get a comfortable sleep. The service starts with the crew members hanging your coats and they offer a glass of champagne. When the plane goes off, the cabin service director welcomes everyone on board by shaking each individual’s hand.

There is a USB port for charging your phone. They offer a 4G WiFi and charges vary. The touchscreens entertainment come from a side panel that is at the eye level. The high image quality has to be applauded. There will be no need to worry about disturbing other passengers with the noise because the noise-canceling headphones are given. There is a wide selection of movies which include the recently released Hollywood films.

There is a variety of drinks including Champagnes. There is a full bar that has the lager, vodka, and whiskeys. The wine selection is amazing that has products such as Pinot Noir, Gavi, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz. There is a meal that has an appetizer, main meal, and dessert. The starters are brought through a display trolley and can pick your choice. The cheese plates and sweets are served in a similar way. 

13. Lufthansa

The Lufthansa’s A350 offers a 2-2-2- seating arrangement and the cabin is large. It has 48 lie-flat seats that are spread between two cabins. The main cabin has six rows of seats in the same formation of 2-2-2. There are two lavatories that are located between the cabins close to the mid gallery. A third lavatory is situated in front close to the cockpit. The overhead lights and a digital indicator panel provide you with more light.

The storage is available to keep small items such as phones. There is a small compartment beneath the armrest. This is enough to store a cell phone and headphones. The seats recline flat using the controls. You can select the cushion firmness to make yourself comfortable. A small compartment to the right of the footwell holds a water bottle and amenity kit. They offer a Samsonite amenity kit.

There is a good in-flight entertainment system that is held at the front of each seat. It produces a nice picture and the content is of high quality with new film releases. The entertainment system can be controlled directly on the screen or through the basic wired remote controller. The noise-canceling headphones are of good quality. The WiFi is available at a decent price for the whole flight.

A beverage is offered once on board and includes water and champagne. They offer starters that include a lamb’s lettuce salad with potato dressing. The main menu comes with several options such as a roast goose. The dessert comes with a cheese, fruit and potato dumplings. When the meals are completed, there is a self-service beverage area in the gallery. The beverages include orange juice, apple juice, and water. 

14. Korean Airlines

The Korean 747-8 is a good flight that has a 2-2-2 seat configuration. There are two cabins which are located on the lower and upper decks. The upper deck has 22 seats and there two lavatories in the cabin next to the cockpit. The center seats in the lower deck are placed alongside each other while on the upper deck they are staggered. On the upper deck, there is more privacy. The bins on the upper deck are big that makes it easier to store items.

The armrest has a small compartment that can keep small items such as phones. The seats lie completely flat. It is comfortable when either in the upright or in bed position. The slide partition provides the privacy and a sense of being alone. They offer amenities that include a toothbrush and noise-canceling headphones. A set of slippers are offered with a shoe bag. Other amenities include the mouthwash and shaving kits.

They have a nice system with a few selection of movies. There is a limited selection of the newly released movies. The Circle has a provides nice films with a good selection of movies. The system can be controlled through a touchscreen or using the wired touchscreen remote. There is a power outlet and a USB port where you can charge your devices such as the laptop or phones.

The food is amazing on this flight. They give you a choice of beverages that includes guava juice that is served with packaged nuts. They offer two full meals and some snack selection where you can choose from. There is an appetizer that comes with wine and includes a seared tuna with salad. They have Korean foods and international ones that you can choose from as well. The dessert and beverages are served. The beverages include chamomile tea and Campari.  

15. Eva Air

The Eva Air 777 business class seats have direct access to the aisle. The seats are arranged at an angle to create more space. The seats appear compact and underneath each seat, there is a small storage space. This can be used to store small items such as a phone. On that space, there is enough legroom to help you relax and stretch your legs. There are three spacious bathrooms in the back of the plane.

The business class seats are convertible and lay flat seat beds by using a quick touch of a button. They are magnificently designed that has a cocoon shell that surrounds the seat to create more privacy. They provide a small mattress padding, a heavy blanket, and a pillow. All these will assist you to have a more comfortable sleep. The ceiling has stars that shine during the flight.

They give you pajamas and slippers and a hard-shelled Rimowa amenity kit is offered. The high-class champagne is given such as a bottle of Krug. This is normally served to the first-class passengers on other flights and a bottle costs $250. the starters are amazing and they serve shrimp and salmon tartare canape. The menus come in a well-designed print.

The menu features a faux-gold and silver with the map of Taiwan in the middle. It is surrounded by several native species and it was created by the Grammy award nominated cover designer Xiao Qing-Yang. They serve the main meal is served on an equally well-designed tablecloth. There is a wide choice of foods that include the Asian and international foods. The dessert comes with various types of fruits and a pair of Laduree macaroons.