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30 Celebrity Lookalikes That Make Fans Look Twice

Darren February 7, 2022

Celebrities are some of the most recognizable people on the planet. However, sometimes fans may approach a celebrity and mistake them for another famous person. These celebrity lookalikes are more common than fans might expect because many film stars and singers make fans see double.

In this guide, we’ll look at 30 photos of celebrity lookalikes who share close physical characteristics. Some could pass for twins or even different generations of the same person. Check out the list below via Bored Panda.

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30. Rupert Grint and Ed Sheeran

Grint’s career is unusual because he stepped away from acting after the conclusion of the “Harry Potter” series. He became internationally famous because of his role as Ron Weasley. In recent years, he’s dabbled with television and also appeared in a music video (via BBC).

That video was for Sheeran’s song, “Lego House.” The pair wore the same t-shirts and poked fun at their similar appearances. They’re both red-haired and have similar faces as well as physiques. They literally made their fans see double when they appeared alongside each other.

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29. Margot Robbie and Emma Mackey

Robbie is the only celebrity to appear twice on this list. But it’s extraordinary how much the younger Mackey looks like her. It’s even more dramatic since Robbie played Harley Quinn in D.C’s “Birds of Prey” and “Suicide Squad.” In these movies, she had dyed hair with dramatic make-up.

Meanwhile, Mackey plays Maeve in the acclaimed Netflix series, “Sex Education.” As the photo above shows, she also has dyed hair in a similar style. Then combine that with their similar eyebrows and cheekbones. Mackey passes for a teenage version of Robbie (via GeorgeTakei.com).


28. Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera

For the better part of a decade, Eisenberg and Cera made their fans see double. These stars have a similar awkwardness about them that they carry into their roles. They also share a love for indie roles although Eisenberg also appeared in the mainstream superhero movie “Batman vs. Superman.”

Cera’s break came in “Superbad,” but his career has gone from strength to strength. Recently, Eisenberg even stepped up to the director’s chair for the next step of his career. Perhaps finally people will remember who is who (via Global News).


27. Emily Kinney and Evanna Lynch

Kinney and Lynch aren’t the most famous people on this list, but they’re dead ringers for one another. The former made her name in the early seasons of “The Walking Dead.” She’s also a successful musician and songwriter too. But it’s extremely easy to confuse her with Lynch.

The Irish actress shot to stardom after playing Luna Lovegood in “Harry Potter.” These two young women possess an extraordinary fragile beauty. Their blonde hair and pale skin give them a sense of vulnerability, but they’re strong performers (via Cheezburger).


26. Tom Cruise and Christian Bale

Cruise and Bale are two of Hollywood’s most famous leading men yet their appearances and personalities are very comparable. They’re both very intense and share physical characteristics. However, their careers stand apart because of their achievements (The Guardian).

Despite his short stature, Cruise is one of the greatest action stars ever. He continues to play Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible series. He’s also is set to reprise his role in the Top Gun sequel. Elsewhere, Bale played Batman in “The Dark Knight” and won an Oscar for his role in “The Fighter.”

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25. Jennifer Lawrence and Haley Bennett

Most women would dream of looking like Lawrence. For a couple of years before a hiatus, she was the most lucrative actress in the world. However, it’s a mixed blessing for Bennett. That’s because she’s an established star in her own right but everybody mistakes her for Lawrence (via Entertainment. ie).

Bennett recently appeared in The Devil All The Time and Hillbilly Elegy. Her filmography is impressive but pales in comparison to Lawrence’s achievements. That’s because she’s an Oscar winner. She also balances working in major franchises and indie films with great success.


24. Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes

According to Neeson, many people mistake him for Fiennes in passing. That’s because the two men possess similar profiles. They both have high foreheads and long faces. Furthermore, they appear in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies (via RTE).

Fiennes rose to prominence in theater before stepping into the world of film. Recently, he played ‘M’ in the James Bond series. Meanwhile, Neeson evolved into a leading action star. His turn in “Taken” became iconic because of his unmistakable “I will find you” speech.


23. Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek

As the image above shows, it’s easy to mistake these two stunning women. Cruz and Hayek recognize their similarity and have made fans see double in side-by-side photos. They’re also close friends and regularly communicate with each other (via Hello Magazine).

Hayek was the first Mexican woman to receive an Oscar nomination for acting. Meanwhile, Cruz went even further when she won the Best Supporting Actress award for “Vicky Christina Barcelona.” Anybody would love to look like them because they’re incredibly beautiful.

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22. Angus Cloud and Mac Miller

Cloud became one of the breakout stars of the hit show “Euphoria” in 2022 after his character received an expanded role. Fans loved him because of his complex portrayal of Fez in the hit HBO show. Meanwhile, they began to see double and claimed he should star in a biopic of a late tragic star.

Of course, they’re talking about Miller because of their similar looks. Miller suffered a drug overdose in 2018 but was a popular rap artist. However, Cloud says he doesn’t want to disrespect Miller’s memory by playing him in a movie (via Hollywood Mask).


21. Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard

According to Howard, her father, acclaimed movie director Ron, mistook Chastain for his daughter (via Insider). That admission shows that these two women could pass for doppelgangers. It’s easy to see double with a glance at the picture above.

However, contrary to common belief, no one separated these women at birth. They’re both successful Hollywood stars. Chastain regularly appears in leading roles such as “Miss Sloane” and “Molly’s Game.” Meanwhile, Howard’s career has evolved as she now prefers to sit in the director’s chair.


20. Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood

These two men were the faces of two of the most successful franchises ever. Wood starred as Frodo in “The Lord of the Rings,” while Radcliffe played the titular role of “Harry Potter.” It’s also remarkable how physically similar they are. Wood even said that he’d like to play Radcliffe’s brother one day (via Metro).

Furthermore, they both have a preference for indie cinema. Neither of them has appeared in a major blockbuster since they left their aforementioned roles. They don’t need to worry about money because of the extreme wealth they’ve accumulated.


19. Skeet Ulrich and Johnny Depp

“Riverdale” star Ulrich claimed that comparisons to Johnny Depp ‘hurt’ (via Moviefone). That’s because fans referred to him as a ‘bootleg’ version of the Hollywood A-Lister. However, it’s easy to see the similarity because of their features and fashion styles.

Most men would love people to mistake them for Depp. These days he’s one of the most polarizing actors on the planet because of his recent court case. But many fans love him for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. Anyway, Ulrich and Depp certainly make viewers see double.


18. Matt Damon and Mark Walhberg

Sure, there are much closer lookalikes on this list. But casual movie fans could easily confuse these two A-Listers. Damon and Wahlberg have similar strong frames and facial structures. They also regularly star in action movies such as The “Bourne” series and “Spenser Confidential.”

Damon tends to play more cerebral roles than Wahlberg but both men have Oscar nominations. It’s easy to see why people mix these men up all of the time. One day maybe they’ll star alongside each other and make fans see double (via TV Overmind).

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17. Amy Adams and Isla Fisher

As a six-time Academy Award nominee, Adams is a highly respected actress. She also has a distinctive appearance with her long crimson locks and her pale skin. However, she made viewers see double when she starred in “Nocturnal Animals” with Fisher.

That’s because Fisher shares Adams’ most defining features. It was extraordinary to see them both in the same film because of their similarity. Fisher hasn’t won the same critical acclaim as Adams but has an impressive filmography nonetheless (via People).


16. Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan

With their icy-blonde hair and similar dress sense, it’s not difficult to confuse these Hollywood A-Listers. Williams is American while Mulligan hails from the U.K. However, they’re both extremely successful and respected actresses (via Eton Online).

It’s not just Williams and Mulligans’ appearances that make fans see double. Their careers also have a lot of parallels because they favor indie films over blockbusters. Mulligan won acclaim for her roles in “Promising Young Woman” and “Drive.” Williams starred in the tragic hit “Manchester By The Sea.”


15. Timothee Chalamet and Natalia Dyer

It’s easy to mistake this famous pair for twins because of their staggering appearance. Of course, we’re talking about that unmistakable jawline. Dyer and Chalamet aren’t even from the same country but they make people see double (via Glamour).

The latter is one of the most popular actors of his generation. He rose to fame in “Call Me By Your Name” before starring in films such as “Dune” and “Little Women.” Meanwhile, Dyer has a massive fanbase because of her role as Nancy in “Stranger Things.”

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14. Natalie Portman and Millie Bobby Brown

Portman knows all about being a child star. She won acclaim for her controversial role in “The Professional.” However, a glance at the image above will make fans see double. That’s because rising sensation Brown looks like a young Portman (via Entertainment Weekly).

Brown is a massive success in her own right after starring as Eleven in “Stranger Things.” Meanwhile, she is breaking out as a leading movie actress in her own right. No doubt, she’ll be happy with the Portman comparisons because she’s beautiful and successful.


13. Zendaya and Cassie

These days Zendaya is one of the most in-demand actresses on the planet. The “Euphoria” star also appears in massive franchises like Spiderman and Dune. She rose to prominence with the Disney Channel before she became a household name (via Atlanta Black Star).

However, a side-by-side with R&B star Cassie will make people see double. Zendaya could easily pass for a younger version of the popular artist. It’s easy to imagine that the pair are related because they look like sisters if not the same person.


12. Michael B. Jordan and Nick Cannon

Cannon is one of America’s most recognizable talent show presenters. The talented entertainer hosts “America’s Got Talent” and “The Masked Singer.” But fans see double when they look at him because of his similarity to an even bigger star.

He shares a similar look to Hollywood superstar Jordan. The actor is slowly becoming a modern icon because of his role in “Black Panther” and the “Creed” movies. These men have met in public and amazed people because they look like brothers (via CNN).


11. Daisy Edgar-Jones and Anne Hathaway

Fans might also see double when they look at this duo. It’s uncanny how similar Hathaway and Edgar-Jones are in appearance. Hathaway is the more famous of the pair because she’s a Hollywood stalwart. She played Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy.

However, Edgar-Jones is a rising star. She won acclaim for her performance as Marianne in the hit T.V. series “Normal People.” Their facial structure and features are almost the same and it would be easy to mistake one for the other (via Hello!).


10. Mila Kunis and Sarah Hyland

Hyland grew before the eyes of her watching fans. That’s because she was one of the stars of the popular sitcom, “Modern Family.” But as she blossomed into a beautiful woman people instantly compared her to a major Hollywood A-Lister.

Of course, we’re talking about the stunning Kunis. Hyland and Kunis make their fans see double because they are strikingly similar. The latter is a few years older than Hyland but they look like different generations of the same clone (via Hollywood Life).


9. Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Bardem is one of the most intense and charismatic actors on the planet. The Spanish legend won plaudits for his role in “No Country for Old Men” because he was terrifying. However, fans noticed his astonishing similarity to Morgan, a television star. Pictures of the two men make fans see double.

Morgan has had major roles in TV shows like “Supernatural” and “The Walking Dead.” These two men possess handsome looks and have a magnetic presence on the screen (via Popsugar).


8. Emma Watson and Kiernan Shipka

Watson became famous as a child movie star in the “Harry Potter” series. She played the iconic role of Hermione and instantly became an inspiration to girls around the world. While she continues to work in Hollywood, she’s also an influential social activist.

Recently, fans noticed another star with a strong resemblance to Watson. Shipka appears in the titular role in “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” She’s a few years younger than Watson but she has very similar features. It’s great to see double when it’s two such beautiful women (via Teen Vogue).


7. Thandie Newton and Zoe Saldana

Newton rose to prominence in the 2000s after she appeared in “Mission Impossible II.” Since then, the UK star has enjoyed a successful acting career. However, she has an A-List doppelganger in Saldana. Arguably, she’s even more successful than her look-a-like.

According to Saldana, her mother even mistook her for Newton (via Hollywood Reporter). She played key roles in the “Star Trek” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” series. Meanwhile, she’s a major pin-up and one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood. Newton and Saldana possess a similar classy elegance.

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6. Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green

Who doesn’t love Hardy? The “Venom” star possesses a gruff voice and a ruggedly handsome appearance. He’s also one of the most charismatic British actors of his generation. However, another Hollywood actor has a striking resemblance to the Englishman.

Marshall-Green is another popular star. He’s has a successful career with appearances in “Spiderman” and “Prometheus,” amongst others. These doppelgängers have similar cheekbones and possess an intense gaze that makes admirers melt (via E-News).


5. Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly

Pressly is one of the luckiest women on the planet. Firstly, she’s an Emmy Award-winning actress and the star of “My Name is Earl.” But she’s arguably even luckier for another reason. She bears an astounding resemblance to Hollywood superstar Robbie (via Netflix).

This is amazing because Robbie is one of the most desired women on the planet. The blonde bombshell rose to fame after she appeared in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Then, she played Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad.” Pressly and Robbie could be doppelgängers because they have such similar features.


4. Daisy Ridley and Keira Knightley

Ridley and Knightley are two of the U.K’s most famous actresses. They’re also staggeringly similar with the same classic English beauty. It’s certainly easy to mix them up because of their similar cheekbones, eyebrows, and stature (via Hola).

Meanwhile, these doppelgängers even had similar Hollywood careers. Knightley’s big break came in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series. Ridley was a relative newcomer when she played Rey in the “Star Wars” reboot trilogy. Knightley also appeared in a Star Wars film when she was Natalie Portman’s double.

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3. Chad Smith and Will Ferrell

Everybody knows Ferrell because he’s one of the most famous comedians and actors on the planet. “Anchorman,” “Talladega” Nights, and “Stepbrothers” are all hilarious movies with a lot of fans. However, Ferrell has another famous lookalike in the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Smith (via Radio X).

These potential doppelgängers are completely aware of their similarity. Furthermore, they’ve joked about it in public. They appeared on The Tonight Show where they had a drum-off and even wore the same outfit. Smith and Ferrell embrace it because they know their fans love it.

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2. Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry

Side-by-side photos of these two women make fans see double. They’re also very successful in their respective fields. Perry and Deschanel could be doppelgängers living in alternative realities. The former is a pop superstar while Deschanel is a great actress.

She stars in “New Girl” as well as multiple movies. Meanwhile, Perry had popular hits such as ‘I Kissed a Girl’ and Firefly. They also have noticeably similar physical features. Both women have midnight black hair and piercing blue eyes. Furthermore, Perry even pretended to be Deschanel earlier in her career (via The Sun).

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1. Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer

Anybody who bears a passing resemblance to Cavill is very lucky. Bomer can count his blessings because these two men could be doppelgängers. They’re also both successful actors. Cavill is probably more famous because he played “Superman” and starred in “The Witcher.”

But Bomer is a Golden Globe Award winner for his role in “The Normal Heart.” He’s also featured in supporting roles in multiple films. These heartthrobs have dark hair as well as high cheekbones. It’s no surprise that they have millions of fans because of their handsome looks (via Distractify).