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These Celebs Got Caught In Not-So-Glamorous Situations

Darren November 6, 2023

Many fans may think celebrities are perfect human beings but the reality is quite different. They have the same flaws that everybody else has except they’ve money for plastic surgery and beauty teams. Sometimes we realize that they’re not perfect when we see pictures of them in not-so-glamorous situations.

Today we’ll look at some of the world’s most famous celebs in compromised moments. They didn’t expect cameras to be in their faces during these not-so-glamorous moments. Maybe they drank too much alcohol or had a fashion nightmare. Check them out below.

Nick Cage

These days Cage is a cult icon in Hollywood due to an endless stream of crazy movies. He constantly pours his full emotions into his garbage films but that’s why fans love him. However, Cage has also made several questionable decisions that left him bankrupt several times. He once spent $150 million on a dinosaur skull and also bought a castle.


The picture above shows an intoxicated Cage flying coach class. A delighted fan snapped a selfie with the inebriated actor in a not-so-glamorous situation. However, she received plenty of hate online because other Cage supporters didn’t think she should have shared this photo (via Imgur).

Lindsay Lohan

Mostly everyone knows that Lohan has had substance abuse problems over the years. She has a very tenuous relationship with alcohol that damaged her career. She should be a superstar actress now but she’s become a caricature of herself. It’s unfortunate because she was a talented actress at one time.

The Mirror

The photo above shows Lohan stumbling around at a party. To be fair, she could be any young woman after a few drinks. The problem is that we know Lohan’s history and that’s what makes this a sad image. She’s found herself in many not-so-glamorous scenarios because of her problems (via The Mirror).

Alright, Alright, Alright?

Matthew McConaughey is one of Hollywood’s most charming leading men. He spent a decade as one of the most lusted-after romcom stars in the industry before he finally landed the dramatic roles he craved. The point is that he is usually a very handsome, distinguished figure. But that’s not the case in the shot below.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Spare a penny for McConaughey’s thoughts in this photo because it appears that he’s doing some serious reflection. The Texan imbibed copious amounts of liquor and it took its toll on his consciousness. He may not even know where he is because it appears he spaced out (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet).

Show Those Claws

We’ve seen more enthusiasm at a funeral than in the photo below. Here’s Lady Gaga with a couple of her fans but she doesn’t seem to be very happy. They have expressions of pure joy while she wishes that she could be anywhere else in the world. The awkwardness is palpable as she reluctantly makes claws with her hands.

OC Register

In Gaga’s defense, we don’t know what the situation was. Maybe they interrupted her when she was having a meal or with friends. It must be exhausting to deal with relentless fans all of the time. In the end, it was a not-so-glamorous situation for the weary pop star/actress (via OC Register).

Conor McGregor

McGregor is one of the most famous athletes on the planet. But the Irishman also has a penchant for finding himself in not-so-glamorous situations. In 2018, he committed one of the craziest acts of sporting violence ever. ‘The Notorious’ flew a posse from Dublin to New York before laying siege to Brooklyn’s Barclay Center.

Sharp Magazine

Law enforcement didn’t give him a free pass and we can see him wearing handcuffs above. It was one of the most surreal days in UFC history because nobody predicted this madness. Everybody knows that McGregor is a maverick but he took it to the next level with this psychotic behavior (via Sharp Magazine).


Zendaya is one of the best-dressed A-Listers in the business but not in the photo below. Fashion fans know that Zendaya is one of the biggest hits on the red carpet. Her stylist never misses and she always wears spectacular dresses. But she prefers to opt for comfort over glamor in regular life.

AP News

In this photo, we can see that she prefers a low-key street style during the day. She adores comfy hoodies and doesn’t care if they flatter her or not. It’s not uncommon to see her with her hair in a bun, wearing sliders with socks. Zendaya has the confidence to be herself (via Vogue).

Happy Hermione

There’s something very pure about this photo because Emma Watson is so happy. She holds a bottle of Corona on a night out with some friends and she’s having a brilliant time. Her rosy cheeks suggest pure joy but also that might not be her first beer. But who cares because she’s young and enjoying herself?


It’s not what we expect to see from the Harry Potter star because she usually oozes perfection. When she’s not supporting women’s rights activism she’s wearing immaculate gowns on the red carpet. It’s rare to see her in not-so-glamorous situations like the one above but it humanizes her (via IrishCentral).

Kristen Stewart

Someone caught this candid photo of Stewart entering her truck. The Twilight star knows how to light up a red carpet but she prefers a grunge aesthetic in daily life. We can see that below as she wears a plain white t-shirt and donned a baseball cap. But her truck is the most interesting part.

Today Show

That’s because it’s filthy and a person took advantage of this. They declared their love for Stewart’s ex-boyfriend and co-star, Rob Pattinson. This message didn’t impress Stewart who probably didn’t want everybody knowing what car she drives. However, we appreciate their sense of humor (via The Today Show).

The Pimple Princess

Millie Bobby Brown is a force of nature right now. She’s one of Netflix’s highest-grossing actresses and somehow found time to pretend to write a novel too. Meanwhile, this beautiful young woman usually cuts a dazzling figure on the red carpet. But sometimes she shares not-so-glamorous photos.

Page Six

Brown won praise for her open battle with pimples. This may seem a little pathetic but remember she’s incredibly influential and this helped many young girls who have the same problems. She spoke about flaws being natural in defiance of beauty standards (via Page Six).

Woody Harrelson

Never has a man looked so out of place. Harrelson is a brilliant actor but he couldn’t pretend that he was sober at Wimbledon in 2019. He preferred drinking excessive amounts of wine to watching the tennis. The cameras caught him in a compromised state but everybody loved him for it.


Memes instantly went viral as they showed the red-faced star enjoying himself. Many fans didn’t blame him for drinking heavily at the stuffy, posh tennis club. It’s hilarious that he’s wearing a nice suit but somehow still looks rough and ready. Harrelson is the hero we didn’t know we needed (via Scroll).

Jack Nicholson The Hermit

Nicholson is a legendary actor with a string of amazing performances to his name. However, the veteran star doesn’t appear much in public these days. He maintains his privacy but sometimes people worry about him when they see him. That’s because he is usually in a disheveled state like below.

Esquire Middle East

We don’t expect to see A-listers in not-so-glamorous situations. It could simply be a case that Nicholson is in his eighties and can’t be bothered shaving. Nobody can blame him for that because he has enough money to do what he wants and to enjoy his retirement (via Esquire Middle East).

Charlie Sheen

Here’s Sheen doing Charlie Sheen things. The former Two And A Half Men star has been to so many parties that his mind is a blur. He admits that he had cocaine problems and abused alcohol throughout his life. Meanwhile, he slept with thousands of women and is HIV positive.


This not-so-glamorous shot of the actor shows him smoking a cigarette in his car. There’s a petulant look on his face because he probably doesn’t want the paparazzi snapping at him. It’s not the most flattering angle of the former superstar before he fell from grace (via Entertainment).

Cruel Summer

Even Taylor Swift laughed at this photo because it’s so bad. We usually see the iconic pop star wearing beautiful dresses on the red carpet or dazzling on the stage. She has a team of stylists and makeup artists that ensure her fashion never misses. But sometimes things go wrong like in the photo below.

Page Six

This gives a new definition to the words ‘bad hair day.’ Swift hosted a party in 2019 and enjoyed herself very much. Suddenly, she appears more human than she usually does. Her dishevelled state is very relatable and most of her fans loved her candor. It’s nice for celebs to let their hair down occasionally (via Page Six).

Comfy Mode

Here’s Jennifer Lawrence in the most relaxed outfit ever. She came outside to give her dog some air so we don’t blame her for being casual. We don’t expect to see her in a not-so-glamorous situation because she’s one of the queens of the red carpet. After all, she is one of the most powerful actresses in Hollywood today.

Just Jared

We see her wearing comfy slippers and pajamas as she waits for her dog to do its business. Meanwhile, she’s opted to go make-up-free because she has no reason to wear it right now. The reality is that most celebrities dress the same way as regular people when they’re at home (via Just Jared).

Relatable Selena

Maybe this photo shouldn’t exist because it’s not the most glamorous shot of Selena Gomez. However, we love how she is indulging in this plate of pasta with passion. We’ve all been in this situation so it’s very relatable. Her fans appreciate how real she is and don’t hide her love for food.

Marie Claire

It would be much healthier if every celebrity celebrated food and shared their enjoyment of it. Instead, many pursue dangerous diets and emphasize unreasonable beauty standards. We need more A-listers like Gomez who don’t mind eating in public (via Marie Claire).

Mel Gibson

Gibson became one of Hollywood’s most notorious figures after his racist outburst in 2010. The Australian actor had an unhealthy dependence for alcohol and this was a reason for his erratic behavior. Here we see him in a not-so-glamorous situation as he stumbles out of a restaurant.


The Braveheart star is a few sheets to the wind as he barely stands up straight. An unlit cigarette sits between his teeth while there’s a glazed look on his face. It’s not the best image of Gibson but it’s fair to say that he cleaned up his act. Today, he actually underwent an astonishing career comeback (via Variety).

Tired Tyra

Even supermodels don’t always look good all of the time. Humans can’t wake up with perfect hair and skin. In this photo, we can see the beautiful Tyra Banks who is a little bit worse for wear. We expect to see her in glamorous dresses on the catwalk but not this time.

EBaum’s World

The America’s Next Top Model star is wearing a stressed expression while she has dishevelled hair. There also appears to be an unidentifiable bottle of liquor in front of her. It’s one of those not-so-glamorous scenes that celebrities hope no one sees (via EBaum’s World).

Broken Bauer

Keifer Sutherland lit up screens in the hit thriller series 24. He was also brilliant in movies like The Lost Boys and Stand By Me. Fans loved his charismatic performances and he became one of the most popular TV actors in the world. But it wasn’t because of photos like the one below.

Number One

We can see Sutherland rough and ready as he sits in a vehicle after a long night. The actor is shirtless for some reason while his eyes tell a traumatic story. It appears that he has seen and done terrible things. Sutherland was a notorious party boy before he settled down (via Number One).

How You Doin’?

Here’s the second Friends star on this list in another not-so-glamorous photo. Matt LeBlanc won hearts across the globe after he starred as Joey in the iconic sitcom. His career after Friends is less impressive than most of his co-stars but he never needed to work because he was so rich.

The Mirror

This also meant that he could enjoy the good life as often as he wanted to. LeBlanc sits in the back of a taxi in this photo with a friend. The inebriated star hands cash to a driver as he struggles to find his bearings. Everybody has been in this situation so we won’t judge him (via The Mirror).

No Makeup Taylor

People obsess over Taylor Swift so it’s hard to imagine how she could live a normal life. She can’t go anywhere without media attention but she enjoys the ordinary things. Here we can see her after a workout. She’s wearing a plain black hoody with tied-back hair as she goes makeup-free.

Heart Radio

She’s still very pretty but she could be any regular young woman right now. Swift wouldn’t get far without someone recognizing her but, likely, most people wouldn’t register that it was her immediately. They’d probably do a double take before realizing it’s the legendary pop star (via Beauty Crew).

Scruffy Bieber

We’ve seen many versions of Justin Bieber over the years. He started his celebrity life as an annoying teenager with an emo haircut. Then he became a tattooed drug user with a beautiful model girlfriend. In the photo below we see him at a turning point in his life.


This was when he had an unflattering scruffy haircut that didn’t suit him. The greasy, disheveled look doesn’t flatter the Canadian star. His fatigue is evident while he wears a confused expression. It’s a not-so-glamorous photo of the Beebs and not one that we expect to see (via People).

Cozy J-Law

This second photo of Jennifer Lawrence on our list shows her favored aesthetic. She’s wearing pajamas again – a controversial move that bothers many people. Some folks think that it’s poor taste to wear indoor clothing outside while others believe that life is too short to care.

The Mirror

Meanwhile, she donned a cozy coat and a hoody as she fought off the cold. However, she might want to zip it up so she doesn’t get a throat infection. Lawrence has had some amazing outfits over the years but we love her snug vibe in these not-so-glamorous photos (via The Mirror).

Team Edward?

We already shared a photo of one of Twilight’s most famous stars. But it appears that the series’ alumni are no strangers to not-so-glamorous situations. Here’s Robert Pattinson enjoying a night on the town in London. However, it seems that he may have had too much of a good time.

Daily Motion

It takes a special effort for a person’s eyes to roll back this way. We assume that he’s enjoyed more alcohol than an Alaskan lumberjack. This isn’t the most flattering picture of the Hollywood heartthrob on the Internet but it’s nice to know that he’s human too (via Daily Motion).

Old Britney Spears

Yes, the photo below is of Britney Spears. It’s one of the least glamorous shots that anyone has ever taken of the iconic pop star. We’re also including the infamous pictures of her shaving her head bald. It looks like Spears is 50 years old in this horrible shot that doesn’t flatter her.

EBaum’s World

The lighting is the problem here because it makes her skin appear waxy and wrinkled. Meanwhile, her chest reminds us of a middle-aged English woman who spent too long on the beach in Spain. It’s easy to imagine her complaining that there are too many Spanish speakers around her (via EBaum’s World).