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These Celebs Got Caught In Not-So-Glamorous Situations

Darren November 6, 2023

Scruffy Bieber

We’ve seen many versions of Justin Bieber over the years. He started his celebrity life as an annoying teenager with an emo haircut. Then he became a tattooed drug user with a beautiful model girlfriend. In the photo below we see him at a turning point in his life.


This was when he had an unflattering scruffy haircut that didn’t suit him. The greasy, disheveled look doesn’t flatter the Canadian star. His fatigue is evident while he wears a confused expression. It’s a not-so-glamorous photo of the Beebs and not one that we expect to see (via People).

Cozy J-Law

This second photo of Jennifer Lawrence on our list shows her favored aesthetic. She’s wearing pajamas again – a controversial move that bothers many people. Some folks think that it’s poor taste to wear indoor clothing outside while others believe that life is too short to care.

The Mirror

Meanwhile, she donned a cozy coat and a hoody as she fought off the cold. However, she might want to zip it up so she doesn’t get a throat infection. Lawrence has had some amazing outfits over the years but we love her snug vibe in these not-so-glamorous photos (via The Mirror).

Team Edward?

We already shared a photo of one of Twilight’s most famous stars. But it appears that the series’ alumni are no strangers to not-so-glamorous situations. Here’s Robert Pattinson enjoying a night on the town in London. However, it seems that he may have had too much of a good time.

Daily Motion

It takes a special effort for a person’s eyes to roll back this way. We assume that he’s enjoyed more alcohol than an Alaskan lumberjack. This isn’t the most flattering picture of the Hollywood heartthrob on the Internet but it’s nice to know that he’s human too (via Daily Motion).

Old Britney Spears

Yes, the photo below is of Britney Spears. It’s one of the least glamorous shots that anyone has ever taken of the iconic pop star. We’re also including the infamous pictures of her shaving her head bald. It looks like Spears is 50 years old in this horrible shot that doesn’t flatter her.

EBaum’s World

The lighting is the problem here because it makes her skin appear waxy and wrinkled. Meanwhile, her chest reminds us of a middle-aged English woman who spent too long on the beach in Spain. It’s easy to imagine her complaining that there are too many Spanish speakers around her (via EBaum’s World).