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These Celebs Dated Partners Who Were Out Of Their League

Darren August 1, 2023

It’s no surprise that celebrities sometimes tend to date each other because they’re in each other’s social circles. However, some of them manage to punch above their weight and date partners out of their league. It’s refreshing for ordinary people to see this because it makes us think that everyone has a chance.

Yes, it’s an extremely shallow approach to this list. We’re mostly basing this on people’s looks or their lack of achievement compared to their partners. Some of these relationships are over, while others are ongoing. At the end of the day, maybe some of them can teach us their secrets because they’re doing very well. Check out the celebs who dated partners out of their league right here.

The Sun

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

There’s a saying that the funny guy always gets the girl. Maybe that’s how Sudeikis lured Wilde into a relationship. Perhaps she woke up one morning and had an epiphany because they eventually broke up. Many male celebrities are dating partners that are out of their league and the Ted Lasso star was one of them (via News 24).

ABC News

The former Saturday Night Live star has also appeared in comedy movies like We’re The Millers. Wilde operates in another stratosphere and is a box office star. We’re not sure what Sudeikis did to attract her but they stayed together for nine years. After they ended their relationship, Wilde had a short tryst with Harry Styles.

Harper’s Bazaar

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

Several male celebrities have a habit of dating women who are out of their league. However, Davidson almost trolls his fellow men because he took this to a crazy extreme. He stunned the world when he began dating Kim Kardashian after she left Kanye West. Nobody saw this coming but he gave hope to every man on the planet.

Vanity Fair

They had a whirlwind nine-month romance that still confuses fans today. Meanwhile, it attracted the ire of West, who verbally abused the comedian. West described Davidson as “Hilary Clinton’s boyfriend” in a bizarre Instagram tirade. This was one of the weirdest entries on this list (via E Online!).


Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa

Many people become defensive when their friends say that they have a ‘type.’ Hudson can’t argue with this because she has a penchant for rock stars. She married Matt Bellamy, but that relationship broke down. Now she’s with musician and record company owner Fujikawa. He’s joined the ranks of stars dating people who are out of their league.

Women’s Health

Hudson is a Golden Globe winner and a former Oscar nominee. Most folks don’t know much about Fujikawa and he’s not the most handsome man in Hollywood either. The most important thing is that he makes Hudson happy. However, nobody would put them together if they didn’t know about them (via Women’s Health).

Vanity Fair

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

According to Kidman, she’s married to a ‘really good man.” Those words must be music to Urban’s ears because they’ve been going strong since 2005. Kidman previously married Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise but that didn’t work out. Urban is a Grammy Award winner but he doesn’t have the same profile.


Most people think that Kidman is the more attractive member of the couple. There’s also a notable height difference between the pair and Kidman is much taller. Furthermore, they had issues in the past because of Urban’s party lifestyle. He’s had substance abuse problems but they worked to overcome them (via Reuters).


Travis Kelce and Zuri Hall

Kelce is one of the most successful tight ends in the NFL today. The Kansas City Chiefs star is a brilliant player and he also consistently punches above his weight. He dated model Kaya Nicole for several years before they called it quits in 2022. Then he moved on to another beautiful woman, Zuri Hall.

Indy Star

Hall is an incredibly attractive TV personality who works on NBC. The pair are like Beauty and the Beast because of the difference in their appearances. Many sports stars are dating people out of their league but Kelce takes it to another level. It’s amazing how running around on a football field makes a man more attractive (via AS).

Us Weekly

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Zeta-Jones was one of the biggest stars of the ’90s. It shocked many fans when they learned that she hailed from Wales and not the Mediterranean. But her exotic appearance made her one of the most desired actresses ever. Meanwhile, her husband, Douglas, is a Hollywood heavyweight but he’s still arguably punching above his weight.


The couple has a 25-year age gap but this doesn’t bother them. They even share the same birthday so maybe their relationship was meant to be. Some people think it’s wrong that older men date younger women. They believe it’s exploitative or that they’re out of their league. But Zeta-Jones and Douglas prove that sometimes it’s very healthy (via Stylist).


Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

Nobody knows how Colson Baker successfully landed a date with Fox. The actress became one of the most desired women on the planet after her star turn in the Transformers franchise. Meanwhile, MGK isn’t sure if he’s an emo rock star or a hip-hop artist. To say he was punching above his weight is like saying sugar is sweet.


Somehow the pair became one of the most popular celebrity couples on the planet. They appeared at every A-List event and raised eyebrows with their eclectic fashion sense. They carried vials of each other’s blood and dyed their tongues black. In the end, MGK allegedly cheated on her, which shows what a moron he is (via BuzzFeed).

Page Six

Zac Efron and Sami Miro

We can’t deny that most of the entries on this list involve men who are dating women out of their league. But there are a few exceptions like this perplexing relationship. Most people won’t know much about Miro but she dated one of Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs for two years. They kept their relationship private because of Efron’s obsessive fanbase.

Teen Vogue

Efron has a history of dating famous actresses like Vanessa Hudgens and Alexandra Daddario. Miro came from a very different background and has a high-end vintage clothing brand. Yes, she’s pretty but she’s living in a different stratosphere from Efron. Perhaps that’s what he found attractive about her but it didn’t last for very long (via People).


Cat Deeley and Patrick Kielty

Northern Irish comedian Kielty is punching above his weight in his relationship. He married his model wife Deeley in 2012 and the pair have enjoyed over a decade of happiness together. She is very beautiful and significantly more successful than her husband but this doesn’t phase them (via Hello!).

Belfast Telegraph

Some men feel insecure when they date women who are out of their league. But Kielty is very happy with the way life has turned out for him. He is aware that some people think she’s too good for him but he takes it as a compliment. They have a very healthy connection and appear to have one of the most stable bonds on this list.


Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher

There is plenty of good things to say about Cohen because he is one of the most daring and original comedians on the planet. However, he will openly admit that he’s punching above his weight with his actress wife, Fisher. Nonetheless, Cohen and Fisher appear to have a very happy life together (via Brides.com).

The Times

He joined the ranks of celebrities who dated people out of their league when they met in 2010. They had a six-year engagement before they finally had their wedding ceremony. Unsurprisingly, the couple’s sense of humor was a big reason why they attracted each other. They bonded at a party before they quietly began their relationship.


Shakira and Gerard Pique

Colombian icon Shakira is one of the most beautiful singers in the world. She is a brilliant live performer and has more charisma in her little finger than her ex-husband. It’s ludicrous but Pique decided to cheat on the mother of his children with a young model. It’s insane because Shakira was the A-side in this relationship.


However, the soccer star ran off with a young woman after his retirement. Shakira took her sons and moved to Miami after their relationship broke down. It’s difficult to feel sorry for Pique in this situation because he made this problem for himself. Shakira deserved better because Pique was another star with a partner out of their league (via The Mirror).


Brittney Spears and Kevin Federline

We’ve no idea how Federline managed to marry Brittney Spears because he had nothing to offer. The former backup dancer exploited her vulnerabilities and lured her into a two-year marriage. He’s one of the worst people on this list of individuals who had relationships with stars out of their league.


It’s also an overstatement to say that he’s a star because he was nobody before he met her. The pair had a miserable public custody battle over their children in a toxic breakdown. This was very sad but the media didn’t care and reported every sordid moment of their deteriorating state (via Glamour).

Vanity Fair

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

Some men don’t realize how lucky they are or appreciate what they have. Rossdale met Stefani when she was performing with No Doubt as the opening act at a Bush concert. The couple fell in love but perhaps Rossdale became insecure because Stefani emerged as a global superstar. She had a very successful solo career after she left her band.

Vanity Fair

Also, the blonde bombshell had one of the most distinct looks in the industry. Everybody agreed that Rossdale was a very lucky man but he didn’t see it that way. He cheated on the mother of his children and this broke Stefani’s heart. Rossdale was already punching above his weight but he blew his marriage (via Hello!).

The Times

Peter and Abbey Crouch

A journalist once asked Crouch what he would have been if he didn’t play soccer for a living. The former England international star laughed and self-deprecatingly said ‘single.’ It was a very funny moment but it shows his self-awareness because he has one of the most beautiful wives in the UK. The pair met in 2011 and now they have four children together.

Planet Radio

The pair has a massive height difference because Crouch is six feet seven inches tall. Meanwhile, Abbey stands at five feet nine inches and looks tiny beside him. Many fans couldn’t believe that Crouch was punching above his weight so successfully. Nonetheless, Abbey says she loves her husband’s gangly body and compared him to a giraffe when naked (via The Mirror).

Pink Villa

Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Statham is one of the most popular action stars on the planet but nobody will pretend that he’s the most handsome. Nonetheless, he had no problems attracting the attention of this Victoria’s Secret model. Huntingon-Whitely also appeared in the third installment of Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise after she replaced Megan Fox.


Meanwhile, the couple has lived happily together for many years with children. Statham doesn’t have Brad Pitt’s looks but he is charismatic and a loyal partner. This is more important than superficial things and the couple makes it count. They also successfully keep their lives relatively private from the media (via Us Magazine).

Harper’s Bazaar

Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale

This relationship was short and sweet but it still shocked many celebrity gossip fans. Young men rarely date older women in Hollywood because it usually works the other way. Beckinsale and Davidson had a 20-year age gap but this didn’t stop the comedian from having a short tryst with the English actress.


Nobody dates partners out of their league like Davidson. We’d love to know his secret because he’s like a modern-day Casanova. Unfortunately, the age gap was a little too big for the couple to handle and they broke up after four months. Nonetheless, it’s wild that Davidson and Beckinsale were together at all (via Cosmopolitan).


Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Some celebrity relationships are strange because one person is an A-Lister while the other is far less famous. Bullock is Hollywood royalty while her ex-husband James is a Discovery Channel star. There’s nothing wrong with this although some people thought that he married Bullock for clout. But the couple appeared to be happy and in love.

Entertainment Tonight

Then multiple women emerged from the shadows and claimed that James had affairs with them. It’s scandalous that this grimy human being acted this way because Bullock was too good for him. She rightfully divorced him but he didn’t learn his lesson. James has a problem because he cheated on Kat Von D too (via Newsweek).


Beyonce and Jay-Z

Firstly, there’s no question about Jay-Z’s business success because he has emerged as one of the most powerful music moguls in the world. However, there’s no pretending that he is punching above his weight because he married Beyonce. It’s fair to say that nobody is on the same level as the former Destiny’s Child star.

Essence Magazine

Beyonce is one of the most influential women ever and it’s amazing how she manages to affect positive change through her charitable work. Meanwhile, she possesses an incredible beauty that is the envy of women everywhere. Unfortunately, Jay-Z doesn’t match her in the looks department (via Harper’s Bazaar).

Style Caster

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

Amazingly, Kardashian and Odom stayed together for so long. The NBA star took more drugs than a lab rat and cheated on her with more women than he remembers. They played out their relationship in the public eye so maybe a lot of it was for the cameras. Nonetheless, she probably didn’t expect him to fall into a coma in a Reno brothel.


The Kardashian’s diehard fans couldn’t understand why Khloe continued dating Odom. He may not have been a bad person at heart but he didn’t help her mental health. In the end, she divorced him after he recovered from his health problems. Everybody saw this coming because their relationship was a disaster (via Hollywood Life).


Dianna Agron and Winston Marshall

Here’s another wild relationship that raised eyebrows when it began. Agron is a successful American actress who made her name in Glee before moving to Hollywood. She married Mumford & Sons’ guitarist Marshall in 2016. Agron is a style icon and wore an incredibly expensive wedding dress. But it confused people that she allowed Marshall to tie her down.

Page Six

The polarizing musician left Mumford & Sons because he wanted to speak without a filter. The Jordan Peterson lover lost the affection of his gorgeous wife and she filed for divorce in 2020. Some people don’t know how lucky they are when they’re with partners who are out of their league. Marshall was one of these because he had everything but threw it away (via Marie Claire).


Geoffrey Arend and Christina Hendricks

This was another of the most confusing celebrity relationships ever because nobody put these two together. Arend set a new record for dating people out of their league when he met Hendricks. The Mad Men actress became a major star because of her talent as well as her stunning curves and red hair.


Meanwhile, Arend is a beta male on paper compared to many of the actors on this list. He has had a stable acting career but doesn’t have any awards of note. Meanwhile, his nerdy appearance was in stark contrast to Hendricks’ gorgeous looks. In the end, they separated after a 10-year marriage (via ET Online).

Vanity Fair

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin

Perhaps we’re being a bit harsh by including Martin on this list of people dating partners who are out of their league. But he is in a relationship with one of the biggest female superstars on the planet. Lawrence dated the Coldplay leadman for four months after he divorced Gwyneth Paltrow. That’s the rebound of the century because she’s gorgeous.


In the end, the relationship didn’t go anywhere, but they still had fun together. Since then, the pair moved on and Lawrence married an art gallery director. Martin moved on to another beautiful Hollywood actress in Dakota Johnson. It’s amazing how one of the most vanilla singers ever has entranced these amazing women (via The Things).

Essentially Sports

David and Victoria Beckham

There was a time when everybody thought that David was punching above his weight. But the opposite is true now that the couple is entering their mature years. Victoria was one of the biggest pop stars on the planet when they first met. But now her husband is one of the most powerful figures in soccer and is aging like a fine wine.

Good Housekeeping

Their relationship has had its ups and downs because David cheated on her with his assistant. This almost ended their marriage as the cracks emerged. However, they came through adversity and have four children. It surprises some people that they have lasted for so long but it appears that destiny is keeping them together (via Good Housekeeping).


Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

Here’s our final Davidson entry on this list as well as his longest relationship. Grande wrote a song about their time together after they broke up. The pair were together for an intense year that almost escalated into marriage. Remember, Grande broke out as one of the biggest pop stars on the planet at this time.


Amazingly, Davidson constantly surrounds himself with the most beautiful and talented women in the world. He also dated the likes of Chase Sui Wonders and Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynever. We don’t know what his secret is but it works for a short time with all of these amazing ladies (via L’Officiel).


Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews

Mahomes is the most popular NFL player right now after leading the Chiefs to two Super Bowl wins. He breaks records nearly every time he steps onto the field. Meanwhile, the Kansas City star attracts attention in daily life but he happily married his childhood sweetheart, Brittany. It’s unfair but many people think that she is punching above her weight.


Some folks don’t like her personality and think that Matthews should take a leaf out of Tom Brady’s book by dating a supermodel. It’s important to note that Brady had a divorce while Mahomes enjoys a quiet life. But there’s no question that she’s one of a few women dating men who are out of their league (via Newsweek).