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Hollywood To Humbled: Celebs Who Got Savagely Roasted Online

Darren March 30, 2023

Ordinary people have a weird love-hate relationship with celebrities. We normal people put them on a pedestal because we admire their work or massive profiles. But many people can’t understand why some people are famous and popular. There are many times when celebs are savagely roasted online because of that fact.

Today we’ll look at some of the best online roasts ever. These people have almost everything they want in life but they can’t control the internet. It’s a lawless place where users don’t care about their victims’ feelings because they don’t have to look at them face to face. Check out the times when these online citizens savagely roasted celebrities right here.

Vandalized Pineapple

There are many rappers with weird haircuts and tattoos across their faces. Today’s rap world is a far cry from when the likes of Tupac, Dr. Dre, and Eminem dominated the industry. Lil Pump is a member of the modern-day crew and he took issue with Eminem as we see from the article below.


However, one Facebook user destroyed Lil Pump with one of the best comments ever. He savagely roasted him online and got many likes in the process. We pray that the vandalized pineapple saw this because he deserved it. Lil Pump dreams of being mentioned in the same breath as the 15-time Grammy winner yet that seems a long shot (via Reddit).

Cohen In Disguise

Midland is one of the most popular country music bands in the U.S. day. The Texas-based trio has achieved a lot of success in recent years with multiple albums. Meanwhile, they’ve attracted attention for their distinctive retro fashion style. But one cruel Twitter user savagely roasted them with a seething roast online.

Texas Hill Country

“The guys in @MidlandOfficial all look like Sacha Baron Cohen in various disguises.” (via Dallas Morning News). This is hilarious because we can immediately see what they mean. The ‘Borat’ star gained fame for wearing different costumes and tricking people into interviews. There’s no denying that there’s a resemblance.


Tom Holland is doing a lot of things right in this world. He’s one of the most famous actors on the planet after starring as Spiderman. Meanwhile, he is dating Zendaya, one of the It girls of the 2020s. Maybe it’s jealousy, but people still find ways to mock the star on social media.


This YouTube comment is hilarious because it’s original and creative. We can see exactly what they mean when they call him ‘Skittles.’ The buzzcut and the style are all late Eminem. We wonder if Holland ever bleached his hair blonde. It’s safe to say that the movie ‘8 Mile’ would be very different with Holland in the starring role (via Reddit).

Tom Cruise Knockoff

Scott is one of those actors who pops up in everything. His biggest role was probably Parks & Recreation but he’s a regular feature in movies and on TV. Meanwhile, some people noticed he has a passing resemblance to another famous actor: Hollywood icon Tom Cruise.


However, as we can see above, a YouTuber had a ruthless reaction to this. They savagely roasted Scott in the comments section with the funniest analogy. Their statement attracted hundreds of likes because viewers knew immediately what they meant. Poor Scott will have this hanging over him forever (via Reddit).

School Dance

Michael Strahan is a popular figure on sports broadcasts but he has a distinctive smile. One social media user savagely roasted him on Twitter. They wrote: “Michael Strahan’s teeth are having a middle school dance, where the boys stand on one side of the room and the girls stand on the other (via Twitter).”
Hello! Magazine
A glance at the picture above shows exactly what they’re talking about. It’s a ruthless and unkind remark but it’s also hilarious. The reality is that Strahan is enjoying a strong broadcasting career and the gap in his teeth is his trademark. That smile would warm anybody’s heart because it’s warm and genuine.

All Caps

Oprah is one of the most popular broadcasters in the U.S. today. Many Americans regard her as a maternal figure and she even considered running for the Presidency. However, nothing is sacred in this world as Shaquille O’Neal proved online. He savagely roasted the TV host when she made her Twitter debut in 2009.

The Fashion Ball

We can see his brilliant response to her opening tweet above. It was dumb but extremely effective and left her rolling her eyes. Shaq is excellent at these types of replies and comebacks on social media. Winfrey wasn’t his first victim but nor was she the last. Somehow we don’t think she appreciated his help (via Twitter).

Old Dominion

It’s amazing how country bands stimulate visceral reactions from some people. One listener had a ludicrous reaction to Old Dominion. The Nashville group has been doing the rounds since 2007 with multiple albums and sold-out live performances. But it’s unlikely that this man will be lining up for tickets anytime soon.


This one made somebody choke on their cereal that morning but we don’t apologize. It’s such an over-the-top image but we know exactly what he meant. Imagine the humiliation of suffering the act he describes in the Tweet. This analogy deserves a medal because it’s phenomenal (via Twitter).


Another country music singer received a torrent of online abuse because of his physical appearance. It’s a little bit mean but the creativity of this description is fantastic. Combs is a brilliant musician but nobody would describe him as having model looks. That’s fine because most people fit into this category.


The human manifestation of cornbread is quite a spectacular thing to call someone. To be fair, cornbread is delicious and comforting. Who wouldn’t love to sleep in a cornbread bed? Combs should make this his tagline or use it as a name for his next album. It’s better to say that they savagely baked Combs instead of roasting him (via Twitter).

Bronze Medal

Morgan is one of the most polarizing journalists operating today. The former Mirror writer lost credibility with the shocking phone-tapping scandal. But he rehabilitated his image on morning TV in the UK and the U.S. However, he infamously hates when people stand up to him. This happened in 2021 when a weatherman confronted him and Morgan had a tantrum.


The presenter stormed off the set and received a torrent of online mockery. Observers savagely roasted him because it was a weak move. Now they constantly use it against him like in the reply above. Anytime Morgan criticizes anything they can throw this back in his face (via Reddit).

Boy Problems

Stewart is one of the most famous actresses of her generation. After she rose to fame with the Twilight franchise she entered the world of indie cinema. Some people mock her because they think she has a limited range. They also discuss her appearance like the following person on Twitter.


Usually, people make disgusting comments about women with short hair but this person preferred it. However, it was also a subtle dig at Stewart’s perceived lack of femininity. Stewart won’t care because she has multimillions of dollars in her bank account. She’s in a better position to laugh at ordinary folks than vice-versa (via Twitter).

Pronoun Feud

These days people like to turn anything into an online war. There’s plenty of debate about pronouns because some folks prefer to use ‘they’ instead of singular versions. One person decided to rail against this seemingly modern trend. But then Dictionary.com savagely roasted them with this stinging rebuke.


That’s over 720 years of usage so it’s not the most recent fad we can think of. If it’s good enough for literary pioneers like Chaucer and Shakespeare it’s probably acceptable for most mere mortals. There are plenty of other reasons for people to fight but this seems a little petty (via Reddit).

Old Pig

Pink is one of the most successful singers of her generation. It’s incredible that she remained relevant for so long and continues to produce bangers. Meanwhile, she avoided suffering mental problems like contemporaries such as Britney Spears. But this hasn’t stopped one person from trolling her online.


They savagely roasted her on the Jimmy Kimmel show by comparing her to a pig. It’s to Pink’s credit that she took this very well and heeartily laughed. We respect it when somebody isn’t self-conscious about their appearance. Pink has had an amazing life so a little bit of middle-aged weight gain won’t bother her (via Twitter).

New Job

Kevin Sorbo is one of those actors who had a brief rise before becoming mostly irrelevant. But that doesn’t stop them from spewing their idiocy online as we can see in the tweet below. The former Hercules: The Legendary Journeys star decided that he didn’t want to wear a mask in a Starbucks. So he decided to mock the infamous coffee chain online with hilarious results.


One ruthless Twitter user retweeted his comment with a magnificent caption. They savagely roasted him because he was the type of star who could walk down the street without anybody recognizing him. Nobody would bat an eyelid at him if he was a Walmart worker because of his career decline (via Reddit).

Out of Gas

It’s always a weak move when a celebrity deletes their Tweet. That’s what Conor McGregor did after another UFC star savagely roasted him online. McGregor initiated the beef when he described Henry Cejudo as a “little fart” on the platform. We can see the former Olympian’s response below and it was hilarious.


McGregor has notoriously poor cardio and regularly gasses out in fights. That’s why this reply was brilliant and attracted lots of attention across the MMA community. McGregor deleted his initial tweet but the Internet never forgets. Everybody saw it and they mocked the Irishman for his latest statement (via Twitter).

Strong Punch

Jake Paul is one of the most successful YouTubers ever. We’re not entirely sure why children love his ridiculous behavior but it’s made him millions of dollars. In recent years, he decided to pursue celebrity boxing and fought Tommy Fury in 2023. The reality TV star outboxed Paul and won a decision. But keen-eyed fans noticed something very strange after the clash.


In the weeks before the fight, Paul shared a photo of a new tattoo. However, this angle appears to prove that it vanished. Fans savagely roasted him by suggesting Fury’s punch knocked it off his body. The reality is that it’s a reversed image but it’s hilarious nevertheless (via Twitter).

War Zone

Meghan McCain is a political commentator and the daughter of the legendary Republican senator John McCain. She is a regular feature on channels like Fox News and ABC as she confidently shares her opinions. However, she sometimes goes overboard as we can see in the tweet below.


Bartlett is an Emmy-nominated producer and doesn’t take any nonsense. She savagely roasted McCain with a simple observation that discredited her perspective. She made Manhattan seem like a battlefield when it was a normal day. ‘Eviscerated’ is a very strong word that simply wasn’t correct here (via Reddit).

Who’s Afraid?

O.J. Simpson had a great NFL career but that’s not why most people know him today. His notorious murder trial was one of the most shocking events of the nineties. However, now Simpson is free and walks the streets. During the global health crisis, he shared a photo before he entered a grocery store.


But he didn’t expect the YouTuber Ethan Klein to destroy him with the response above. The satirist had an amazing reaction to Simpson’s caption which attracted lots of attention. Hopefully, Klein was far away from Simpson when he sent this reply because he played with fire (via Reddit).

Willy Wonka

Elon Musk is one of the most polarizing billionaires in the world. Some people think that he’s a brilliant visionary who innovates every business he works with. Others think that he was lucky to inherit his father’s emerald mine fortune and that he ruins ordinary people’s lives. Musk is a ruthless CEO and fires people when they don’t perform to his unrealistic expectations.


It’s no surprise that he doesn’t care for unions or workers’ rights. But this Twitter user’s description of the Twitter CEO is one of the most amazing things we’ve ever seen. Hopefully, this doesn’t inspire him to buy Hershey’s because the company will be making carrot sticks instead of chocolate by the end of the week (via Reddit).

Nobody Needs You

It has been a long time since Ja Rule was a relevant name in the hip-hop world. The four-time Grammy Award nominee fell out of favor after his amazing album The Last Temptation. But now most people don’t think about the New York native. One Twitter user was eager to remind the rapper about this.


He savagely roasted Rule in the cruelest way possible. Father Time isn’t kind to anybody but this was harsh. Let’s hope that Rule didn’t go to Alaska because that giant burn would attract wild bears. However, he did scam his fans with the Fyre Festival travesty so he may have earned this (via iFunny).

The Morlock

Wendy Williams made the mistake of mocking Joaquin Phoenix’s cleft pallet on live TV. This was a horrible thing to do because it’s not nice to comment on people’s appearances or disabilities. Meanwhile, Phoenix is a lovely man who cares more about the plant than the average human being. Social media users shredded Williams online and savagely roasted her.


The Morlocks were one of the most distinctive creatures of the decade. They have an awesome design but it’s unlikely that most women use them as a style inspiration. Unfortunately, we can’t unsee this description of Williams and the Morlocks. Now we’ll think of this every time we see her on TV (via Reddit).

Zombie Bite

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most famous faces in the tech industry. However, there’s no denying that he might benefit from some more vitamin D. One person savagely roasted the Meta overlord below.


He looks like an extra from “The Last of Us” or “The Walking Dead.” Facebook critics say that phones and social networks will turn ordinary people into zombies. Zuckerberg’s pallid skin suggests that he’s on the verge of starting the next pandemic. That’s probably not ideal for business (via Twitter).

Tinder Thanos

It’s ludicrous that Jennifer Lopez is in her fifties now. She remains one of the most desired women in the world and this explains her complicated love life. The actress has experienced four marriages as well as two broken engagements as she struggles to settle for one partner.


Somehow one woman managed to get Lopez to take control of her love life. But a Facebook user observed that this might not be the best idea as we can see above. The Thanos comparison was outstanding as they savagely trolled the Hustlers star. It’s like handing the keys to a liquor store to an alcoholic (via Reddit).

Market Power

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rubs some people up the wrong way. But there’s no denying that the Democrat is a brilliant troll artist on Twitter. She’s a member of a younger generation and has no problem eviscerating anybody in her way. She roasted Amazon after they released a statement regarding their ridiculous Blue Origin flight.


For context, Blue Origin is arguably Jeff Bezos’s biggest vanity projects. Ocasio-Cortez observed that it’s a little hypocritical to thank workers for their efforts when Amazon exploits them every day. They paid for it by receiving tiny salaries and working inhumane hours as Bezos dreams of his billionaire space colony (via Twitter).

Halloween Costume

It’s never nice to comment on people’s appearances but internet users don’t care. One YouTuber savagely roasted the rapper Y2K for his appearance in a music video. They shredded his style most hilariously and thoughtfully possible. This is a brilliant analysis that shouldn’t go to waste.


Perhaps they should get a job working for the Police describing suspects. This is outstanding work because we understand exactly what they mean with this brutal troll job. Perhaps Y2K will reconsider his aesthetic after this because this is difficult to overcome. The Internet is a ruthless place for anyone in the public eye (via Reddit).

Except You

Some celebrities do nothing wrong but they rub people up the wrong way. It could be related to their appearance or mannerism that they find annoying. It’s completely irrational but it grinds their gears. That’s exactly how one Twitter user felt about Lisa Kudrow as they singled her out on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.


This may not seem like the most original or exciting roast but it’s so specific. It also feels a little bizarre because Kudrow is a lovely person with a great C.V. She achieved massive popularity in her most famous role as Phoebe in “Friends.” But some folks will never like her and there’s nothing she can do to change this (via Twitter).

Disgraced TV Host

There’s nothing funnier than when two famous people go head-to-head in an online feud. Former Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke savagely trolled Bill O’Reilly in the following exchange. O’Reilly is an infamous political broadcaster with multiple sexual harassment suits and a divorce to boot.


But that doesn’t stop the tone-deaf presenter from vomiting his bile on social media. He made the mistake of calling O’Rourke a liar online so the former Presidential candidate showed him the receipts. This brought many Twitter users a lot of joy because O’Rourke won this round. But he earned this one because he doesn’t win anything else in Texas (via Reddit).

Laws of Physics

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the most popular scientists in the world. The astrophysicist brought his field into the mainstream as he made it accessible and interesting for the masses. But he doesn’t have much time for unrealistic scientific depictions as we can see below. However, he probably didn’t expect Netflix to roast him.


Netflix’s official account admin deserves a raise for this one because they had it ready to go. It’s one of the best corporate comebacks ever and a fantastic piece of marketing. The likes reveal the far-reaching impact of their engagement with Tyson. It’s a fantastic piece of work and users loved it (via Reddit).

Beta Male

Adam Conover went on the Joe Rogan Experience and fans immediately sat up. The comedian’s disheveled appearance captured the attention of the podcast’s aficionados. They saw an opportunity to roast him but one comment deserves a special mention because it’s unbelievable.


The only thing we can say about this roast is that it’s better than any of Conover’s jokes. This is a line we’re going to steal and apply in real life. If people google the term beta male they’ll probably find a picture of him from this video. This is a difficult label to shake off so we wish him good luck (via Twitter).

Sleep Well

There are many ways to insult somebody’s intelligence but this is one of the best we’ve ever seen. Lil Pump is another contemporary hip-hop star with a bad haircut and dumb facial tattoos. We’re sure his parents and fans love him but it’s fair to say he’s made some questionable decisions.


One ruthless Twitter user savagely roasted him as we can see above. It’s miraculous how cutting this comment because it instantly destroys him. He only used 20 words but it’s extremely effective. The only controversial aspect of his inclusion on this list is that we’re stretching the word ‘celebrity’ by including him (via Twitter).

Voice Of Cholesterol

Joey Diaz is one of the most polarizing comedians in the U.S. However, he’s also one of the most authentic and resolute because he doesn’t care what anybody thinks about his. It’s almost impossible to cancel ‘Coco’ because he doesn’t care. But that doesn’t mean that people can’t troll him.


One YouTuber savagely roasted him during his appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. We can see that their brutal comment attracted 6000 because it was brilliant. Other people compared his voice to lung cancer and urban pollution. There’s no mistaking Diaz’s dulcet tones (via Reddit).

Sleepy Face

It amazes some people that David Blaine produces incredible magical tricks but has a very boring appearance. One Twitter user summed this up in an efficient roast that we can see below. A quick glimpse at Google images shows exactly what they’re talking about. There’s no denying that his face is as interesting as an unpainted wall.


That’s not a bad thing because it makes his magic even more special. His skills are completely at odds with his looks so it arguably furthers his cause. But it’s still one of the most ruthless roasts on this list. If any celebrity feels too big for their boots they should search for their names on Twitter. It will bring them back to earth very quickly (via Twitter).

The Other Way

The Rock is one of the most lucrative Hollywood stars out there today. A former WWE star, Johnson became the definitive action star of his generation and has more fans than Russia has people. However, that doesn’t mean that people don’t troll him online. But he probably didn’t expect Ryan Reynolds to be a perpetrator.


The “Deadpool” star had this hilarious response after Johnson posted the image above on Instagram. We’re not sure how he broke his gate but we love the way that Reynolds questioned his intelligence. This one made social media users chuckle because it was a sharp comeback (via US Weekly).

Gringotts Goblin

There’s no denying that the Jenners and Kardashians annoy many. The extended family earned millions of dollars from their reality TV empire as well as the cosmetics industry. They have a massive influence on young women but some folks can’t stand them. This prompted one YouTuber to leave the following comment about Caitlyn Jenner.


They savagely roasted the former Olympian’s appearance but it’s impossible to unsee it. J.K. Rowling’s goblins have hooked noses and furrowed brows so the resemblance is uncanny. True, it’s a bit mean but the Internet isn’t a place for sensitive people. Let’s hope if Jenner saw this that they took it in the right spirit (via iFunny).