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The Stars Of ‘Shark Tank’ Reveal Their Favorite Success Stories

Trista October 23, 2019
An authentic New York bagel. Credit: Pixabay

Bantam Bagels

You know what they say, the best bagels come from New York City. Husband and wife team Nick and Elyse Oleksak decided they loved bagels so much that they wanted to change the way bagels were eaten. They designed mini bagel bites with cream cheese already stuffed in the middle.

During their pitch on Shark Tank in 2015, all of the Sharks loved the Bantam Bagels concept and the flavor of the bagel bites. In the end, Shark Lori Greiner made them an offer of $275,000 for a 25 percent stake in the business. With help from Lori, Bantam Bagels are in 400 Starbucks locations and available on Delta Airlines flights out of New York City. You can also find them in your local grocery store. Bantam Bagels sold to T. Marzetti Company for $34 million, but the Oleksaks still run their original Manhattan store.

A woman lifting weights. Credit: Pixabay

PRX Performance

As we’ve mentioned before, many exercise-related products have appeared on Shark Tank, but not all of them have been successful. One of the successful exercise products to be featured on Shark Tank is the PRX Performance. Founders Erik Hopperstad and Brian Brasch pitched their weightlifting racks that fit in just 4 inches of space in a home or commercial gym.

After pitching the idea for PRX Performance to the Sharks, Hopperstad and Brasch accepted a deal with Shark Kevin O’Leary for $80,000 for a 20 percent stake in the company. Once the episode had aired, traffic to their website increased more than 3,000 times. Since PRX Performance launched, it has generated more than $19 million in sales.

Beach towels spread out on the beach. Credit: Pixabay

Sand Cloud Towels

In 2017, Bruno Aschimanini, Steven Ford, and Brandon Leibel appeared on Shark Tank to pitch their idea for Sand Cloud Towels. These fresh towels are fashionable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. Also, 10 percent of the proceeds made from Sand Cloud Towels are donated to organizations that protect marine wildlife.

Sand Cloud Towels had made more than $2.4 million in sales before appearing on Shark Tank. They ended up making a deal with Shark Robert Herjavec for $200,000 in exchange for a 15 percent stake in the company. Traffic to their website increased exponentially after the episode, and they were on track to earn more than $7 million from sales of Sand Cloud Towels. They also planned to donate $1 million to marine preservation non-profit organizations.