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People Who Angrily Demanded Their Money Back After Not Getting What Was Promised

TristaJune 30, 2021

3. Fake Teeth Not Worth The Money

We get it. Dental care can be expensive, especially in the United States, and getting it done in person can be downright scary. There’s a reason a trip to the dentist carries the stigma of a dreaded task. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, the price is even more staggering. For example, veneers can cost anywhere between $800-$2,000 per tooth. So when your natural teeth are your enemies and a set of veneers is being sold online for just under $20 (yes, for an entire set of fake teeth), you might say, “Hey, why not?” The right-hand photo above is exactly why not.

This customer isn’t entirely to blame, in any case. Such serious dental care should not be sold online or marketed as a success story in the first place. There’s no way veneers can be “one size fits all,” and it’s cruel to trick customers into thinking they can be. Follow-up care is also impossible with these “veneers.” The online scam market is all about getting someone’s hopes up, and people are especially vulnerable in cosmetic categories that target their insecurities.


2. Mint is the New White

There it is, the perfect wedding dress. How much money would you spend on it? Even better, it’s sold online – how convenient! What could go wrong? A lot. This woman must have been sorely disappointed to receive a dress that was as mint green and shapeless as a tube of toothpaste. The quality of the dress is subpar to what was advertised, to say the least. Look at those wrinkles throughout the skirt and uneven lace trim in the bodice. The shades of green don’t even match.

If this example can prove anything, you don’t want to sacrifice your big day for convenience. Of course, weddings involve a seemingly endless list of things to think about, but your dress not matching your color scheme or feeling itchy in the poor-quality fabric will not make your list any easier to handle. Make sure you’re sure of the product you’re getting before clicking that “Checkout” button. Your wallet and sanity will thank you.


1. This Product Is A Little Too Abstract

These charcuterie board photos look like a real-life game of “spot the difference,” but not in a fun way. A customer ordered this charcuterie board from West Elm and waited for six months for it to arrive – that’s right – six months. Long shipping times have been familiar to many of us over the past year-and-a-half with the pandemic causing major delays, but this Reddit post was from over two years ago. Moreover, when the board did finally arrive, it was nothing like she’d hoped. The “reality” version looks unsanded and unvarnished in places and as if it was made out of entirely different materials than were originally pictured. 

This customer wasn’t the only one who’s had aggravating experiences with West Elm. Other Redditors sympathized, sharing how products from this brand might look great on the outside, but they don’t hold up over time. One user suggested that the company has significant quality control issues, ordering a couch that arrived already looking used and reordering that couch only to have the same problem. This all goes to show that scams aren’t confined to websites with third-party sellers, like Amazon and eBay. We need to be careful ordering online, even with brand-named companies.