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30 Best Things To Buy On Amazon For Under $30

ShannonOctober 30, 2018

Whether you are trying to find a gift on a budget, or you want to treat yourself after a tough week at work, here are 30 ideas of really great items you can buy on Amazon.com for $30. Full disclosure, here- We are using affiliate links in this article.

Tile Mate helps you find your lost stuff. Credit: Amazon.com

30. Tile Key And Phone Finder: $20

Do you have a bad habit of always losing your phone, keys, or both? The Tile Mate Finder will help you find them. If you have your phone, you can press the button, and it will make a noise on your keys, or vice versa. It is $20 for one keychain, and the company also sells multi-packs.

The Lifestraw. Credit: Amazon.com

29. Lifestraw: $18

Maybe you will never be in a situation where you might need one, but you might feel prepared for a natural disaster after buying the “Lifestraw”. It costs around $18 for one, or $34 for three, if you plan to share with family and friends.  

Four-pack of reusable K-cups. Credit: Amazon.com

28. Reusable K-Cups: $5 and up

If you have a Keurig coffee machine, they are great, but it creates a lot of waste throwing away little plastic cups. They can also be more expensive than buying a bag of cheap coffee. That’s where reusable k-cups come in. You can use any kind of coffee in a reusable K-cup. They sell these at Walmart and Target for around $5 each, or you can get a 4-pack for $8 on Amazon, and give some to your friends.

Moso air purifying bag. Credit: Amazon.com

27. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag: $10

If you own a car, it’s only natural for it to get a little stinky sometimes. Wet feet on the floor mats combined with fast food from the drive-thru  isn’t a great combination in the enclosed space of a vehicle. And your fridge probably suffers the same fate. Most people use air fresheners and baking soda to take care of these issues, but Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags use all natural ingredients to absorb moisture and smell.

Tend Skin serum. Credit: Amazon.com

26. Tend Skin: $14

If you shave on a regular basis, you have probably had to deal with pesky ingrown hairs and razor bumps. “Tend Skin” is a product that makes those skin problems go away. The only downside is that one small bottle costs $14. Yikes. However, it truly does work, which is why a lot of people consider it to be a “holy grail” product to help save them during bikini season.

Breakfast in bed tray. Credit: Amazon.com

25. Breakfast in Bed Tray: $30

Maybe you’re not a big breakfast-in-bed person. But you would be surprised just how much you start using a breakfast tray once you have one. If you are willing to spend more than $30, they even make trays with built-in laptop fans to help you keep your computer cool.

Solar powered light bulb. Credit: Amazon.com

24. Solar LED Light Bulb: $11

Solar-powered light bulbs are great, and they can be used in an outdoor shed, an RV, while camping, or kept in your house in case of an emergency. Since it’s an LED lightbulb, it’s just as bright as a normal bulb. If you want, you could even fill your house with these lights to help reduce your energy bill.

Fitness watch. Credit: Amazon.com

23. Fitness Tracker: $17 and up

You have probably heard of Fitbits and other expensive fitness watches, but you can get health benefits from even the cheapest fitness tracking watches. These track your steps and your heart rate, which are really the two things that matter the most. This is also a great way to experiment with a fitness watch to see if you actually use it enough to justify buying a more expensive upgrade.

Silverware organizer. Credit: Amazon.com

22. Silverware Organizer: $10

In your kitchen, you probably have the traditional plastic silverware organizer that takes up the whole drawer. This silverware organizer is an inventive way to cut down on space, which can really come in handy if you live in a small apartment with limited space.

Command broom hangers. Credit: Amazon.com

21. Command Broom Hangers: $12

If you are the kind of person who really needs their live to be organized, these Command broom hangers are glorious. Instead of letting your mops and brooms just sit on the floor and potentially fall over when you open the closer door, you can have them stuck to the wall. Whoever intended this is a genius.

Ergonomic bath pillow. Credit: Amazon.com

20. Ergonomic Bath Pillow: $28

If you are the type of person who likes to take a bath after a long day, you might have gone through the trouble of awkwardly trying to rest your head on the hard ledge of the tub. This ergonomic bath pillow was made specifically for using in the bathtub, so it just might be perfect for relaxing.


Mini Ring Light. Credit: Amazon.com

19. Selfie Ring Light: $10

Have you ever tried to take a selfie, and the phone’s built-in camera flash is just too bright, but the room is too dark? Well, that’s where a selfie ring light comes in. This can also be used for a lot of other purposes, like clipping to your laptop to get some more illumination when talking on a webcam. Since it has a clip, you can use it pretty much anywhere in your house or car as a night light.

Fluffy white bath robes. Credit: Amazon.com

18. Pinzon Bath Robe: $30

At the end of the day, the brand doesn’t really matter, but having a comfortable bathrobe can make a world of difference when you are trying to relax to the max. They also tend to get worn down after a couple years, so they make great gifts, too.

Credit: Amazon.com

17. Essential Oil Humidifier: $28

At the risk of sounding like a hippie, essential oils are supposed to have calming and healing properties. Having an oil humidifier going in your house helps your home smell good, too, obviously. If you grab an oil with Eucalyptus, this can also double as a humidifier you can use when you’re sick.

Indian healing clay. Credit: Amazon.com

16. Indian Healing Clay: $10

Benedite clay has been around for thousands of years as a natural way to pull toxins and excess oils out of skin. There are loads of different brands that sell benedite clay in powder form. It can be used in a million different ways, but the most popular method is to mix it with water or apple cider vinegar and use it as a mud mask. It can even heal scars, stretch marks, and fine lines. Basically, it’s nature’s miracle. Your skin will look the best it has in a long time. For $10, you can get a container that will last for at least a few months, or even a year if you choose not to use it very often.

Magnetic phone mount. Credit: Amazon.com

15. Magnetic Phone Mounts: $9

Maybe you already have a cell phone clip to hold up your phone when you are trying to follow Google Maps. Magnetic phone mounts are easy to use, because you can just pop your phone on and off instantly, instead of struggling with a clip.

Netipot. Credit: Amazon.com

14. Neti Pot: $10 to $30

The concept of a neti pot sounds gross, but anyone who has had a stuffy nose during a flu or cold realizes how awful it is to try to fall asleep when you can barely breathe. A lot of people swear by neti pots to clear out their nasal passages.

Leather Rescue Credit: Amazon.com

13. Leather Rescue Cleaner: $15

Whether it’s a leather jacket, chair, purse, or car seats, they eventually fade and crack with age. When you buy Leather Rescue Cleaner, you will be shocked at just how many things around your house you’re going to use it on. It smells like oranges, too! One bottle is enough to cover pretty much everything in your house (and lend to friends.)

Smart power strip. Credit: Amazon.com

12. Smart Power Strip: $25

Instead of using multiple plug-in extensions, buying a power strip with built-in USB slots can be a lifesaver. If you want to make a lot of friends at an airport, bring one of these with you, and you will automatically be the hero that helps people charge their phone in an emergency. 

Security camera. Credit: Amazon.com

11. Indoor Security Camera With Audio: $28

Paranoid about people breaking into your house? Want to say “hi” to your dog while you’re at work? There are a lot of reasons why you might want to see and communicate with people at home. There are a lot of different price ranges when it comes to security cameras, but there is actually one on Amazon for less than $30.

Solar powered lantern. Credit: Amazon.com

10. Solar Powered Lantern: $17

If you don’t go camping a lot, a solar power lantern may not seem like something you would ever need. However, it’s a great way to be prepared for an emergency power outage during a bad storm. Instead of scrambling for a candle or using up your precious cell phone battery, a solar lantern can light up a room almost as well as a lightbulb.

Alexa wall mount. Credit: Amazon.com

9. Alexa Wall Mount: $11

If you have an Alexa Dot in your house, you already know that it takes up precious counter space in your house. This wall mount allows you to hold the Alexa Dot up on the wall, so that it’s taking far less space.

Credit: Amazon.com

8. Ceramic Vegetable Peelers: $10

Ceramic veggie peelers are sharper than metal, and they don’t dull as easily. Trust me- once you start using a ceramic peeler, you won’t want to go back. They offer 4-packs for $10, so you can give some to friends and family.

Credit: Amazon.com

7. Anti-Theft Backpack: $29

If you live in a city, you might be worried about pickpockets reaching into your bag to steal your phone or wallet. The anti-theft backpack makes pockets that are nearly impossible to get into- at least not in a split second. It comes with a padlock on the zipper, and pockets that are designed to be more secure.

Exfoliating loofas. Credit: Amazon.com

6. Exfoliating Loofah: $7

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, everyone could use a little more exfoliating in their life. Regularly scrubbing off dead skin cells help with shaving and anti-aging. If you’re not already using a loofah, you should seriously consider trying it.

String of lights with built-in bluetooth speakers. Credit: Amazon.com

5. Bluetooth Speaker String Lights: $19

A lot of people have bluetooth speakers nowadays, but if you don’t, a great little holiday gadget is colorful string lights with a speaker attached to it. If you purchase a string of white lights, they can be used at any time of year, especially if you have string lights in your back yard during parties. 

Portable battery pack. Credit: Amazon.com

4. Portable Battery Pack: $32

Have you ever been on a road trip or out hiking somewhere, and you are left high and dry with a dying cell phone and nowhere to charge it? Portable battery packs are pretty common nowadays, and they can even be found for just $5 at stores like Five Below. But if you want a portable battery that is powerful enough to charge multiple devices, it’s best to pay a little bit more for your tech.

Coffee cup warmer. Credit: Amazon.com

3. Coffee Warmer: $11

Are you the type of person who makes a cup of tea or coffee and then gets side-tracked by your work? Microwaving something with cream can taste weird, so this coffee warmer might just be what you need in your life. It’s basically just a mini hot plate, but some people swear by these things.

Bamboo bed sheets. Credit: Amazon.com

2. Bamboo Bed Sheets: $31

High-quality sheets can make a big difference in your quality of sleep, but paying for high thread count linens can cost hundreds of dollars. Sheets made of bamboo are apparently really soft, and you can get a set for around $30.


Android TV Box. Credit: Amazon.com

1. Android TV Box: $32

Okay, this one goes over the $30 budget just a little bit, but it’s worth it. When used to its fullest extent, an Android TV Box can change your life. You can use the standard apps like Hulu and Netflix, but you can also download third-party plugins like Exodus and Placenta. (Yes, those names sound weird, but trust me- Just check out reddit for more details.)