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People Share The First Thing They Saved Up Enough Money To Buy

TristaMarch 25, 2021
An engagement ring can be a happy or regrettable major first purchase. Credit: Pixabay

2. Save For An Engagement Ring

Many of the items on this list have been worked hard for by children. However, this one is for those a little bit older. Many Redditors shared stories of their first big saved-for item being an engagement ring for their intended bride. One Redditor couldn’t help but gush, “Saved up money for a year to be able to get my wife the engagement ring she fell in love with early into our relationship. We’ve been together since 2016 and married last year on Valentine’s Day. Almost a whole year married!” Given that the thread was in February 2021, one can only hope they happily made it to their anniversary.

Unfortunately, not all of the stories of engagement rings savings were quite as happy, with /u/jelasher explaining that their ring was for an ex-wife joking, “An engagement ring for my ex-wife [smiley face emoji].” They went on in response to say that their next, and even better, money spender was their divorce, quipping, “That divorce was the best money I ever spent :). Happily remarried a better match ten years ago and haven’t looked back.” While many of the reminiscences about long toiled-for items were a mixed bag in the comments, none were more so than the stories about engagement rings.

While it breaks the heart, food is a major first purchase for some children. Credit: Pixabay

1. Save Up Enough For Food

Most of the items on this list are fun, hoped-for items that most kids work hard for. However, it’s important to remember that sometimes kids still have to work just for basic needs like food. Redditor /u/dharma_curious1 shares a heartwarming (or wrenching, depending on your perspective) tale of working their first job to help their single mother keep food on the table. They talked about their first job, saying, “I got my first job at 14, as a dishwasher in a bakery. It was about half a mile from the house, and a really nice walk, as we lived in a large city, so there were sidewalks and crosswalks.”

They talked about how they used the money, remembering, “I used the money mainly to buy groceries and help with the bills. My mom was a single parent, who worked two full-time jobs, and raised her own two sons. Also, a boy from our neighborhood who had been effectively abandoned by his mother, and my mom raised him for eight years or so. She also helped take care of our roommates’ two toddlers because the roommate (also a single mom) was only working for minimum wage.” They ended their story with a simple plea, “Call your mom, folks. They’re amazing.”