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People Share Stories Of How They Got Rich By Sheer Randomness

TristaApril 2, 2021
Redditors are striking it big thanks to bitcoin. Credit: Pixabay

4. Bitcoin Randomness

Do you pay any attention to stocks or cryptocurrencies? Redditors know that Bitcoin, one of the earliest cryptocurrencies, is BIG money. One bitcoin is currently worth over fifty thousand dollars. There is a truly tragic tale of a man using 10,000 bitcoins in the early days of the currency to order a single pizza. That means he wasted what is now $500,000,000 on two ordinary pizzas. Redditors agree that it was perhaps the worst investment in all of human history. However, at least one Redditor shared a story of a coworker who wisely worked with Bitcoin and walked away quite loaded.

Redditor /u/uoYredruM said, “I briefly worked with a guy who was in his late 20s, ex-military. When he got out, a friend of his he served with told him to buy Bitcoin. He bought several thousand worth when it was nothing and forgot about it. When it first started spiking and getting attention on the news, he started looking for the drive because he thought he had some. He did, and he had a lot of it. Sold well before the peak. Dude made millions.”

The family was a huge source of windfalls for many Redditors. Credit: Pixabay

3. Distant Relative

A common theme in many Redditors’ financial gains stories was the gaining of an unexpected windfall from a distant relative. In some cases, Redditors hadn’t even thought about in years. /u/TomBergerr said, “I had an aunt that was basically excommunicated from my family for reasons that still are unclear to me. I was super young when the falling out happened (4 or 5). She was married to some super old guy who was oil wealthy. She inherited his fortune when he passed. When I was 23, she passed, and crazily enough, I was her favorite. 

They continued, “She liked me, and in her letter left to me, I was the son she never had. (I remember the way she used to play hide and seek with me but nothing else). It makes me sad that she was kicked out of the family. She seemed to have really thought a lot of young me. She left me 2.4 million dollars. I’ve always in the back of my mind tried to make her proud of me cause she was the cool hide and seek aunt I never really knew.” Whatever the family rift, at least she loved her nephew.

In the early days of the internet, you could strike it rich with domain names. Credit: Pixabay

2. Domain Name

Back in the ‘Wild West’ days of the internet, when it was still new technology, many people purchased obscure or random domain names that ended up being worth fortunes. One Redditor lived this exact experience and shared, In the 90s, I fostered a dog for some friends who were leaving town and left the dog with me. This dog immediately made an impression upon me, and even though I really didn’t want a pet at the time, he was such an amazing dog. He convinced me otherwise. He was super smart, half black lab, half pit bull. I called him “wisdom” because he was so smart.”

They continued, “Fast forward a few years I used him as a mascot for a recording studio I set up. I registered the domain name wisdom.com. My dog passed away several years later, and I was heartbroken and depressed for many years. I maintained the domain name even though I didn’t really have any projects associated with it. Over the years, people made offers on the domain name, but I always passed. The domain was a homage to my long-lost best friend.” They admitted that the domain name’s sale made them over $400,000. That is quite the payout for a loving tribute to an old doggy friend.

Going viral on YouTube made one Redditor a hefty sum. Credit: Pixabay

1. Viral Video Randomness

Is there anything that applies to outright randomness than what content becomes viral? Likely, millions of advertising people have tried to figure out how things become viral to capitalize on it, and yet it remains a mystery. One Redditor managed to tap into the viral craze and made much money in the process. They said, “I bought a waterproof camera back in 2010 and thought it would be cool to try it out at the new water park that just opened. One year later, the video blew up, making me tons of money monthly. I still make some during the summer months but not much. Now I’m sitting at just over 100,000,000 views.”

Another Redditor chimed in to confirm how truly random going viral can be, reflecting on the OP’s video. The user said, “Holy moly, it’s only like 27 seconds long. I thought you were riding the water slides using it as a GoPro showing your point of view….You are so randomly lucky, as there’s nothing amazing about it, yet it went viral….” The OP confirmed, “Yes, it was pure luck. I just uploaded it and forgot about it. It didn’t blow up until about a year later. I think being the first video of that water park helped get it rolling but to blow up like that was just algorithm luck.”