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People Around The World Share Their Customer Service Horror Stories

TristaApril 19, 2021

4. Internet Car Radio Outrage

Experiencing a car accident is never a pleasant experience, both financially or emotionally. Having to deal with all the paperwork makes it more stressful than it needs to be. And if there isn’t another vehicle in the family, trying to get another one in a timely manner can be next to impossible. But Reddit poster red1420 didn’t have a problem with the car they were getting; they were having issues with the Internet radio service provider they’d signed up for.

“I was in a car accident that totaled my vehicle a month after purchasing a year subscription. Called to get it switched to my new vehicle, and they refused. The rep on the phone said in a snotty tone, “ma’am, you CHOSE to get a new vehicle.” She probably had more to say, but I interrupted her so fast and had to sit through all of the call center tricks to get to talk to her supervisor. Although my accident didn’t result in any severe injuries, I’ve lost close family members in a car accident, and it struck a nerve that someone would jump to conclusions right away.”


3. Arrogant Customer Service

When you go out to a restaurant, you expect that the people working in the kitchen know what they’re doing. They wouldn’t have been hired for the job otherwise. This commenter went to a nice spot for lunch that was known for its seafood. When they received their meal, they hadn’t taken a bite yet because it was too hot. That’s when the waitress came over to see if everything was okay. Only then did this Reddit poster discover everything that was wrong with their meal. Redditor BeautyNBoots shared their story.

“I dig in, and everything is overcooked, the salmon, clams, calamari…everything but the mussels. She comes back out, and I let her know it’s overcooked. Then, she immediately gets irritated and asks me why I didn’t mention it when she went by the first time. She then explains that everything gets cooked together, so the mussels would have been overcooked if it was bad. The other things wouldn’t be overcooked. Do you cook calamari and mussels for the same amount of time? I couldn’t believe she was so forceful and arrogant with me. I had never sent back a dish in my life, and I hope I never have to do so again.”


2. A Gift Card That Didn’t Work

A gift card is the best way of giving someone a gift so that they can pick out exactly what they want for. And when it comes to cruises, everything on the cruise ship can be dreadfully expensive. So this one father thought he was doing his child a favor by getting them a gift card to use on their cruise. Little did anyone know that that wouldn’t be the case at all. In fact, it made everything much, much worse. Redditor BeautyNBoots told their story of another case of poor service.

“The gift card was for drinks and amenities and had both our names on it. It came time to pay up, and they won’t use the gift card balance. Wont let me use it for misc. room charges and won’t let my friend use it for her drinks. They say it was in my name only and is only for booze. No refund, no conversation. Just “No, you should have used it on drinks.” Freaking Cruise lines.”


1. They Waited So Long They Could’ve Driven There… So They Did

On a busy night, it can be challenging to order a pizza. Everyone seems to have the same idea, and you can end up being put on hold for so long you’re not sure you even want a pizza anymore. Of course, if you hang up now, then you have to find something else to have for dinner, and you might end up being put on hold again. That can be a difficult situation also.

But Redditor Fromhe was one customer who got put on hold and decided to put the pizza delivery place to the test. Not wanting to lose their spot in the phone queue to someone else, and to see if they really were putting them on hold and not just making them wait for no reason, this is what they decided to do: “I was put on hold to order a pizza from a local place. I was put on hold so long I drove down there still on hold to yell at them after they cooked my pizza.”