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Lights, Camera, Controversy: These Movies Offend People

Monica September 6, 2023
The Guardian

Freaks (1932)

This 1932 film portrays a circus performer who plans to murder one of her fellow performers, all in the name of money. Even in the 1930’s, people considered the film controversial, and it’s grown worse as the years have passed. Many people found it offensive because it showcases real performers in circus freak shows. There was a bearded lady, Siamese twins, and an “armless wonder.” It was even banned in Britain and various states in Australia and America (via Collider).

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Blazing Saddles (1974)

The concept of Blazing Saddles was controversial, and if it were attempted to be released today, it wouldn’t make it very far. It contains explicitly racist scenes. Classic Movie host Jacqueline Stweart said, “Absolutely nothing is off limits, and jokes can tackle every sensitive subject.” It was sprinkled with social commentary regarding societal issues, though there are still people who are diehard fans of the film (via The Wrap).