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Disney To Superstar: The Iconic Moments of Jenna Ortega’s Career

Darren December 1, 2023

‘It-Girls’ come and go in the notoriously cutthroat world of Hollywood, but for the time being, it looks like Jenna Ortega is here to stay. The Wednesday star has already had several iconic on-screen moments and is also a fashion queen. She’s currently one of the most influential young women in the world.

That’s why we’re looking at her greatest moments so far. Most fans and critics agree that she has outstanding talent and she’s not just a face like some of her contemporaries. This young star is going far and it’s going to be an exciting journey. Check out the most iconic moments of Jenna Ortega’s career so far right here.

X (2022)

Ortega had a small role in this horror movie but she made the most of it. She won acclaim for her role as Lorraine in the disturbing film. The most important aspect of this production was that it showed Ortega would take risks. She’s open about wanting to make a stark departure from her earlier Disney Channel days.


Remember, this was before she won global acclaim and fame in Netflix’s Wednesday. This type of low-budget production is fascinating because nobody knows who will go on to become a mainstream star. X showed that Ortega was willing to step out of her comfort zone and pursue her dreams (via Collider).

Jimmy Kimmel Live (2022)

Some people thought Ortega’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live was a little bit awkward. But there’s no denying that she was wearing one of her most iconic outfits. We’ve seen how Ortega favors the gothic Wednesday Addams aesthetic. However, she could have been Morticia in this gorgeous, grown-up gown.

Teen Vogue

Ortega rocked a daring Dion Lee gown and Christian Louboutin heels for a vampish look. Meanwhile, bold red lipstick contrasted perfectly with her black outfit. This was the moment when Ortega’s fans realized that she wasn’t a schoolgirl anymore. Her stylists deserve a lot of credit because this was a spectacular appearance (via ABC).

You (2019)

Ortega only had a supporting role in the second season of You but still stole every scene she was in. This was the first time that many people paid attention to the young actress as she starred opposite Penn Badgley. She showed amazing maturity despite her youth and didn’t allow her older co-stars to intimidate her.


Furthermore, Badgely said that he was proud of Ortega’s success. He told MTV UK (via Gamerant): “I’m super happy for Jenna. I mean, she’s so talented and really deserves it. She’s blowing up.” There’s no doubt that Ortega is one of the most iconic actresses of her generation and has a brilliant future.

That Saint Laurent Dress (2022)

Ortega is gaining a reputation for being a style icon. She’s one of several young actresses including Zendaya and Millie Bobby Brown who look incredible on the red carpet. Ortega is self-aware enough to know that Wednesday is her most iconic show. But she’s embracing this in her daily fashion as she favors a gothic aesthetic.

Footwear News

However, she’s taking it to the next level as we can see above. She took a risk at the Critics Choice Latino Celebration event as she bared her posterior and midriff. Orega wore a daring sheer Saint Laurent gown that immediately turned heads and captured attention (via Footwear News).

Hot Wings

Celebrity fans love the hot sauce-fueled in interview show Hot Ones because it brings a different, crazier dimension to regular interviews. There’s nothing better than watching A-Listers melt down in front of host Sean Evans as they indulge in increasingly devastating hot sauces. However, Ortega made everybody sit up with her iconic performance on the show.


She didn’t bat an eyelid as she coped with the intense heat better than seasoned veteran Evans. Many viewers said this became one of their favorite episodes of the series. It was also interesting because she showed her levelheaded personality. Ortega is a very likable star and that’s a big reason why she’s so popular (via Diva Magazine).

Scream VI Premiere (2023)

The Scream VI premiere saw Ortega flaunt her fashion credentials again. This time, she wore a Jean Paul Gaulthier mini tuxedo dress. A lot was going on in this outfit but fans loved it and thought it was one of her most iconic gowns. However, there was one tiny flaw that was impossible to ignore after they noticed it.


The collar had a blue stain that instantly became the talk of social media. Ortega even joked about it later too but that made it endearing. Sometimes it’s nice to know that celebrities mess up and aren’t entirely perfect. Nevertheless, it’s many people’s favorite dress because of this (via Today).

Open About Insecurities

One of the most inspiring and iconic aspects of Ortega’s public life is that she’s not afraid to share who she is. She won fans because she shares her insecurities with her fans and reminds them she’s human too. This is amazing because it reminds young women that even superstars have personal problems.

Teen Vogue

“Sometimes I wake up and I look in the mirror and I’m not happy with what I see,” she wrote online (via YSB Now). “Then I’ll go on Instagram and read these hate comments saying that I’m ugly, that my body looks weird in the photo that I posted, that I’m not pretty and it hurts.”

Teens for Jeans

Ortega is also a very charitable person. She’s motivated to work with her community and hasn’t forgotten where she came from. The Wednesday star worked with the Teens for Jeans charity near her hometown of Indio, California. Studies show that many homeless teenagers crave new jeans and see them as a sign of dignity.


“We might not realize it, but for so many of us, our friends and classmates may leave school and go to a shelter, not a home,” Ortega explained (via Just Jared). “Talking to people who are my age, near my hometown, who have overcome homelessness was powerful and inspiring”

The Adidas Collaboration

Every generation has a fashion It-Girl and Ortega is embracing this mantle. We’ve talked about her goth glamor but she also likes athleisure wear. She signed a lucrative endorsement deal with Adidas to become their global brand ambassador. We can see her below wearing a striped shirt in the colors of Wednesday’s Nevermore Academy.

Adidas News

She explained: “Growing up for me it always had to be Adidas sneakers and tees as the go-to, to this day so much of my wardrobe is made up of the iconic three stripes. I feel so honored to become a part of this legendary family of change-makers and be the face of its all-new label (via Complex).”


There’s no denying that the hit Netflix series Wednesday positively altered the trajectory of Ortega’s career. She took an already iconic character but gave her a new identity. This could have been a disaster for the young actress but she embraced the role. Now most young people immediately associate her with Wednesday Addams.


It’s one of Netflix’s most popular shows and broke their record for most views in a week with 341 million. That’s an astounding number that shows how much it resonated with people around the world. It launched Ortega into mainstream fame and will define her for the next decade (via Game Spot).

Paris Fashion Week 2022

Ortega attended Paris Fashion Week in 2022 and turned heads with a variety of stunning outfits. This was one of the most eye-catching because she wore a dramatic cowl and bared her toned back. She showed that she was a Yves Saint-Laurent aficionado in this elegant get-up.


Meanwhile, her makeup had a bold black waterline and a nude lip. Her side fringe peeked out from beneath the striking head wrap in a very different look. Fans quickly agreed that it was one of her most iconic looks and compared it to Zendaya’s character in Dune (via Grazia Magazine).

Scream VI

Scream is one of the most successful slasher franchises ever but Ortega brought it to a new level in 2023. The popular actress showed that she could lead a major movie franchise as she took on Ghostface. It says a lot that fans reacted with dismay when she pulled out of the seventh installment.

Slash Film

The production team loved working with Ortega because of her great personality. Executive Producer Chad Villela said: “She’s genuinely one of the most hilarious people we’ve worked with, and I think that just comes from being really grounded.” She’s on track to become one of the 2020s’ most iconic stars (via Elle).

Lizard Autopsies

Ortega cheerfully divulged a disturbing anecdote on WIRED. She told the world that she enjoyed dissecting animals when she was a youngster. However, she hastily clarified that she didn’t kill them but simply examined their cadavers. This is delightfully creepy and shows that she’s like a real-life Wednesday Addams.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet

She compared herself to her Fallout star Maddie Ziegler. Ortega explained: “I’m a weirdo in the sense that I used to perform autopsies on little animals when I was younger, like little lizards that I found that were dead in my backyard.” It’s very strange but it’s also an endearing aspect of this iconic star (via Glamour).

The Jenna/Emma Friendship

Emma was another of Wednesday‘s breakout stars. She played Jenna Ortega’s werewolf roommate Edith but was her antithesis. Nonetheless, the dynamic duo became best friends onscreen. Then the talented actresses delighted their respective fanbases by revealing their genuine friendship in real life.

Harper’s Bazaar

Jenna went to the Met Gala in 2023 and made headlines when eagle-eyed fans spotted her lock screen photo. They saw Myers shining brightly on Ortega’s phone as they confirmed one of the most iconic friendships ever. It’s great that these two wonderful young women have an irrevocable bond (via Popbuzz).

The Tonight Show (2022)

Jenna’s fans witnessed one of her most iconic outfits when she appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. She went full Goth as she rocked platform heels as well as another black and white Dolce & Gabbana combination. But this was all about the hair as she debuted a perfect wolf cut.

Digital Spy

Many people agree that this was one of her best choices and that it suited her perfectly. Another cool feature was her metallic Dolce & Gabbana corset belt that shone brightly over all of the black. Furthermore, Fallon’s boyish personality got the best out of Ortega who enjoyed her time with him (via Footwear News).

Saturday Night Live

Hosting SNL isn’t an easy job but Ortega was amazing. She took to it like a natural and captivated viewers across the U.S. Even mature audiences who didn’t watch Wednesday appreciated her charm. The Guardian acknowledged her dark humor and thought that these jokes landed best.

Entertainment Weekly

It’s astounding that she was already in a position to host SNL when she was only 21. Ortega has done more with her life already than most people ever will. That’s why she’s one of the most iconic young stars of her generation. It wouldn’t be a shock to see her host it again sometime.

The Fallout

The young actress has achieved so much in such a short amount of time. However, she says that The Fallout is the project that she is the most proud of. It’s not the biggest box office hit or the most well-known feature in her portfolio. But she has a very good reason why it’s important to her.

Rolling Stone

Ortega explained: “It was the first time I was leading a film, and it’s about a very timely matter – it’s a really sensitive topic, and I wanted to do it justice. You never really know with something like that, because it’s not necessarily your story to tell (via Far Out).” Now it’s an iconic part of her cinematography.

Golden Globes 2023

Usually, Ortega’s stylist opts for black, goth-inspired looks because of her success as Wednesday Addams. This is a self-conscious marketing decision that works because it suits her. However, sometimes she wears different colors with amazing success. Check out this gorgeous Gucci gown from the Golden Globes.


It’s safe to say that this is the most iconic dress that she has ever worn because it is stunning. The low-cut ballgown has several subtle cutouts that reveal her toned midriff. Nonetheless, it’s elegant, sophisticated, and mature enough to be classy. This was Jenna Ortega as we had never seen her before (via InStyle).

The Wednesday Dance

We’ve mentioned Wednesday several times already because it’s impossible not to. But there’s one moment from the hit Netflix series that shone brighter than any other. That’s when Ortega’s character attends a ball and dances manically in a way that instantly becomes iconic (via Men’s Health).

Men’s Health

Incredibly, Ortega choreographed these moves herself. They instantly captured the imagination of fans across the world and sealed her status as a modern pop culture icon. This was the moment when Ortega made Addams her definitive role. The only downside is that she may struggle to shake it.