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Celebs Who Flushed Their Careers Down The Toilet In Moments

Monica September 8, 2023
ABC News

Lou Pearlman

By managing popular boy bands like the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, Pearlman made his way up the ladder of fame. But that was all thrown down the toilet when he was sentenced to 25 years in prison for fraudulent behavior. Federal prosecutor Roger Handberg said he did this through “bank fraud money that he needed to use to pay off an investor, he would do. If he had a problem where he had to pay a bank some money, he would use the investor money. All the money was co-mingled– and it was used however it would benefit him.” He ran a long-standing Ponzi scheme that left over $300 million in debt. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy and money laundering. His fate was chosen for him when he died from cardiac arrest eight years later (via ABC News).

Hollywood Reporter

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila’s downfall started when she announced her love for Hitler and proceeded to post photos of herself in a Nazi uniform in front of a photo of Auschwitz. To try and redeem herself, she blamed addiction and depression. But it didn’t stop there, years later, she went on several anti-semitic rants on Twitter and claimed to be the reincarnation of Hitler himself. She defended herself, saying, “It is about Hitler and his side of the story that was never told since he was not the victor. However, those of you with a closed mind can think I am being anti-Semite [sic] all you want because I already told you that I am not, nor will I repeat myself.” Her mental health deteriorated in what seemed like a matter of moments, completely ruining her career (via Hollywood Reporter).


Lindsay Lohan

As a successful actress from a young age, Lindsay Lohan seemed to have it all. She was incredibly successful by the time she turned 18, and though she had it all, she couldn’t keep it. Her parent’s marriage crumbled, which affected her behavior. With the inability to cope, she turned to partying, drug use, and alcohol abuse. She owned up to it, saying, “And from then on, the press were on me all the time,” Lohan said. “It was the first time I’d taken drugs. I was out in a club with people I shouldn’t have been with, and took cocaine, and got in the car. It was so stupid.” She got herself into a series of DUI’s, probation violations, and rehab. Relaunching her career to the success it once was has proved to be nearly impossible. Her partying impacted her career and she hasn’t been able to get back up on the same foot ever since (via CNN).