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35 Habits To Adopt Now If You Want To Become Rich

TristaDecember 15, 2021

2. Put Extra Toward Your Bills

Suppose you owe money on anything. Then do whatever you can to pay more than the minimum amount every month (via Savology). If you owe money on your car, call the bank holding the loan to increase your payments each month. That way, you will shorten the life of the loan and pay less because of interest. Do the same thing if you have a mortgage, student loan, or other significant debt (via Savology). Also, try the debt snowball when you work aggressively towards paying off one debt. Then when that debt is paid, you apply all the money each month from that debt towards another one.


1. Pay Yourself First

Financial experts recommend putting at least 10% of your money into savings each month, yet many people fail to do so (via Savology). They bemoan that they do not have enough money left at the end of the month to put into savings, so they neglect the most critical aspect of their financial well-being. The best solution is to pay yourself first. Immediately deposit 10% (or more) of the amount into a savings account whenever you get paid (via Savology). Remember that a savings account is not for touching; it is for growth to achieve your financial goals throughout your lifetime.