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30+ Times People Stumbled Across Something In Their House They Never Knew Was There

HizkiailAugust 12, 2021

Every year hundreds of people find something that has been hidden in their home – something that didn’t originally belong to them. As they peeled back layers of wallpaper or old carpet they came upon treasure in their homes, the contents of which weren’t like anything they’d ever seen before. These photos remind us that you never know what might be just a few feet away from you, whenever you’re in your house. It could be an artifact, an old photo, or even something worth a fortune!

1. An Old Jacuzzi Under The Living Room

Whoever owned this home before these people were too lazy to get rid of the hot tub in the middle of the living room. When the new homeowners were renovating, they found that someone had put a piece of wood over it and left the original design.


The newest homeowners uncovered the hot tub and thought it was strange that someone didn’t fill it in. Luckily, it was still in tip-top shape when they discovered it. We have to wonder if the people decided to keep the jacuzzi in the middle of their living room.

2. Electrical Switches From The Early 1900s

When people move into older homes, they sometimes don’t fully realize just how old their home is. To give you a rough idea of how old this particular home is, it still has the original electrical switches from 1909. This technology is completely outdated, but it is an interesting antique feature to have in a home.

These people probably shouldn’t play with the switches because it is incredibly dangerous, but they are cool to look at. The homeowners might need to have them removed, but it would be a unique feature if they kept the switches as decoration.

3. Full-Sized Monopoly Board

Whoever lived in this home initially must have been a big fan of monopoly. This would make for an excellent game room if they restored it to its original glory. It was covered up by a layer of carpet, which was hiding this glorious piece of artwork.

The owner should consider keeping this design because it is nothing like anyone has seen before, and it is a novelty piece. Whatever plans they had for this room, they should scrap them and turn it into a monopoly themed room to preserve the original floor.

4. Makeshift Safe Behind The Shower Wall

When people take out old features from homes, it is like they are treasure hunters. When this person removed the old shower walls, they found a makeshift safe from the original owners. Hidden behind a loose panel, they discovered some unexpected treasure.

Although there wasn’t much in the safe, it did hide some valuable items. There was a diamond ring and a container full of rare coins. The person also left a note with the family’s name, so clearly they had planned that someone would eventually find the hidden treasure.

5. They Followed The Grate To Find Something Unexpected

While milk doors and outdated switches are cool, this hidden chapel under the floor is a bit creepy. When this couple decided to see where the grate on their floor leads to, they didn’t know what they would find. Below their old Victorian home was a hidden chapel with a large cross and stone pews.

The cellar once stood under an old Tudor house, but during the reign of Queen Victoria, it was torn down, and a Victorian was built on top of it. In Tudor times, the cellar was used as a secret place for Catholics to pray. The king was Protestant, so Catholicism wasn’t allowed.

6. Vintage Wallpaper Hidden Under Plenty Of Layers

In some homes, people have painted over the walls or put up layers of wallpaper throughout the years without removing the original designs. In an old farmhouse, the newest owners were removing the wallpaper and discovered this vintage design under numerous layers.

The vintage space theme design was probably on the walls of a child’s room who was curious about the galaxies far, far away. That child is all grown up by now, but the new owners imagined how cool this was for a young child back in the day.

7. The Drugstore Was Built In An Old Bank

This Walgreens drug store took over an old bank, but they kept many of the original features. The bank had a high-security vault, which the store transformed into the “Vitamin Vault.” Instead of wasting the space or removing the cool features, they repurposed it.

Some people might think it is a bit bizarre, but to others, it was a cool experience to enter the high-security vault. How often do you get to go deep inside a bank? You can shop for vitamins and see the history of the old building at the same time.

8. A Secret Room Full Of Old Liquor

When you buy an older home, there is usually work that goes into modernizing the interior. This family bought a home in New Jersey, and when they began re-doing the house they found a hidden room in the basement full of old liquor.

The original owners of the home created this room to store liquor during prohibition. The house once belonged to a wine collector, and he hid his collection away because alcohol was illegal. Some of the fine wines they found dated as far back as 1796.

9. A Beautiful Painting Covered By Wallpaper

When this man was redoing his home, he found an old painting that looks like it belongs in a moderately priced family restaurant. We hope he found a way to incorporate this Italian fresco into the design of his home because you can’t just paint over art like this.


We can’t believe someone covered this in the first place. We don’t know where this home is located, but this person should use this as an opportunity to start a family-style Italian restaurant. Maybe that was the home’s original purpose.

11. Paw Print On the Bricks Of The Walkway

When these people built their dream home, they made sure their dog was part of the process. On one of the original bricks, the new homeowners found a dog’s paw print, which they knew was a tribute to the previous owner’s beloved pet.

Even if the dog is no longer alive, it will always be remembered by this paw print. We hope the new owners kept the original brick so that the dog’s memory could live on. Maybe they will add their dog’s print to it as well and start a trend.

10. NYC History Revealed In Times Square

New York is full of incredible history, with so many unique things to discover. It was the original capital of the United States, and Manhattan has hundreds of years of history. During some construction in Times Square, workers found an advertisement hidden on the side of a hotel.

The ad was around 100-years-old, and it showed that you could stay for just $1 a night. Today that would be an incredible bargain because a decent hotel is usually upwards of $100-$200 per night. The ad was well preserved for the past century and showed how much New York has changed.

12. Original Wells For Fresh Water

Britain is a country with a rich history, and many of the homes still have some of their original features from centuries ago. As modern civilization developed, most of these old features became useless, but people preserved them to hold onto the historical significance.

One feature that is no longer useful is wells for fresh water. These homeowners decided to keep the well but build around it. It is like looking into a bottomless pit every time you pass by. They put stuff on top of it so people wouldn’t be confused by the glass.

13. A Norwegian Resistance War Room

In European countries, homes are much older, and there are unique facts about each house. When a group of college students rented a home in Norway, they never imagined that they would find a hidden room in the attic.

They noticed that the attic was much smaller than it should have been, and after searching, they found a hidden door. Behind the door was a tiny room with maps, a printing press, and copies of a resistance newspaper. It was popular during the Nazi occupation, but the room was abandoned after the war.

14. An Entire Underground City

When people build new developments, there is a lot of prep work that goes into the projects. A Russian developer bought the land of an old market, and he wanted to get started on his skyscraper. As the team began digging the foundation, the police were called because of their discovery.

Beneath the market was the remains of an underground city. It had workshops, a cinema, bars and restaurants, and a casino. The town was built by old migrant workers who came to the country illegally, so they lived and worked below ground to not get caught. The people only left at night to get supplies.

15. A Door Just For Milk

Way back in the day, there used to be a milkman who would bring glass bottles of milk each week. Just like today, people aren’t always home to receive deliveries, but you can’t leave milk out in the hot sun. People started installing milk doors to solve this problem so their milk wouldn’t spoil in the sun.

The two-sided design would keep the milk at the lowest possible temperature until someone put it in the refrigerator. Most people removed these outdated doors from their homes, but these people found one, and it is such a unique feature. Why would you get rid of a piece of history?

16. They Hit The Jackpot

While most people find pieces of history, these people really hit the jackpot with their hidden treasure. A newlywed couple moved into their dream home, and they knew the property needed a lot of updating. They didn’t have much money, but they wanted to make it work.

The couple used the money they had to start renovations and discovered a metal tin crammed into the ceiling. They found $20,000 and later uncovered six other containers full of cash. They couldn’t believe their luck, but it didn’t last long. The FBI seized the money as evidence of a bank robbery in the ’60s.

17. This Is Not A Place You Should Walk Through Alone

While some discoveries are like hitting the jackpot, other findings will make you want to move out of a home immediately. When a woman moved into a new apartment, she had no idea what she would find while exploring the building, and it was quite terrifying.

The woman found a mile-long tunnel with creepy drawings on the walls. The locals called it “The Tunnel of Nightmares” or “Death Tunnel.” We don’t know about you, but we would start looking for a new apartment right away.

18. Original Cell Doors In An Old Police Station Turned Apartment Building

Some old apartment buildings were not always used as apartments. For example, these people moved into a building that used to be an old police station. We can’t imagine how they turned it into a cozy place for people to live, but they kept some of the original features.

The old cell doors were kept in the building, but they painted over them. That must be hard to explain to people when they come over. A jail cell is not exactly the most “homey” place, so renters would be turned off it was another color.

19. Chains That Lead To No Where

When you start construction on a home, sometimes people decide to remove unnecessary walls. These people began to knock down a wall when they found a mystery chain sitting inside the wall. The people had no idea what this chain was for or its purpose.

The homeowners took guesses, but they realized it was probably from an old coal furnace. Chains were used to operate the dumbwaiter and bring coal to the basement. The furnace kept the house heated in the winter, but these haven’t been in use since the ’80s.

20. It’s Time To Move Out

When the Butlers moved into their home, they thought it was the most fantastic place for their family to flourish. The home was older, but it had a certain charm that made them buy it. The sweet old woman who lived there before them kept the house lovely, which made their discovery even more shocking.

The family discovered a stack of VHS tapes she left behind with one titled “Save Yourself.” It was covered in blood, and they assumed it was a silly prank. The family watched the tape and left the house immediately. They did not want to stay in such a scary place a second longer.

21. Work Of Art Below The Floor Boards

You never know what you are going to find when you start ripping down walls and taking up old floors in an older home. As these people were removing the old flooring, they uncovered something unique hidden on the original foundations.

Under the floor was a mural filled with bright colors and beautiful artwork. It looks like something from the ’70s with the psychedelic-like design, and we hope they preserved this incredible find. It would be a shame to lose something from the original foundation.

22. 1970s Heart-Shaped Tub

The ’70s was a time for love with whoever and wherever. Whoever designed this home in the ’70s decided to install a heart-shaped bathtub, which might look nice, but it is not the modern design people want in the 21st Century.

It looks like the house was full of love when it was built, but we can’t say that anyone would enjoy this today. The new homeowners probably needed to replace most of the bathroom decor, but it is a glimpse into the design taste of the past.

23. Messages Beneath The Cork Floor

Cork floor tiles are much less common than they were in the late ’80s. When this family put down their flooring, they commemorated the day by signing their names on the original flooring. The youngest family member was four years old at the time.

Today the youngest son would be 36 years old. In some countries, it is common for people to leave notes in the home that say the gas or milk prices. This shows how much time has changed since the last renovations.

24. If You Can’t Move It, Build Around It

When people are selling homes, there might be things they try to hide about the property so buyers will want to make a good offer. This massive boulder, however, is one thing a realtor can’t hide because it takes up half the living room.

The builders couldn’t move the rock, so they built the house around it. This can’t possibly be up to code in modern times. It is not the prettiest statement piece to have in your home, but these people don’t have a choice unless they destroy the house and move the rock.

25. A Secret Lair For Villains

When this family inherited an old mansion from a relative, they were excited to see what they could do with the property. It was built over 100-years-ago in a historic part of San Fransico, and it still had the original wood paneling and floors.

After exploring the house, the family found a hidden room on the top floor. It looked like their relative used this particular room to keep his most prized possessions. The room was behind a bookcase, and it had artwork, silver, deeds, and bonds. They converted it into a den that has a unique story behind it.

26. Razor Blades Thrown Away Behind The Wall

When this homeowner was redoing one of the bathrooms, he found old razor blades behind the medicine cabinet. In the ’50s, people couldn’t figure out what to do with their used razor blades because they were sharp and couldn’t be thrown away.

Builders began installing slots to dispose of the blades in medicine cabinets, but the blades would go between the wall of the home. They figured it would take a really long time for it to fill up, and by then, there would be a better disposal solution. Now people find used blades when they renovate old homes.

27. Marine Life Drawings Hidden Under Old Wallpaper

“Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.” When these people removed the old wallpaper from their new home, they found some fish drawings that the original owners left on the walls. Whoever drew these was very talented and loved fish.

Some carpenters will leave notes or drawings on the walls where they know it will be covered up. However, if you remove the work they did, you can find many pictures and notes left behind. We don’t recommend ripping up your walls for no reason, though.

28. Mouse Holes Perfect For Rodent Friends

This looks like something out of a Tom and Jerry cartoon. This house was built in 1741, and over the years, it has been a host to humans and rodents alike. Although it wasn’t part of the original design, it has become apart of the home’s history.

Although the new homeowner prefers not to have mice or rats in their home, it makes for a great picture. You can just imagine a cartoon mouse running in there to hide from the devious cat. However, real mice aren’t as cute as cartoons.

29. Two Young Boys Found A Secret Staircase That Made The Family Sell The House

When you are stuck at home with nothing to do, you might as well explore the features of your home. Two young boys were stuck inside on a rainy day when they discovered something interesting behind the bookshelf in their family room.

After realizing that air was coming from behind the bookshelf, they investigated and found a hidden staircase behind the shelves. When they investigated, they discovered that someone had been living there. The room had a bed, some of their missing toys, and fresh food. The family sealed the room but sold the house only a few months later.

30. A Hidden Basement

Usually, when you rent an apartment, there is not much you can do to change the interior. With all the rules and restrictions in the lease, the tenant doesn’t have much freedom to renovate. This person was exploring her new apartment when she found a door on the floor.

Little did she know, she got an extra room that she didn’t have to pay for. The door led to a secret basement that she can now use for extra storage or a hangout spot. The stairs were covered with tools, which disguised the room even more.

31. 100-Year-Old Elevator Crank

Before modern technology, elevators needed manual cranks to function. Someone would turn the device to get to the desired floor, which seems like a lot of unnecessary work compared to modern times.

Someone moved into an old apartment building, and they found this manual crank, which was at least 100-years-old. We hope that they updated the elevator technology since then, but it is a historical feature that should be preserved.

32. This Vault Will Keep All Your Personal Items Protected

If you thought a store with a vault was strange, imagine having one in your home. A couple moved into a home, which used to be a bank, and they found the old vault doors still functioning. There wasn’t any hidden treasure inside, but it is an excellent place to keep essential things.

The couple turned the vault into a storage space for their most prized possessions. It is also a cool feature to show guests because no one else has this in their homes. Hopefully, they never get locked inside of it.

33. 1800s Cemetery In The Basement Of A New Building

In the basement of this building is a preserved cemetery from the 1800s.  In New Haven, Connecticut, the cemetery was part of a more extensive outdoor graveyard in the original center of the town. Eventually, a church was built over the center of the cemetery.

The rest of the gravestones were moved to a nearby cemetery, but the bodies weren’t moved. During Hurricane Sandy, some of the skeletons were unearthed. Some of the headstones in the basement go as far back as 1687 before the United States was established.

34. A Message From The ’90s

“It’s The 5th of October, 1997. If the Spice Girls are still popular next time this room is decorated, I’ll eat my overalls.” Although the Spice Girls are no longer at the top of the charts, their music is still loved by many people worldwide. However, this dad was not a fan, clearly.

If someone did this again, they would probably write, “If Drake is still popular the next time this room is decorated, I will eat my romper.” Like Dads of the ’90s, modern-day fathers do not love Drake or his music. It must be a “dad thing.”

35. Ancient Drawings Or Someone Bored In The Basement?

When this family renovated their basement, they uncovered some drawings on the wall that look like cave paintings from the Paleolithic era. Or maybe someone was high one day, and they started painting on their walls as if they were at Burning Man.

Maybe these people have to figure out the meaning to unlock the hidden treasure behind the wall. It is so interesting to see the things people uncover when they are removing layers of wallpaper or paint from an older home.

36. This ’70s Air Vent Has The Same Logo As Beats By Dr. Dre

This person moved into an older apartment and noticed the logo on the fan in the bathroom was the same as Beats by Dr. Dre. Imagine if Dr. Dre built his whole empire based on some unknown bathroom appliance company. Can they sue him for that?

Maybe Dr. Dre worked at this company before he became famous, and he was initially creating Dre-nage systems. Is everything we know about this famous person a lie? It really makes you question the truth and how he made his millions.

37. Original Light Switches From The Home’s First Construction

This home was first constructed in the 1920s with knob and tube wiring and light switches that looked like this. Throughout the years, no one replaced the light switches to preserve some of the original features in the home.

We imagine that the switches were rewired because old wiring was coated in fabric instead of plastic. There has to be something so satisfying about pushing a button instead of flipping a switch. We hope the people continue to preserve these light switches.

38. A Fully Functional Mail Shoot From 1929

In some old building, there used to be mailrooms that would sort and send all of the mail that came from the shoots throughout the building. This one was from 1929, and it is still in use for a 17-story building. The mail goes to the basement, and it is sent out from there.

This is so much more convenient than having to go to the post office. This one is beautifully maintained, and it is like a look into the past. While they are not the most uncommon thing to find in older buildings, it is interesting to see a functioning one.

39. Children’s Mural Behind An Added Wall

This is not as interesting as the Italian fresco or the cave drawings, but it is interesting that someone covered up this artwork without painting over it first. The new owners were replacing the drywall when they found this behind the beams.

It looks like the contractor got bored before he put up the wall and decided to leave a little mural for the next contractor to find. Who doesn’t love a good smiling flower on their wall? We definitely would cover it up and wait for someone else to find it again. 

40. Hundreds Of Layers Of Paint Exposed After Years

A crack in this person’s wall exposed hundreds of layers of paint and years of redecorating. If this person sands down all of that paint, they could get an extra inch of space in their room. Every time someone painted this room, they left the old paint on the wall.

You can guess that at least one of those layers is lead paint. This looks like the inside of a jaw-breaker with multi-colored layers. We guess a room gets smaller every time you paint it.