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30 Secret Hacks That Upgrade Everyday Life In An Instant

TristaNovember 17, 2021

2. Reheat Food Easily

Do you get frustrated when reheating leftovers in the microwave? One food area gets so hot that it is scalding, and the rest of it remains cold. To make reheating leftovers easier, arrange the food on the dish to make a hole in the middle (via Life Hack).

This way, the microwave will warm the food more evenly. A similar hack can help you reheat pizza without the crusts becoming tough and chewy. Set the pizza on a plate, like usual. However, put a glass of water (in a microwavable cup) next to it inside the microwave. The water will help rehydrate the crust without ruining the texture.


1. Toaster Hack For A Better Sandwich

Who doesn’t like a warm, toasted sandwich? Nevertheless, all too often, the toaster – doing exactly what it is supposed to do – makes both sides of the bread crispy, so the sandwich becomes hard and brittle rather than soft and hearty. To solve this problem, use thinly sliced bread and put both slices into the same toaster slot (via Life Hack).

One side of each piece will get toasted, and the other side will remain nice and soft. Another excellent food hack is to open up your refrigerator and freezer before you go to the grocery store and take a picture of the contents. If you can’t remember whether or not you have something, you can look at the picture and know right away.