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30 People Who Experienced Chilling Real-Life Scares In Broad Daylight

MonicaApril 26, 2022

6. A Man Outside

Kids always seem to have the creepiest experiences. This Reddit user shares one of their real-life scares that left them freaked out. Their parents didn’t believe them until several years later, when they showed them the small house near their own. We’re wondering how the parents didn’t know about that house, and how that creepy man was able to live in it without being spotted by anyone except the little girl (via SnooSquirrels4093). 


5. Big Couch

We have so many questions after reading this post. How did the couch move? The only possible explanation is…. Ghosts? Even that doesn’t explain it. Otherwise, someone must have broken into their house, moved the couch, and left. Which still doesn’t make much sense. These kinds of unexplainable real-life scares will never have an answer. Maybe it’s better left unknown, considering the answer might be pretty creepy (via timothyslimothy). 


4. Tying Shoes

There has to be some sort of medical explanation for this, otherwise, this is one of those real-life scares that would make us second guess reality. Where did that entire hour go? Why did he think only 20 seconds passed? If we were that kid, we’d go to the doctor and get checked out. Hopefully it was a one time thing and never happened again (via ionlywanttheneck). 


3. Camping

This has to be a ghost, right? It’s a similar experience to the Reddit user who saw a cowboy dressed in all white at a graveyard. This is one of those real-life scares that makes us truly believe in ghosts and the supernatural. If it was a person dressed as a man from the 1800s, then we have even more questions. Either way, it’s just plain weird (via kickingtv). 


2. Who Was It?

We’re all wondering who the dad saw. He either hallucinated, mistook a random stranger for his son, or saw a ghost. We’ll never have the answers to these kinds of real-life scares. Honestly, if this happened to us, we’d feel a bit less comfortable wandering around our house, wondering who that person was (via Go_Ask_Alyss). 


1. Odd Tooth

This is one of the strangest real-life scares on this list. Where did the tooth come from, and why did it appear on their kitchen counter? There’s no way it could have just materialized from thin air. There has to be some sort of explanation. Once again, it’s a question we’ll never have the answer to (via Ultimator4).