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30 “L-O-S-E-R Jobs” That Will Pay 6 Figures a Year

Simi November 5, 2017

There have been enough college dropout CEO’s that turned billionaire to prove that life is a crapshoot. When you create what people want or you offer a service people need, you can make a surprising amount of money.

If you can figure out what is highly desirable and trendy, you might have a shot at being the next wealthy person from a loser job. There are jobs you wouldn’t think would pay well and you might even judge someone for choosing the profession. The point is, there are jobs and business ideas that are equivalent to a doctor’s salary. A lot of these jobs require very little education if any at all.

The famous CEO’s we know today just happen to love business or computers. Their industry has only developed into bigger and better things. The guy with the grilled cheese food truck is also doing what he loves and bringing home the bacon. Here are some inspirational ideas where people are making a bunch of money doing loser jobs.

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1. Becoming a Long Shoreman

You can usually spot a longshoreman. The grubby looking guy getting out of a huge truck and heading into his premium condo in the best part of town. A longshoreman needs no education but they more money than a ship’s officer.

Sure. There’s a lot of glories becoming a ship’s officer but it takes years to achieve the glory. The Merchant Marine Academy is demanding and takes a lot of time to get through. A longshoreman usually goes through a lottery process to get this actually much-coveted position. You load and unload cargo ships.

It’s actually really simple and if you stay around for long enough, you can likely become a foreman. The job pays between $70,000 to $120,000 per year and there’s not a lot of stress involved. A foreman can make up to $250,000. Getting in isn’t easy. You usually have to know someone who’s already involved in the union.

There’s some talk that mafia has a lot of employees working in the shipyard. They tend to slack and not show up to work so you have to manage more. Really though, if that’s your biggest stress for six figures a year, you’re doing pretty well.

2. Luggage Transport at the Airport

Those people that transfer your luggage onto the plane make more money than many of the pilots flying the plane itself. You know, it obviously costs a lot of money and time to become a pilot. You can go to flight school or learn to fly in the military.

They require you to fly 1,500 hours before you can get your commercial airline pilot certification. The upside is that being a pilot has a sense of prestige and a fairly exciting life. A skycap is the service person that checks in luggage when you arrive at the airport. They help people get through the airport terminals, help you figure out where the shuttle is and when it’s coming.

They are pretty much your concierge at the airport, making life easy. People like easy, they appreciate easy and they will most certainly pay for whatever convenience they get at the airport.

Skycaps don’t make a great hourly wage but they can still make between $75,000 to $100,000 in tips per year. It’s not a luxurious job to be a lackey at the airport but when you’re making that kind of money, glory is secondary. One CEO of a skycaps company said that many of his attendants don’t even cash their salary checks. The big money is in the tips they make.


3. Diving For Golf Balls

If you’re okay with diving into the murky water to dive golf balls, you’ll be making as much as a physicist. A physicist is a proud work indicating a level of impressive intelligent. Though you have to wonder how smart it is to enter a degree that on average doesn’t earn you a diploma until 33 years old. Sure, you might do great things but most physicists will end up doing postdoctoral research jobs for years after they gain a degree.

Though not as looked up to, someone who dives for golf balls literally needs no education. OK, if you happen to be diving into the deep water for golf balls, you’ll need a diving certificate. That costs less than $1,000. A golf ball diver makes $100,000 per year diving into the water and grabbing all the lost golf balls that lie on the ocean, lake, or swamp floor.

He cleans them up and resells them. Easy life and incredible pay. Anything golf related is worth a lot of money. In fact, it’s a $70 billion dollar industry with smalls eating up a part of that pie. Twelve new golf balls are worth more than $50 but for those who are smart enough, they buy resurrected golf balls from a golf ball diver. A dozen of barely used lost golf balls cost less about $20. If you lack a certain accuracy, which balls are you going to buy?

Spend a good third of your life getting your PhD (the average person earning the diploma is 33 years old), followed by a few more years slogging through lowly postdoctoral research jobs, to become a physicist. Impressive mustache and unquenchable sexual thirst are optional but highly encouraged. The powers that be say there are many millions of golf balls lost in the United States alone annually. There is an unlimited amount of lost balls to dive for.

If you knew what a bunch of daredevils those golf ball divers are, you might not consider it a loser job actually. They have a lot of danger in between them and those precious golf balls. There are alligators, venomous snakes, fertilizers and pesticides, and the fisherman’s hook. Risking life and limb for the greater good of cash flow and golf, these guys earn every cent.

4. Fixing Elevators

Mechanical engineers will spend four years to get their bachelor’s degree which costs a lot of money. They will, of course, be apprentices during this time, earning them a bit of cash. Primarily, mechanical engineers are designers of power-producing machines.

So basically, they can design things like escalators and elevators. They actually bring in about the same amount of money as the guy who fixes the elevator they designed. Fact!
Forbes has stated in past years that an elevator mechanic is one of the best paid blue-collar jobs.

The top elevator mechanics in the world will bring in about $100,000 per year. While it’s a little bit less than the designers themselves, they aren’t spending the copious amounts of cash flow to go to school. During the time the mechanical engineer works on his degree, the elevator mechanic will have cleared nearly half a million dollars.

The hook here is because it’s such a sought-after position, it’s not easy to find you in. Apprenticeship is given to those who have already proven they know how to fix things. If you’ve always been good at fixing things around the house and you know someone in the industry, this is your best bet. Every State varies on guidelines for working as an elevator mechanic. Most states require you to have a high school diploma while some want you to have optional certification.

5. Running a Hot Dog Cart in New York City

This is hard to believe but the guy who offers hot dogs in Central Park in New York City brings in more money yearly than world-famous chefs. You can wear what you want and you don’t have to work through the ranks dealing with all the crap that comes with being a chef.

Most world-famous chefs don’t do this job because they have to. There is a level of prestige and recognition that is likely their drive.
The point is, for those willing to lower their cuisine status, there is still a great deal of money involved. Hot dog vendors all throughout the US bring in about $100,000 annually. Hot dog vendors in a high-traffic location during a weekend celebration will bring in an average of $1,200 in 2-3 days.

One renowned hot dog vendor, Mohammed Mastafa, owns probably one of the busiest hot dog stands in the world. He pays nearly $300,000 per year to the New York Park Department. He still brings enough money home that it’s worth it.

6. Being a Plumber

When you compare a mid-career lawyer to a mid-career plumber, you’d be surprised to know that they’re pretty much on par for annual income. The average lawyer makes about $90,000 per year. While a master plumber will make a minimum of $50,000, many will make up to $90,000. Lawyers pay a lot of money to gain their title. They pretty much have no life while they are making their way to good money. Eventually, they get to wear the suits and drive the BMW but the road is a hard one and passing the bar is brutally challenging.

Plumbing is one of those jobs that requires a professional so there’s always going to be work. You’ll always be relevant because it’s one of those things technology can’t touch (yet). Pipefitters and steamfitters also fit under this umbrella but they work in the industrial setting.

Michael Bloomberg, a billionaire who knows a few things about business and how to make money mentioned plumbing on his radio show. He said that it makes more financial sense for some students to work as a plumber than to go to an elite college for four years. Obviously, for those who can afford the $50,000 per year tuition to get an arts degree, it’s all good. For the average Joe, it’s better to start working as a plumber.
The downsides of being a plumber are pretty obvious. It’s a bit of a loser job because you have to deal with crap all day in the non-metaphorical sense. Raw sewage is inevitable in this career and the hours are unpredictable. A burst water pipe in someone’s house doesn’t adhere to business hours.

As far as education, you don’t need a college degree. To become fully licensed as a plumber which is where the money is, you would have to go through years of training. You get paid the whole time though. You pretty much have to be 18, graduated from high school and have decent math skills. If you dedicate yourself enough to this career, you can even head off to Australia to make $200,000 a year.

7. A Bartending Career

It’s not so uncommon for a bartender to earn 6 digits a year. While the median salary for a bartender is about $19,000 per year, those with experience that work in upmarket bars make much more. Sure, you must have a certain something. You should be good with people, entertaining in a way.

Gracious, kind and patient and of course know the drink menu like a rock star. In major cities around the US, there are hundreds of dollars in tips to be made every night. The tip and wage take home payroll can be anywhere from $45,000 to $73,000. It’s even possible to bring in $100,000 per year.

A bartender will bring in as much money as an architect without the financial burden of all that college education. Again, an architect might eventually have a cushy office with plenty of rolled blueprints lying around. While an architect learns to draw, a bartender can work their way up in the ranks. The nice thing about being a bartender is you tend to make some great connections through constant socializing.

While the work might be fast paced and stressful at times, you’re pretty much always having a blast. As you mature and gain more experience, you might feel more inclined to move towards a high-end establishment. The money gets bigger and you don’t have to party as much. Sure, there is prestige in becoming an architect but everyone loves a bartender.

8. Being a General Contractor on a Work Site

A clinical lab scientist and a construction contractor make the same amount of money if you can believe it. Actually, if a contractor is willing to work harder to get into specialized work, they can make more. Pretty sure nobody is going to be all that impressed when you say you’re a clinical lab scientist.

Although people may not be impressed with your contracting role, they may be impressed with your biceps. Sure, it’s dirty work but there’s something slightly alluring for women when it comes to general contractors. It’s a man’s job and that’s pretty hot.

A general contractor might look a bit grungy in the middle of their workday but he certainly isn’t poor. On average, a contractor will make well over $50,000 per year and some can make over $100,000 depending on the contract and experience. If you work up to a construction management position, you can clear over $150,000 per year. It’s a broad field so a contractor is never out of work. There are a lot of options so boredom won’t set in. You can work for a small, intimate company or you can work for a massive construction company.

A clinical lab scientist will have to spend a lot of money for the university over a four-year span. It takes some time to get recognized and you may have to spend time making a name for yourself. All this while the debt collectors are knocking at your door for money owed. When you enter into construction management, you may need a bachelor’s degree but you’ll start making good money almost immediately.

The training is rigorous and you might feel pain in muscles you didn’t know exists but no pain, no gain. Those biceps don’t come automatically without working for it. It takes time to build the experience but its well worth the journey. Nearly 60% of general contractors were self-employed in 2012. This is a thriving business and also a demanding one.

9. The Oil Rig Worker

There’s obviously a lot of money in oil so everyone in the industry is raking in the cash. It would be unfair to compare it to other jobs in other industries, so we won’t. Within the oil sector, people working on the rigs make close to $100,000. Geologists make a little bit more than that but they also had to go to attend higher education. They likely also had to take specialty courses to get into the oil industry. Let’s face it, there are a lot of people who go into Geology. The pay can be high but the competition is fierce. Working your way up to the oil industry could take many additional years. The general geologist otherwise doesn’t make that much.

Usually, people who work on the oil rigs don’t need to have a bachelor’s degree. The foreman and superintendents, drillers, and managers usually don’t require an education. In lieu, they require experience.

These are 6 figure a year jobs and there is a high demand for oil rig workers. It will take years and experience of course but while working in the oil industry, you’re still going to be making decent money. Unlike a geologist, you’re not spending $150,000 on your education to examine specimens.

Other downer parts about being a rig worker are it’s lonely and dangerous. In North Dakota, nearly 18% per 100,000 workers had fatal accidents. The money is good but is it worth risking life and limb? Some think so.

10. Cargo Loader

The ships require loading and offloading of cargo. There is a lot of work involved and some cargo can really be heavy. You don’t need to go to the university to get yourself into this work. You might be asking yourself, why get involved yourself in a job which sounds demeaning? There are many people seeking this job not because it’s a prestigious one but the packages make it worthwhile. Imagine hitting a six-figure package without any investment in academics.

If you get a job at any coast and start loading and unloading, then expect to get an average of $70,000 to $120,000 a year. This is just the starting salary. If you work hard for some years, then expect this figure to rise to an unthinkable level. The foremen can take home about $500,000 a year. Therefore, you can easily reach such levels in no time when you work hard.

The movement of goods on the ocean is a lucrative business that has an impact on the world economy. For instance, in 2015, a labor dispute with workers at one of the coasts, the West Coast, had cost the United States economy a whopping $2 billion a day. That gives you a good picture of how much money is changing hands on these coasts.

If you want to get yourself this chance of making a cool six-figure earning get in touch with the responsible person who does the recruitment. You can also start humbly by looking for a casual work at the union hall. Get the casual labor work and worm your way into a union membership. It’s easier when you have someone already in the union to make it easier for you to be a member. But one thing for sure, once you’re into the union, you can see yourself getting onto the coast.


It might be not one of the best jobs you can ever think of getting into but hey, it’s still something where you can make cash. These guys do a lot of work at the airport which, unfortunately, goes unnoticed. They help you locate your shuttle and/or rental car, they are there for you when you’re completely lost. They give you a hand when maneuvering the terminals, they get you a wheelchair if you need one. Even better they will soothe your little ones when they are giving you a hard time.

These individuals may not be like pilots who everyone knows that they swim in money. However, you will be surprised that they can make a handsome amount of money. Their pay is not different to the other industries like the hotels.

Waiters and waitresses can be paid two to three dollars per hour which is what the skycap also get. The difference comes in tips, the skycap can make between $75,000 to $100,000 per year in tips alone.

You might be asking how and why? Remember that these individuals come to assist you in your time of need. No one wants to be stressed when traveling. Imagine if you are carrying a pet, they go out of their way and come and help you with your pet. Who can not have a good feeling towards them? This is why passengers are able to give out a reasonable tip that makes a huge difference at the end of the year.

This is a moneymaking job, in fact, some don’t even bother to cash in their salary checks. The tips are so good that they are able to make a living out of them. Next time remember to give these individuals respect, despite working in the loser jobs.

12. Taxi driver

The taxi drivers face a tough time not only from the long hours that they work but even face some rude customers. They can work 10 to 12 hours for those in full-time employment. Unfortunately, there are some passengers who can make their lives uncomfortable as well.

They are disrespected and can spend long hours sitting in traffic. To make it worse, they will stand in ques at the airport to check in your suitcases and do everything possible to help you. Despite all these challenges, these individuals make good six figures. There are a few people out there who appreciate their services and offer good tips.

Thanks to ride-share services which has brought competition to the market. The ride-share drivers like in New York are making six figures including the tips they receive. This has forced some of the taxi owners to re-consider on their packages. The cab drivers get about $32,000 and ride-share drivers rake in $90,000 which was then a big disparity.

The smartphones have promoted the use of ride-share services and the drivers rely on them to get leads. It makes their work simple and receives better respect than the taxi drivers. This could be due to how their business has been presented.

This is unlike the cabs where the drivers have to drive around hoping to find someone desperate enough to need a taxi. The good news is that the competition has brought benchmarks which have made the taxi drivers receive better packages. When they get those tips they can happily hit the six figures. It’s a loser’s job that will satisfy your pocket.

You don’t need to go on with any advanced academics to be a taxi driver. All it needs is the driver’s license and lots of hard work. Common sense might also do you good because you have to drive around to look for passengers.

13. Photojournalist

It’s perfect if you have a smartphone to take amazing pictures, as this can get you into a six-figure job. Photojournalists can make money and be at par with those who have done a four-year university degree. This job involves a lot of observation and captures the chronicle of events. Some may wonder how can someone make such huge sums.

If you are a hobby photographer you can earn good money from your passion business. This involves trial, error and hard work. Some tasks can be hazardous for instance when you have to shoot during wars, civil unrest, and natural disasters. This can put your life in danger. But if you’re packed with high adrenalin, then this can be ideal for you. You don’t have to lose your job to pursue your passion to realize this.

But if you really want to be on top of your game, then start doing part-time work. Photojournalists earn about $44,000 in a year and with side-works, they reach six figures. You are already working in that field and some people will need some small favors. You can provide such services at a fee and boost your income. You will meet nasty people who want something for nothing. It can be an overwhelming work. That’s why it’s a losers job and not appreciated that much.

These smartphones can capture as good pictures as your camera. People feel you don’t have to set your competitive price because it’s easy to get such good photos. Selling and setting prices can be difficult. This is the reason so many people fail to cut the rank in this job. If you are smart enough you can get yourself premium customers who will pay you lots of money.

14. Welder

Why should someone get dirty and do an overwhelming work like welding? This job is despised but it can give you six-figure earnings. Don’t just look at their dirty working suits and think these individuals are finding it tough out there. They don’t have a prestigious qualification like those of the executives. However, they are earning as much as those sitting in offices.

There are some welders who are earning their living by traveling. They will go anywhere doing jobs and getting paid. Also known as “Road Warriors,” they eat and sleep out. If this is not for you then there are those who work on industrial shutdowns. They can make six-figure salaries for a few months and relax the rest of the year. That sounds good! They will only target specific industries where they can make enough money to take care of their lives for the rest of the year.

The underwater welders normally charge over $1,000 a day for their services. Traveling industrial pipe welders get between $50,000.00 and $185,000.00 a year. The military support welders get $160,000.00 a year in some regions like the Middle East.

If you enjoy the water, then you can work on the cruise ships. While others are enjoying and relaxing up there, you will be hitting a six-figure salary. You will still get a luxurious room and board which is paid for. On top of that, you receive chef-prepared meals and you will be on your way to see the world.

There are contracting companies that work with the United States military. If you get a job with them you can earn good money and travel to see the world. You will go wherever the United States arm have operations, for instance, Afghanistan. You will only be repairing the tanks and don’t get actively involved in the fight. You will only need to have a strong mind to stay in war zone areas.

15. Selling Dog Goggles

It sounds like an unthinkable job to imagine that the dogs need goggles. Yes, dogs need them and there are companies selling them. It’s true that dogs require many things for them to look nice and protect their bodies. Although not many people will dare go and sell them, this is a multi-million dollar business. A pair of goggles is normally going out at $80.

Look at the fact that the dog’s nose is created differently like the humans. It’s not directly between the eyes and the design makes it awkward for the dogs to hold it. Even more absurd, is to have someone wake up in the morning and work by selling these goggles. That’s the reason it’s a loser job.

When you put the goggles on the dogs face they pretty much look like the cartoons you watch on the TV. You don’t need an advanced qualification to get yourself into this job. A simple sales certificate will take you there and can earn you like the CEOs of major companies through the sales commissions.

There are big companies who have gone into this industry and are reaping millions of dollars. Look here, anyone who keeps the dogs loves them and will do anything for their happiness. However, if you are smart enough then you can go and buy your stock from these companies. You will easily be on your way to making the six dollar figures.

Some individuals are making huge money out of it. There is no shortage of dogs in the country. At $80 a pair for the goggles, some are already selling 100 to 150 goggles per month. This takes them to six-figure earnings per year. Who needs that extra education if you can make such kind of money.

16. Performance and Theatrical Makeup Artist

Performance and theatrical makeup artists may have a supporting role, but it can be surprisingly lucrative. The best ones can charge a great deal for their services, and those in the top 10% earn about $122,000 a year. Their job is to apply makeup to performers to prepare them for their roles and to reflect the setting, the period, and the situation. Doing makeup for movies, theater or other performance arts is a highly skilled, stressful job. Makeup artists need skills in multiple areas – being able to age a character or simulate cuts and bruises are often part of the job.

Some of the tasks performed by these professionals include communicating with directors, acquiring supplies, keeping to a budget, working with hairstylists and even designing and applying prostheses. They also need skills such as active listening, coordination, ability to make decisions and critical thinking. A cosmetology certificate is usually necessary as well as some previous work-related experience like on-the-job training or working with trained professionals.

One of the easiest ways to increase your salary as a performance makeup artist is to move to one of the states, like New York or California, where the pay is higher. The problem is that the living expenses may be higher too. Other factors that can increase your pay are a degree, the industry you work in and the company you work for.

Makeup artistry is a broad field, and certain careers certainly offer more pay than others. Celebrities are always ready to pay more to look their best. They can also be interesting, fun clients. However, working with them is also stressful because they can be demanding. You need to be confident in your abilities and be flexible to make a success of it.

17. Broadcast News Analyst

The need for traditional journalists may be decreasing, but professionals who interpret, analyze and broadcast news are in demand. The industry that employs most broadcast news analysts is television broadcasting. They are expected to take news from a variety of resources and be able to present it in a creative, fresh way. There are numerous job openings as publications, and new networks compete and seek to establish a reputation for putting out cutting-edge news.

Invaluable skills for this profession are an ability to think critically and listen attentively. Working for a print publication also requires good writing skills. For television, clear speech is more important. A broadcast news analyst must be able to present current news in a professional and engaging way. Thorough research is needed for this job, and sources need to be credible and verified. Some technical skills are also required as these professionals use software and portable flash drives to enable them to gather and transfer information conveniently and quickly.

Broadcast News Analysts usually need a Bachelor’s Degree. Some companies do have positions for those without degrees but having a degree is definitely beneficial, especially if higher pay is expected. College courses in journalism and political communications are an advantage. Experience is also necessary, and this is often acquired by becoming an intern. Writing as a freelance journalist for print publications is another option.

These professionals may earn an annual wage of nearly $90 000, but some positions are obviously paid better than others. The highest demand for Broadcast News Analysts is currently in Washington. Those located in Oklahoma seem to earn the most at an average of $93,000, with Arizona and Colorado following closely behind.

18. Celebrity Agent

These are the people who promote the careers of celebrities. Those who do it best can earn as much as the celebrities they promote. They use their talents and industry connections to help their clients find work and negotiate deals for them. The more experience they have in business deal-making, negotiating and accounting, the better off they are. Having a good celebrity agent can make all the difference to a celebrity.

Many celebrity agents start out as the personal assistant of a celebrity agent. They learn how the job is done and start developing a contact list. They also build up relationships with clients. It helps if they have some kind of education in marketing and business. A celebrity agent often wears many hats as responsibilities can vary from day to day. They may even have to offer advice and provide a shoulder to cry on.

Celebrity agents often need a great deal of patience as celebrities can be divas with some insane requests. There’s nothing quite like the world of Hollywood to bring out the worst in some people. However, many celebrity agents are more than just business managers to stars. Some of them become very close to their clients, but at the end of the day, they are in charge of making them as successful as possible.

The pay of a celebrity agent, just like any other job, is based on factors such as education level and experience. The salary is obviously much lower if you’re a newbie with no experience under your belt. After a few years of experience, they can expect to make about $62,000. In rare circumstances, a bonus based on client earnings can turn a mid-level agent into a top earner

So the next time you judge a guy for his dirty pants, chances are, he makes more money than you. These loser jobs all give a value which is one of the essential ways to make a lot of money. Finding a way to give value to something will always be credited. Some things may take perseverance in order to get the big financial gains but in trades, you usually make money as you go.

The jobs that offer prestige like an architect, doctor, or lawyer might be revered but they tend to come at a high cost. The schooling, the debt, making your way to the top, and the pressure versus the average Joe who learns how to do something really well with no education.

What kind of person are you? If you’re good with your hands and are more about street smarts than book smarts, one of these lucrative loser jobs might be perfect for you. Even if you’re not a loser.

19. Technical Writer

If you’ve ever been interested in the way things function or if you’ve had a way with words, you can find your bread and butter in technical writing. Have you ever opened up a box with a new laptop or another electronic appliance? If you did, then you’ve likely seen one of the most critical parts of it – the instruction manual. This is the work of a technical writer. Everything that is too complex for regular writers and journalists, technical writers pick up.

The average median pay for an entry-level technical writer is an astonishing $70.930 per year. Along with a predicted job outlook of 11%, you can see six figures in a year or two. What you will need to qualify for the job is a way with words. In most cases, you won’t need technical education – just a quick on-the-job training session about something that you’ll write. Instruction manuals, journal articles, and even thesis can be co-authored or authored by a technical writer. It’s tough, but a lucrative profession.

20. Gaming Manager

While many call the job of a gaming manager “a glorified security guard,” it’s much more complex and demanding. A gaming manager is in charge of the overall functioning of a gaming casino. While they do work as a security guard sometimes, their work isn’t just limited to monitoring if customers are cheating. They are responsible for everything that goes on in a casino, including the supervision and specialization of other personnel and the overall efficiency of a licensed gaming facility.

With an average median pay of around $84,000, a gaming manager can easily switch positions and earn six figures if he or she proves to be worthy. You will, however, be doing an arduous job that requires a stern mindset with excellent observational capabilities. Many casino owners tend to reward their gaming managers if they manage to uncover a fault in the system or catch someone cheating. Education is not needed – gaming managers have to have a small amount of experience in overall management, but their skills are valued more than previous work.

21. Optometrist

An optometrist is a special kind of eye doctor who has earned an OD (Doctor of Optometry) degree. Unlike an ophthalmologist, an optometrist is not licensed to perform surgery, incisions or do any work that is counted as a medical procedure. What you can do as an optometrist is prescribing eyeglasses, lenses and correct any refractive errors. In some cases, you will have to perform low vision therapy. It’s a specialization in the field of ophthalmology, centered around providing care and diagnosing problems.

Although the job might not be as dynamic or challenging as the one of an ophthalmologist, it’s still a worthy one. With an average income for optometrists being $107,640 per year, it’s a lucrative profession. Even though the hours are long and the tasks monotonous, you play an important part in saving people’s vision and curing their ocular issues. If you don’t think you can perform surgery, you can work as an optometrist and have a career without much stress or responsibility in your hands.

22. Radiologist

A radiologist is a doctor who doesn’t perform surgery, nor does he actively participate in the eradication of maladies. If you are to become one, you will be tasked with using particular imaging technology to discover, diagnose and propose treatments for various illnesses or injuries. It’s one of the most demanding jobs because it requires a lot of mental focus, as well as a broad range of knowledge on various sub-branches of medicine. It’s a grueling job that often requires long hours and overtime.

What is great about this particular line of work is that radiologists are the highest paid medical specialists. By far. 59% of all radiologists earn more than $300.000 on an annual basis. This number can easily get higher as you advance during your career. What radiology lacks in breakthroughs, exciting and challenging surgeries and other details, it certainly compensates by bringing in a hefty sum of money. The average salary is about the same in every state so that you can work anywhere you want.

23. Real Estate Agent

For people who have skills related to speaking, giving presentations and trade, being a real estate agent is a good career choice. But why is it seen as a loser job? The first and foremost reason for such an outlook lies in the fact that many real estate agents tend to struggle with sales and are forced to resort to dishonest tactics to sell a home. This gives the entire profession a bad reputation. A real estate agent should be a valuable helper and mediator that closes the deal both for the new tenants, as well as the previous owner.

The average entry salary for a real estate agent is $45,737. For an entry-level position, it’s a perfect amount, especially when you consider that real estate is one of the most accessible fields to advance in. It doesn’t take much experience to advance to a CEO of a company or assume a managerial position. Your sales numbers and your skills will determine your prospects. If you like haggling and don’t mind resorting to manipulation and games to sell a house, then you will surely find this job fulfilling and challenging.

24. Post-secondary teacher

We know that there is a significant stigma connected to the teaching profession, but there have been substantial changes in the last few decades. Many fresh graduates opt to work as a post-secondary teacher because there are further options for research, seminars and expertise gaining. Gone are the days where being a teacher is a “loser job.” Although it can be stressing at times, getting a decent school as a workplace will make your job enjoyable and your days much more fulfilled.

What you will mostly do is teach on a five days per week-basis, as well as do some additional work at home in the shape of homework and test preparation. The average annual salary for post-secondary teachers is $68.080. For those that have managed to publish research papers and offer additional courses, the pay can easily reach six figures. Being patient is perhaps the greatest challenge of working as a post-secondary teacher. After some time, you will get used to the tempo and adapt accordingly.

25. Captain, mate or pilot of a water vessel

A captain is not a “loser job,” despite what deeply rooted stereotypes people still believe in. To be able to operate, command or supervise a water vessel, you only have to have an official license issued by the US Coast Guard. What can be seen as a slight disadvantage with this job is that you can be away from home for several days, but the pay is excellent – the average entry-level income is around $71.100. It can only go up, depending on your experience and specialization.

Hiring a captain or vessel operator is like hiring a chauffeur, but with much more responsibility. A captain has to overlook processes, operations on his vessel while barking out orders to his subordinates. With such responsibility on your hands, you can soon be rewarded with a six-figure paycheck. The hourly rate is impressive, and most captains choose to work for a month or two non-stop and take the majority of the year off. For those that like traveling, but aren’t afraid of hard work and responsibility, this is a job for you.

26. Art director

Being an art director is one of the most surprising six-figure jobs, like arts, in general, isn’t a high-earning profession by default. Nevertheless, you can reach incredible heights with just the power of your creativity. A degree isn’t necessary, because the primary goal of this profession is to produce ideas. You will be in charge of the visual style of a magazine, a newspaper or even a website. As an art director, you have to create a central vision that everyone else can follow accordingly.

The average median pay for an art director is $92.500 but at an entry level. By contributing and being a successful director, you can reach deep six-figure territory. A good idea to ensure your success as an art director is to master web design, coding and using modeling programs. That way, you will be able to hold multiple positions at once, while still working towards the main goal. Therefore, being an art director allows you to combine skill, creativity and all your ideas into one.

27. Transportation inspector

This line of work contains many different sub-specializations like – naval vehicle inspector, cargo inspector, freight inspector and other types of positions. Your duty as a transportation inspector revolves around making sure that different vehicles are up to standards. On the job, you will inspect multiple vehicles on a daily basis, which can be quite arduous for some. There is a lot you need to measure and memorize if you wish to perform at a high level on this job. Laws, regulations, metrics and more – all this has to be memorized.

The average median pay is $65.770, but it’s also one of the easiest professions to advance in. Depending on your tempo of work and results that you provide, your superiors will reward you accordingly. This is why it’s so easy to reach the six-figure mark, unlike other professions. You can choose a specialization as you advance, which can lead to a secure position and an even more secure salary. You will need a degree related to management, engineering or vehicles.

28. Agricultural manager

Ever since the industrial revolution all those years ago, people who work in agriculture are frowned upon. Working as an agricultural manager might involve getting your hands dirty in the beginning, but all the money flowing will make you happy. With an average median salary of $68k for entry-level agricultural managers, you can easily get paid more than you ever imagined. All you need is a degree related to agriculture, but management and trade are also desirable fields to specialize in. But what will be your duties?

An agricultural manager is tasked with keeping everything on a farm in line. Whether it’s a plant or animal farm, it is your job to check all the boxes necessary for such a facility to run smooth. This includes preparing papers and permits for inspections, buying food, refurbishing old facilities and much more. The more the success your farm has, the higher your pay will be. For those who love challenges and being in control of things, agricultural management is both an enticing and lucrative profession to be involved in.

29. Insurance sales(wo)man

There are several ways you can work as an insurance salesman. You may be just an estimator of someone’s chances of getting insurance and how much it costs. In this case, you will refer your clients to an independent broker who will sell the policy himself. You can also have a broker’s license and work on your own, or you can work for a bank or insurance companies. While the average annual income is $63.970, it’s easy to advance in a short period due to a demand for insurance selling services.

Your job will be to sell insurance policies on a variety of things, such as – life, property, casualty and automotive. The lucrative opportunities are in specializing in one area only. To be an insurance salesman, you have to have a finance or economics degree, with a strong knowledge of the market and the competition. While most salesmen start by working for a company, most open up their firms after an average time of 13 years.

30. Arbitrator, mediator, conciliator

Chances are that you have not heard of this profession. It’s one of the most lucrative professions in the US, with an average median pay of $75,550. You will need a degree in business or law, in most cases. Other specializations might also be possible, but there is no avoiding the fact that you need to have extensive knowledge of the legal system. It will be your tool if you wish to move up the scale in the arbitrating profession. But what will your duties be?

Mediators work as facilitators for conflict resolutions, contract signings and more things that can’t be settled in court. Your role might be similar to that of a lawyer, except that you’re entirely neutral in the situation. With a goal to have both sides reach an agreement, your hands will be full with insisting on having the conflicting sides come to their senses. It’s a grueling job, but you can easily break the six-figure mark if you’re willing to devote above-average time.