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30 “L-O-S-E-R Jobs” That Will Pay 6 Figures a Year

Simi November 5, 2017

19. Technical Writer

If you’ve ever been interested in the way things function or if you’ve had a way with words, you can find your bread and butter in technical writing. Have you ever opened up a box with a new laptop or another electronic appliance? If you did, then you’ve likely seen one of the most critical parts of it – the instruction manual. This is the work of a technical writer. Everything that is too complex for regular writers and journalists, technical writers pick up.

The average median pay for an entry-level technical writer is an astonishing $70.930 per year. Along with a predicted job outlook of 11%, you can see six figures in a year or two. What you will need to qualify for the job is a way with words. In most cases, you won’t need technical education – just a quick on-the-job training session about something that you’ll write. Instruction manuals, journal articles, and even thesis can be co-authored or authored by a technical writer. It’s tough, but a lucrative profession.

20. Gaming Manager

While many call the job of a gaming manager “a glorified security guard,” it’s much more complex and demanding. A gaming manager is in charge of the overall functioning of a gaming casino. While they do work as a security guard sometimes, their work isn’t just limited to monitoring if customers are cheating. They are responsible for everything that goes on in a casino, including the supervision and specialization of other personnel and the overall efficiency of a licensed gaming facility.

With an average median pay of around $84,000, a gaming manager can easily switch positions and earn six figures if he or she proves to be worthy. You will, however, be doing an arduous job that requires a stern mindset with excellent observational capabilities. Many casino owners tend to reward their gaming managers if they manage to uncover a fault in the system or catch someone cheating. Education is not needed – gaming managers have to have a small amount of experience in overall management, but their skills are valued more than previous work.

21. Optometrist

An optometrist is a special kind of eye doctor who has earned an OD (Doctor of Optometry) degree. Unlike an ophthalmologist, an optometrist is not licensed to perform surgery, incisions or do any work that is counted as a medical procedure. What you can do as an optometrist is prescribing eyeglasses, lenses and correct any refractive errors. In some cases, you will have to perform low vision therapy. It’s a specialization in the field of ophthalmology, centered around providing care and diagnosing problems.

Although the job might not be as dynamic or challenging as the one of an ophthalmologist, it’s still a worthy one. With an average income for optometrists being $107,640 per year, it’s a lucrative profession. Even though the hours are long and the tasks monotonous, you play an important part in saving people’s vision and curing their ocular issues. If you don’t think you can perform surgery, you can work as an optometrist and have a career without much stress or responsibility in your hands.

22. Radiologist

A radiologist is a doctor who doesn’t perform surgery, nor does he actively participate in the eradication of maladies. If you are to become one, you will be tasked with using particular imaging technology to discover, diagnose and propose treatments for various illnesses or injuries. It’s one of the most demanding jobs because it requires a lot of mental focus, as well as a broad range of knowledge on various sub-branches of medicine. It’s a grueling job that often requires long hours and overtime.

What is great about this particular line of work is that radiologists are the highest paid medical specialists. By far. 59% of all radiologists earn more than $300.000 on an annual basis. This number can easily get higher as you advance during your career. What radiology lacks in breakthroughs, exciting and challenging surgeries and other details, it certainly compensates by bringing in a hefty sum of money. The average salary is about the same in every state so that you can work anywhere you want.

23. Real Estate Agent

For people who have skills related to speaking, giving presentations and trade, being a real estate agent is a good career choice. But why is it seen as a loser job? The first and foremost reason for such an outlook lies in the fact that many real estate agents tend to struggle with sales and are forced to resort to dishonest tactics to sell a home. This gives the entire profession a bad reputation. A real estate agent should be a valuable helper and mediator that closes the deal both for the new tenants, as well as the previous owner.

The average entry salary for a real estate agent is $45,737. For an entry-level position, it’s a perfect amount, especially when you consider that real estate is one of the most accessible fields to advance in. It doesn’t take much experience to advance to a CEO of a company or assume a managerial position. Your sales numbers and your skills will determine your prospects. If you like haggling and don’t mind resorting to manipulation and games to sell a house, then you will surely find this job fulfilling and challenging.

24. Post-secondary teacher

We know that there is a significant stigma connected to the teaching profession, but there have been substantial changes in the last few decades. Many fresh graduates opt to work as a post-secondary teacher because there are further options for research, seminars and expertise gaining. Gone are the days where being a teacher is a “loser job.” Although it can be stressing at times, getting a decent school as a workplace will make your job enjoyable and your days much more fulfilled.

What you will mostly do is teach on a five days per week-basis, as well as do some additional work at home in the shape of homework and test preparation. The average annual salary for post-secondary teachers is $68.080. For those that have managed to publish research papers and offer additional courses, the pay can easily reach six figures. Being patient is perhaps the greatest challenge of working as a post-secondary teacher. After some time, you will get used to the tempo and adapt accordingly.

25. Captain, mate or pilot of a water vessel

A captain is not a “loser job,” despite what deeply rooted stereotypes people still believe in. To be able to operate, command or supervise a water vessel, you only have to have an official license issued by the US Coast Guard. What can be seen as a slight disadvantage with this job is that you can be away from home for several days, but the pay is excellent – the average entry-level income is around $71.100. It can only go up, depending on your experience and specialization.

Hiring a captain or vessel operator is like hiring a chauffeur, but with much more responsibility. A captain has to overlook processes, operations on his vessel while barking out orders to his subordinates. With such responsibility on your hands, you can soon be rewarded with a six-figure paycheck. The hourly rate is impressive, and most captains choose to work for a month or two non-stop and take the majority of the year off. For those that like traveling, but aren’t afraid of hard work and responsibility, this is a job for you.

26. Art director

Being an art director is one of the most surprising six-figure jobs, like arts, in general, isn’t a high-earning profession by default. Nevertheless, you can reach incredible heights with just the power of your creativity. A degree isn’t necessary, because the primary goal of this profession is to produce ideas. You will be in charge of the visual style of a magazine, a newspaper or even a website. As an art director, you have to create a central vision that everyone else can follow accordingly.

The average median pay for an art director is $92.500 but at an entry level. By contributing and being a successful director, you can reach deep six-figure territory. A good idea to ensure your success as an art director is to master web design, coding and using modeling programs. That way, you will be able to hold multiple positions at once, while still working towards the main goal. Therefore, being an art director allows you to combine skill, creativity and all your ideas into one.

27. Transportation inspector

This line of work contains many different sub-specializations like – naval vehicle inspector, cargo inspector, freight inspector and other types of positions. Your duty as a transportation inspector revolves around making sure that different vehicles are up to standards. On the job, you will inspect multiple vehicles on a daily basis, which can be quite arduous for some. There is a lot you need to measure and memorize if you wish to perform at a high level on this job. Laws, regulations, metrics and more – all this has to be memorized.

The average median pay is $65.770, but it’s also one of the easiest professions to advance in. Depending on your tempo of work and results that you provide, your superiors will reward you accordingly. This is why it’s so easy to reach the six-figure mark, unlike other professions. You can choose a specialization as you advance, which can lead to a secure position and an even more secure salary. You will need a degree related to management, engineering or vehicles.

28. Agricultural manager

Ever since the industrial revolution all those years ago, people who work in agriculture are frowned upon. Working as an agricultural manager might involve getting your hands dirty in the beginning, but all the money flowing will make you happy. With an average median salary of $68k for entry-level agricultural managers, you can easily get paid more than you ever imagined. All you need is a degree related to agriculture, but management and trade are also desirable fields to specialize in. But what will be your duties?

An agricultural manager is tasked with keeping everything on a farm in line. Whether it’s a plant or animal farm, it is your job to check all the boxes necessary for such a facility to run smooth. This includes preparing papers and permits for inspections, buying food, refurbishing old facilities and much more. The more the success your farm has, the higher your pay will be. For those who love challenges and being in control of things, agricultural management is both an enticing and lucrative profession to be involved in.

29. Insurance sales(wo)man

There are several ways you can work as an insurance salesman. You may be just an estimator of someone’s chances of getting insurance and how much it costs. In this case, you will refer your clients to an independent broker who will sell the policy himself. You can also have a broker’s license and work on your own, or you can work for a bank or insurance companies. While the average annual income is $63.970, it’s easy to advance in a short period due to a demand for insurance selling services.

Your job will be to sell insurance policies on a variety of things, such as – life, property, casualty and automotive. The lucrative opportunities are in specializing in one area only. To be an insurance salesman, you have to have a finance or economics degree, with a strong knowledge of the market and the competition. While most salesmen start by working for a company, most open up their firms after an average time of 13 years.

30. Arbitrator, mediator, conciliator

Chances are that you have not heard of this profession. It’s one of the most lucrative professions in the US, with an average median pay of $75,550. You will need a degree in business or law, in most cases. Other specializations might also be possible, but there is no avoiding the fact that you need to have extensive knowledge of the legal system. It will be your tool if you wish to move up the scale in the arbitrating profession. But what will your duties be?

Mediators work as facilitators for conflict resolutions, contract signings and more things that can’t be settled in court. Your role might be similar to that of a lawyer, except that you’re entirely neutral in the situation. With a goal to have both sides reach an agreement, your hands will be full with insisting on having the conflicting sides come to their senses. It’s a grueling job, but you can easily break the six-figure mark if you’re willing to devote above-average time.