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18 Ways To Pay Rent Without Selling Blood

Simi November 6, 2018

1. When all else fails

Maybe you have reached the end of this list and you still just don’t have enough money. Maybe you’re out of time and can’t fall back on any of the options we suggested. This is the time to suck up your pride and ask a loved one for help.

This may be a humiliating experience. Yes, you are probably a fully self-sufficient adult who shouldn’t be asking your parents for money. Life happens to the best of us, though. There are times when you have no choice but to ask someone to lend you money.

This should obviously not become a habit and should only be done if you’re out of options. But, it should not be ruled out as an option all together. It’s better to ask for money than get kicked out of your place and have to move back home, right? If you are going to borrow money this month, you should approach next month as an opportunity to do better.