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17 Clear Signs Someone’s Not Ready To Become Rich

Shannon October 2, 2020
Sometimes, the people you work with are holding you back from succeeding. Credit: Shutterstock

2. Allowing Friends and Family to Drag You Down

You should never blame other people for your problems. But sometimes, when people find some level of success, we allow friends and family to take advantage of us. You can’t control what other people do. But at the end of the day, you’re still in control of how you react to other people. The more you give your money away, the less you have to pay off debt, reinvest in growing your wealth.

Toxic relationships can hold you back from success. Credit: Shutterstock

You need to balance generosity with making sure no one is taking advantage of your kindness. Sometimes, people are doing nothing by dragging you down, and it’s best to cut them out of your life. Remember that you don’t have to buy love. People who truly love you will want you to succeed and will be willing to give as much as they receive.

You shouldn’t need anyone else to motivate you to follow your dreams. Credit: Shutterstock

1. You Need Others to Motivate You To Get Rich

Sometimes, even if you’re normally a self-motivated person, you need a little bit of a boost. Watching motivational speakers or reading a self-help book can help you get your mind back on track. However, if you feel that you absolutely need to work together with other people before you can achieve anything, it’s not likely that you’ll ever become rich. One of the most common traits among millionaires is that they’re self-motivated. They don’t need a boss to tell them to get up and go back to work. And they don’t need the threat of losing their job to wake them up in the morning. They’re also typically a bit introverted, and they can put their head down and get to work right away.

Some people are looking for the right business partner to motivate them, ignoring their own power. Credit: Shutterstock

People who grew up with rich parents have a lot of business ideas, but they always want someone else to get involved. They haven’t actually put in any of the work yet, because they’re waiting for someone to help motivate them to get started. It may be because they feel it’s not worth doing the work unless they can convince someone else to partner with them.

Remember this: Successful people don’t waste their time on ideas. They want to see results first. So if you’re looking for a business partner, you need to work on something you truly believe will be a success. Put in all of the work on your own first, and find outside help later.