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15 Best Ways to Make Money While Sleeping

Simi January 22, 2018

Join the Sharing Economy

A sharing economy is when people borrow or rent their assets from each other. If you have an asset such as a spare bedroom, car or even an entire house, these can be shared. You can use an internet, apps, and mobile devices to connect with people. There are many that are looking for the kind of asset that you have which you may not be using at the time. This is a simple way for you to get cash.

There are people use a public transport and need to use a car sometimes. When going out of the area, a car may be needed to travel. They find that getting a taxi to hire is expensive for their trips. The rental cars can also have higher fees. In the sharing economy platform, people can get locally available cars at cheap price. The benefit is both ways, you will make a little cash on your car while the client saves money.

The other way is to use your house or apartment to share with someone. The spare bedroom can be rented out to someone over Airbnb. Ensure that the room is turned into a one-room hotel. Alternatively, rent out the entire house if you are going out for a holiday. This will enable you to make some passive money while you are not around. There are people that look for a place for a week or month.

There are many platforms that you can use to rent out your assets. You can check on the internet the platforms that provide sharing economy services. For instance, your car can be rent out to Turo and Carpool. The camera can be rent out to CameraLends and a bike can be lent on Spinlisters. The most important thing is that your asset will make you money.

Dog services

There are many people who keep pets around their homes. If you have a passion for pets, then this is a good way to make income. People are always going out for day outings and even holidays and cannot leave their pets an unattended. This is where your business comes in by taking care of them when the owners are not available. You can employ professional dog walkers to work for you.

Most homeowners want their pets to be in familiar environments. In that case, they want the pet services to take care of their animals in their homes. The people working under you should be available to go into these homes and render their services. This normally happens for short periods of time but the rewards are good. Actually, you will relax at home while the professional staff is working for you.

The business is easy to do and you should strive to do it on a small scale. This will enable you to create a dedicated client base. Consider increasing the number of staff as the business grows. To make more income, increase the portfolio of services such as dog walking and disciplining. You can include teaching untrained dogs. The extra income will enable you to live a comfortable life.

To make it easier for the business to take off, work in the geographic area where you live. The local community will know you and it will be easier to penetrate the market. The fees for handling the dogs should reflect on the kind of services that you offer. There can be short or long-term fees depending on the length of time that you will be giving the services.

Vending Machines

There are many different kinds of vending machines available that can give you a good income. The good side of them is that there is literary a small work involved to manage them. When you get the machines such as the soda machine, you will need to install it in the right place. The machine has to be strategically placed in a shop or place where people can easily access it.

The only work which may take a little of your time and energy is to stock the machine. The products will not even take a big chunk of your capital if you do your research properly. After stocking, you will be waiting to cash-in from the sales at the end of a week or month. On some occasions, you may need to check the performance of your products. The idea is to ensure that you don’t run out of products.

There are some property owners who may demand a high fee for the machines to be placed in specific areas. Be ready to pay them whenever it is required. The transportation costs and restocking are all that you will be worried about. Otherwise, you can spend days doing nothing at all. To make even more money, you can buy two or more machines. This will increase the money you make at the end of the month.

When the business grows, you can employ someone to manage the machines. This will help you avoid the work of restocking the machines. If the places are put in busy areas, the investment can really pay you handsomely. The bigger and more vending machines should be the goal of your business plan. There are always people looking for refreshments on a daily basis.

A YouTube Channel

People are making substantial amounts of money by uploading their original videos on YouTube. The video games are one of the services that most people want to watch. It only requires getting an excellent recording of the video from your computer. This will enable the people YouTube to watch you play the game. To get a good following, the audio and picture need to be very good.

It may be necessary to source a good screen capture program that is able to record the videos. It’s also necessary to show your face and actions when playing the game. Good personality and presentation skills are important. The idea is to make people like your game. These are what most of the viewers are seeking to see. When you have a good recording, you can upload the video to the site.

People don’t want to watch a game where you are not exhibiting your energy or interest. Your reactions are key for them to like you and the game. In the initial stages, it will need you to upload the videos regularly. This can be done on a daily basis until you get a good number of followers. It’s the only way that will ensure that in the long-run, will make you earn huge amounts of money.

When you have a huge following, you will attract the advertisers that YouTube puts on your videos. This is the reason you need high-quality videos that are not offensive. To increase your revenue, you can make a number of different video games and upload them to YouTube. There is no limit to the number of videos that are required. In that case, your monthly income can be more.