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15 Best Ways to Make Money While Sleeping

Simi January 22, 2018

If you want to start making money, there is no need to delay any more. There are many reasons why many people delay getting started on making money that includes fear of failure. The significant thing is to get started, no matter how disorganized you might be. When you show up, it means you are ready to give it a go. There should be no conditions attached to it.

In any business, you will need to set goals that you need to achieve. They should be realistic and honest. There is no sense in setting goals that cannot be achieved. This will only lead to disappointment and will affect your desire to go on with your business. It’s always good to remember the success that you had in the past. This will propel you to achieve more.

It goes without saying that in order to make more money, you need to invest your time and financial resources. For this to work, you will also need a better understanding of your investment. The most important aspect that needs to be considered is how you are going to finance your investment. Once that is sorted out, you are on safer grounds.

The truth is that most people want to make money with little effort. This can be done with a little effort. If you dream to lead a more comfortable life, you have to focus on what you plan to do. This should be done daily, plan and visualize how to turn it into reality. There are many ways of making money but here are the 15 ways to make money while you sleep.

Start a blog

Launching your own blog will ensure that you will be earning income while you sleep. It takes a few minutes to create a simple blog. You will have to buy a domain name and pay for the hosting services. The critical part is creating content that people would be interested in reading. For instance, if you are a business consultant, create content that shows how you have helped individuals develop their business.

It is important to write only the important topics that are relevant. When you get a good number of followers, you will start making money. You can also earn commissions through affiliate marketing. This can be done by pushing other individual’s products or services on your site. To remain relevant, make sure these products and services suit and fit with your blog.

There are companies which run affiliate marketing such as eBay. You can register with them and get a unique code. You will then be pushing their products on your site and get commissions through each visitor who clicks it. The good part of it is that once you have started pushing these products, you get easy money. There will be no need to stay the whole day managing the site. The blog will just be making money and you can cash in whenever you want.

When your site has a good following and is an affiliate, the advertisers can buy ads on your site. The trick is to start small by charging a reasonable fee from the advertiser. This can be raised once you get substantial clients. Then the fee can be negotiated upwards to reach your desired target. You will need to ensure that the site maintains its high-quality content. The combination of high-traffic and quality will attract many advertisers.

Sell your own information product

Selling ebooks is one of the easiest businesses you can go into. The hard work involves writing the book and after that, you will focus on marketing it. Once the ebook is on the market, you can relax and the customers will be buying it. Getting a niche market will be the first step. Ensure that it’s an area which will attract a lot of interest from your targeted audience.

You can write about sixty to eighty pages of the book. The content should be rich and focused on solving the solutions which the customers are seeking. It will be ideal to write content that is in the area of your specialization. If you are a marketing expert, then write an ebook related to your field of expertise. This will make it easier to write as you already know the field.

The marketing of an ebook is another important area that has to be considered. The good thing is that there are various ways in which you can sell the book. There are platforms such as the Amazon’s Kindle which will offer you with the selling opportunity. Should you consider selling it on your own, then put it on your blog. You will make more money by selling it yourself.

The good part of selling through the commercial sites like the Amazon is that they will do all the marketing. The returns are lower but a lot of workloads is removed from your shoulders. They will pay you at the end of the month. While the book is on the market you can sleep and just wait to cash-in. Writing another book while the other is on the market is a good strategy. This will help you increase your earnings when more books are on the market.

Earn royalties

Earning royalties is possibly one of the best ways of making money while you sleep. You don’t have to be an artist to earn money. Most of the industries provide opportunities where you can get royalties with just a little work. For instance, there are information publishing companies that seek individuals to write their instructional manuals. You can offer to work on these manuals and earn some income.

These companies have a large clientele base and this means the manuals won’t be sold at once. They will keep selling them for a couple of months or even years. This means that you will get a good fee upfront. You will also receive royalties every month as long as they keep on selling it to their clients. It’s better when the company has a growing number of customers.

It will involve hard work to write them but can enjoy a good income when the royalties start flowing in. Develop a good working relationship with the information publishing company and get more opportunities for this work. If you can clinch two or more deals, then you can enjoy your sleep while making money. There are several industries offering these chance.

Another way of ensuring that you can make money through royalties is by creating children games. Most children enjoy playing games in their free time. Look for a manufacturer that can take your game and sell it. You will earn royalties on each sale that they make on your game. Most of the paychecks are made quarterly and you can relax while waiting for your money. Creating two or more games will give you more income.

Create a membership community

A membership community site is where people can join to get a product or service that you are offering. This is a great opportunity where you can make money by charging a monthly fee for them to access what you are offering. For example, you can provide a membership site and write articles or checklists. People are always looking for membership sites to get information.

Content membership can be offered through email. The members can access the information on the online member’s area. The content posted in the area will only be read by the member at any time they want to. Alternatively, you can provide the information through training or webinar at a scheduled time. In that way, the members can access the information depending on the time that the content is made available.

The good thing about the membership community is that you will have a steady income. You will need to have a good number of members and retain them to ensure good returns. The idea is to have a loyal community and this can be achieved if your site provides high-quality content. It will be easier to get more members when the quality is good through referrals from the members that are on your site.

To ensure that you have plenty of time to relax, you can automate the site. This will automatically provide content. You will need to get current content in your niche so that your members are getting high-quality content. Retaining membership is the secret of successfully making the targeted income. Don’t go back on your promise to provide content at the agreed time like bi-weekly or monthly.

Install an autoresponder

An email is a trusted way to keep in touch with your loyal customers. Most people will click your website and forget it unless you go back to them through email. To build your targeted clientele base and get money through your blog then use an autoresponder. The email will get them back to your blog. An email is flexible and you will need to get an emailing list.

The rest of the autoresponder emails will consider what your website is offering the customers. The common online business that is viable is using autoresponder to sell services, products or membership. Most people will leave their email address on your site. They receive an automated email that has a link to your products or services. An email autoresponder with loyal subscribers is a sure way of making money.

Get subscribers who are interested in what you are offering on your site. There is no need to include subscribers that show no interest as it will make your work tedious for nothing. Therefore, create a high-quality list that has ideal targeted customers. Your website should focus on getting email subscribers. It will be important to remove all distractions on the site to ensure the opt-in forms are clearly visible. Your email autoresponder will make money when you sell a product or service.

Get an affiliate link by getting popular brands that already use affiliate programs. Another way you can make money is by selling your own products or services. For example, you can decide to write an ebook which can be sold using the autoresponder. It will require more effort to write the ebooks. Once that’s done there will be no more work when all these are in place.

Flip websites

The websites have become a popular way of staying in touch with your customers. It is easy to get a website and anyone can build a basic website. Things could not have been easier as well because Flippa is providing an opportunity for everyone to sell their websites. Flippa has become a marketplace where you can buy and sell a website. There are many people available that are looking to buy websites.

The good part with Flippa is that it has a large following and has great tools to increase your website’s visibility. You will need to determine what your website will be about. Then get a niche topic for the targeted audience. For example, you can consider writing about health and traveling tips which are highly sought after. The idea is to get a large following and this will make the site favorable.

Building a website is cheaper and if you don’t have the required skills, you can teach yourself. Another way is to get a web developer so that it can be done faster. The site can be built in WordPress because the buyers are comfortable with it. You will need high-quality content to go with it. The reviews from the customers will make it attractive to the buyers.

When everything is in place and has a good amount of traffic and reviews, auction it on Flippa. It will be significant to create a good description of your website. It should be well-written and professionally-looking to get the desired interest from the market-place. You can take an initiative by reaching out to prospects. This will help you sell it quickly.

Sell online course

If you have a teaching, then this will be a good way to make money. There are many people that are looking for the online courses. You can invest your time and energy by writing these courses for students. It would be better if they are written in your area of specialization. This will make it easier and faster to complete writing them. The perfect time for doing this will be when you have school holidays.

There are several websites that require these courses and you can sell to them. Another way is to have your own website where you offer this service. The good part of selling them on your own is that you will maximize your returns. The investment is really small and the main part is to market the materials. The materials can be sold for a long time and you will just be waiting to get your money.

If you don’t like the marketing part of this, then consider to sell them through other websites. The income may be small but you are assured of getting money after the sales are done. There are people who want to advance their education and look for these online courses. If you are teaching, tell your students that you are selling the online courses. The students will spread the news to potential clients.

It is important when the students are satisfied with your work. This will encourage them to recommend your services to their friends. The students looking for your courses may even come from other schools. There are other local tutoring companies where you can sell them the courses. These firms may not have ideal course especially related to your field. The good thing is that you write once and enjoy the financial returns.

Invest in stocks or shares

The stock exchange has become a common way of making money even when you are working or not working. You can buy stocks on the stock market to generate extra income and your involvement is almost zero. First, you have to buy a share of stock from a company which wants to be listed on the stock exchange. The firms sell their stock to the public. You can research and invest in your known via the internet.

The companies’ offer to sell to the public is known as an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This is done to raise funds for the company. When you buy the shares in these firms, you are essentially buying the right to your pro-rata profits. This also includes what the company will make in the future. To make money, it will depend on how the management and directors of the company make use of your funds.

When the company has generated the profits, they will pay you a cash dividend or return on your investment. You will make more funds when they return on your investment. It doesn’t matter what option you choose, at the end of the day you will make extra money on your investment. To make more money you can reinvest your money when the return is good.

The increase in share price is what will enable you to make money on the stock exchange. It is, therefore, important to make a decision to reinvest in the company after assessing its performance. This can be done by determining the management efficiency when using the shareholder’s funds. It’s easier with the internet to get all the information regarding the company.

Peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending is when people use the internet to lend or borrow money from other people without using a bank. It’ s an easier way to borrow funds without going stringent underwriting processes that happen in the banks. If you are lending your funds, you get more returns through the interest that is accrued. On top of that, there is no limit on how much you can lend out.

The borrowers are graded based on their credit history, type of loan and the funds that they want. You can make good money with small risk if you lend to those with a good credit history. If you consider having a high return on your money, then lend to people with high-interest rates. These are the clients who have a bad credit history and are high risk.

There are many peer-to-peer platforms that are available. These include personal loans, medical debts, and home mortgages. What makes these kinds of loans unique is that each one has a different interest rate. The chance of making a high profit is good when you invest in borrowers with remarkable credit. You can also diversify and invest in several borrowers.

You can use a loan screener to find out the type of loans that meet particular borrowers. This will prevent you from investing in a risky borrower. There are several lending platforms that will alert you the default rate for the borrowers. Some of the platforms you can use include Lending Club, Prosper, and Upstart. It is easy to make money with this lending you can get your funds plus interest back while doing nothing.

Rent out property

Owning property that can generate income is a better way to make money. To maintain a house or apartment where you are living can be quite expensive. But, if you have another house or apartment that is available for rent, you can make money with it. The money can be used to pay for maintenance expenses and still have remaining cash. When you become a landlord, you can improve financially. Airbnb revolution has now opened up lots of opportunities to rent out your property to guests from all over the world.

There can be a significant amount of earnings if you do maintenance works yourself. You can earn a small amount of money when you are starting with a single property. When you expand your property portfolio to two or more, you may need expert contractors to help you. You can build sustainable and good relationships with the contractor. This will help both sides to trust each other.

Being a landlord means that you will be dealing with people. Some tenants can be a problem to handle and you will have to screen them. This will enable you to choose the appropriate tenants to live in your house or apartment. This doesn’t mean that the property has to be vacant because you don’t like the tenant. You can accept the tenant in order to maintain a good cash flow.

The most important thing is to get a location where the monthly rental properties are not competitive. The best places to get rental property include areas near the airport, schools and theme parks. It will be ideal to charge a high enough rent to cover your expenses. This will ensure that you have a good income every month. Rental business will allow you get a sound sleep because most of the time you will have nothing to do.

Hire a middleman

A middleman is someone who will take your products or services to the customers. Most middlemen specialize in a specific product or services and sell to a specific geographic market. As a result, they sell to buyers in a particular market segment. They know their customers and are well-connected. With their good distribution channels, your products or services will sell fast.

They have an efficient business model and they make a mark up to make their own profit. This is good for your business because you will still make your intended profit margins. Furthermore, they take away the work of taking the products to the market which can be very involving. All that you will need is to supply the middleman with the products and wait for the money when they are sold.

This is a simple way of getting someone work for you. For instance, a middleman always represents your interest and will get supplies from your business. Then they sell these products to their targeted customers. In most cases, the customers may not know the supplier because the products can be repackaged by the middleman. It works better for your business to grow the distribution of the products.

The experience and capacity of these middlemen will grow your business. They do a lot of work which is quite involving. As a result, you will find that your work is drastically reduced. When you get a steady and reliable middleman to work for you, there can be good money coming in. The most important thing is to ensure that the products are of good quality. This will create high demand for them by the customers.

Join the Sharing Economy

A sharing economy is when people borrow or rent their assets from each other. If you have an asset such as a spare bedroom, car or even an entire house, these can be shared. You can use an internet, apps, and mobile devices to connect with people. There are many that are looking for the kind of asset that you have which you may not be using at the time. This is a simple way for you to get cash.

There are people use a public transport and need to use a car sometimes. When going out of the area, a car may be needed to travel. They find that getting a taxi to hire is expensive for their trips. The rental cars can also have higher fees. In the sharing economy platform, people can get locally available cars at cheap price. The benefit is both ways, you will make a little cash on your car while the client saves money.

The other way is to use your house or apartment to share with someone. The spare bedroom can be rented out to someone over Airbnb. Ensure that the room is turned into a one-room hotel. Alternatively, rent out the entire house if you are going out for a holiday. This will enable you to make some passive money while you are not around. There are people that look for a place for a week or month.

There are many platforms that you can use to rent out your assets. You can check on the internet the platforms that provide sharing economy services. For instance, your car can be rent out to Turo and Carpool. The camera can be rent out to CameraLends and a bike can be lent on Spinlisters. The most important thing is that your asset will make you money.

Dog services

There are many people who keep pets around their homes. If you have a passion for pets, then this is a good way to make income. People are always going out for day outings and even holidays and cannot leave their pets an unattended. This is where your business comes in by taking care of them when the owners are not available. You can employ professional dog walkers to work for you.

Most homeowners want their pets to be in familiar environments. In that case, they want the pet services to take care of their animals in their homes. The people working under you should be available to go into these homes and render their services. This normally happens for short periods of time but the rewards are good. Actually, you will relax at home while the professional staff is working for you.

The business is easy to do and you should strive to do it on a small scale. This will enable you to create a dedicated client base. Consider increasing the number of staff as the business grows. To make more income, increase the portfolio of services such as dog walking and disciplining. You can include teaching untrained dogs. The extra income will enable you to live a comfortable life.

To make it easier for the business to take off, work in the geographic area where you live. The local community will know you and it will be easier to penetrate the market. The fees for handling the dogs should reflect on the kind of services that you offer. There can be short or long-term fees depending on the length of time that you will be giving the services.

Vending Machines

There are many different kinds of vending machines available that can give you a good income. The good side of them is that there is literary a small work involved to manage them. When you get the machines such as the soda machine, you will need to install it in the right place. The machine has to be strategically placed in a shop or place where people can easily access it.

The only work which may take a little of your time and energy is to stock the machine. The products will not even take a big chunk of your capital if you do your research properly. After stocking, you will be waiting to cash-in from the sales at the end of a week or month. On some occasions, you may need to check the performance of your products. The idea is to ensure that you don’t run out of products.

There are some property owners who may demand a high fee for the machines to be placed in specific areas. Be ready to pay them whenever it is required. The transportation costs and restocking are all that you will be worried about. Otherwise, you can spend days doing nothing at all. To make even more money, you can buy two or more machines. This will increase the money you make at the end of the month.

When the business grows, you can employ someone to manage the machines. This will help you avoid the work of restocking the machines. If the places are put in busy areas, the investment can really pay you handsomely. The bigger and more vending machines should be the goal of your business plan. There are always people looking for refreshments on a daily basis.

A YouTube Channel

People are making substantial amounts of money by uploading their original videos on YouTube. The video games are one of the services that most people want to watch. It only requires getting an excellent recording of the video from your computer. This will enable the people YouTube to watch you play the game. To get a good following, the audio and picture need to be very good.

It may be necessary to source a good screen capture program that is able to record the videos. It’s also necessary to show your face and actions when playing the game. Good personality and presentation skills are important. The idea is to make people like your game. These are what most of the viewers are seeking to see. When you have a good recording, you can upload the video to the site.

People don’t want to watch a game where you are not exhibiting your energy or interest. Your reactions are key for them to like you and the game. In the initial stages, it will need you to upload the videos regularly. This can be done on a daily basis until you get a good number of followers. It’s the only way that will ensure that in the long-run, will make you earn huge amounts of money.

When you have a huge following, you will attract the advertisers that YouTube puts on your videos. This is the reason you need high-quality videos that are not offensive. To increase your revenue, you can make a number of different video games and upload them to YouTube. There is no limit to the number of videos that are required. In that case, your monthly income can be more.