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Undiscovered Places Around The World That Everyone Must Visit

MonicaOctober 27, 2022

Boa Vista, Cape Verde

If Africa isn’t high on your radar, it will be after you read about one of the best-undiscovered places in the world. Off the west coast of Africa is an archipelago called Cape Verde. Most travelers head to the island of Sal and miss the best part of the destination. Sal is a complete contrast to Boa Vista, which is home to an island of sea turtles, colorful villages, and beaches with soft sand and turquoise water. This is where you can turn off your phone, relax, and unwind for a few days. There’s no better way to hit the reset button than lounging in paradise (via Hostelworld). 


Pokhara, Nepal

Many tourists head to Kathmandu, but it’s Pokhara where you’ll want to spend your days relaxing. Even though it’s the second biggest city in Nepal, not many travelers realize it exists. It’s home to a beautiful, vast lake and views of the Himalayan mountains. It’s the perfect place to unwind after trekking for weeks on end through the Himalayas. Why not put your feet up, sip a chai tea, and take in the views? We deserve to treat ourselves once in a while (via Nepal Hiking Team). 



Even though we’ve all heard of Antarctica, do you know you could visit it? It’s one of the most undiscovered places in the world, considering how hard it is to get to. As a traveler, you need to embark on a long expedition with a reputable company to see the seventh continent. Its extreme climates make it uninhabitable. Because it’s too difficult to live there, scientists only stay at the research stations. It has unstable icy grounds and tundra that make it impossible to explore. Luckily, we have powerful, advanced equipment that helps scientists study the phenomenon of Antarctica (via Flamingoof). 


Imsouane, Morocco

Many travelers head to Marrakech or Casablanca when they arrive in Morocco. But for a more private experience with a lot of surf, head to Imsouane. It’s one of the most undiscovered places on earth. Not only that, but it’s home to Africa’s longest bay. It’s here you’ll find secluded rock pools and footpaths along the cliffs. There are cute beach cafes and surf rentals. Not only that, but if you like longboarding, you can hit the streets here and skate around town (via The Surf Atlas). 


Fusterlandia, Havana, Cuba

Cuba is one of the most undiscovered countries in the world given it is practically untouched by tourism. Not many people have made their way to this tiny island, which makes it even more of a reason to go. Havana is a vibrant, colorful city that looks like it was frozen in the 1950s. You won’t find any famous franchises here. It’s charming and probably one of the last authentic places on earth. Fusterlandia is a quiet neighborhood that’s home to public art installations from local artist Jose Fuster, also known as the ‘Picasso of the Caribbean.” You’ll find magical sculptures of beings swimming through pools and walking upstairs. It’s a colorful sight that’s unlike any place in the world (via Hostelworld). 


Namib Desert, South Africa

One of the driest, most undiscovered places in the world exists in South Africa, in the Namib Desert. The Southern region of the desert is mostly unexplored. It’s also said to be one of the earth’s oldest deserts. Namib means “vast place” in the language of Khoekhoegowab, which is certainly fitting for this dry, desolate place. Overall, it’s a gorgeous landscape with contrasting colors that’ll shock you with its beauty. Just look at those dunes against the ocean, it looks like a place from Mars (via Flamingoof). 


Bazaruto Island, Mozambique

Bazaruto Island is heaven on earth. It’s known as “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean,” and lives up to its name. The island is located off the coast of Mozambique and boasts incredible landscapes of coral and dunes created by the erosion of the Limpopo River. It’s suspended in the middle of the ocean and is a landscape that not many people will ever see in their lifetime. Calling it pristine is an understatement, and you’ll probably never want to leave once you step foot on its soft sand and take a dip in the blue water (via Hostelworld). 


Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country south of India. It boasts wild elephants, spectacular waterfalls, and some of the best surfing in the world. Even though it’s quite touristy, it’s still one of the most undiscovered places in the world. Backpackers and travelers flock to its beaches and hillsides, and once you set foot on the island, you’ll see why. Jaffna is a vibrant city with a Hindu Temple and pre-colonial artifacts. It’s a city where you’ll learn about the history of Sri Lanka in a way that many people miss out on (via Hostelworld). 


Nagaland, India

Home to the Konyak Tribe, Nagaland is where you’ll find some of the last living headhunters in the world. Before the 1970s, the tribes in Nagaland used to fight until death. The winner would keep the skull as a trophy and wear it symbolically wear a golden skull around their neck to show how many people they’ve killed. While this may sound terrifying, they don’t practice this anymore. Christian missionaries came in and stopped the practices in the 1970s. One of the biggest draws about visiting the tribe is seeing the men with their tattooed faces. It’s quite the journey to get here, it involves an overnight bus and another four-hour jeep ride. But overall it’s worth the journey (via Tour My India). 


Belleville, Paris, France

It may come as a surprise that Paris is on this list considering it one of the most touristy places in the world. With the Eiffel Tower, cafes, restaurants, and wine, many people from around the world flock to this city. It’s also one of the most romantic destinations in the world since love is certainly in the air. But there are more undiscovered places in Paris to fall in love with, and one of them is Belleville. It is a neighborhood that’s packed full of culture and charm. It has gorgeous street art, crepes, and hipster hangouts that most people miss out on when they visit Paris (via Hostelworld). 


Caño Cristales, Colombia

You’ve probably heard of Bogota, Colombia, but you may not have heard of the river Caño Cristales. There are numerous undiscovered places in Colombia, and that’s one of them. Seriously, it’s so spectacular it should be considered the eighth wonder of the world. This is where you’ll find waterfalls and rare local flora you’ll only see here. For half of the year, Caño Cristales takes on a vibrant beautiful yellow, green, red, and black color. This is because of the ‘macarenia clavigeria’ phenomenon, which is a plant. This plant has magic powers because it turns an entire river into a rainbow wonderland (via Hostelworld). 


Island Ishigaki, Japan

Japan is another island in the world that’s full of undiscovered places. Most people visit Tokyo, and for good reason. But there’s way more to the country than meets the eye. The island Ishigaki is home to green cliffs and cerulean blue water. This is where you’ll find paradise, nestled amongst big cities with towering buildings. It almost looks like you’ve stepped foot into the Caribbean. Kabira Bay is another sight on the island you can’t miss (via Hostelworld). 


Cape Melville, Australia

Even though Cape Melville is only 900 miles from Brisbane, an incredibly popular city in Australia, it’s still one of the most undiscovered places on earth. The rainforest habitat is a stark contrast to the bustling city, and it’s here where you can immerse yourself in the lush greenery and flora, and fauna of Australia. It’s considered one of the lost worlds of Australia, and the most distinctive part of the national park is its granite boulder pile (via Mental Floss). 


Salween River, China

Because China is one of the biggest countries in the world, it may come as no surprise that it’s also full of undiscovered places. The Salween River runs directly through China and Thailand. It’s one of the longest rivers in Southeast Asia, which is why there’s so much beautiful land along the banks. It’s also home to vast marine life and plants deep underneath the river’s surface (via Flamingoof). 


Little Andaman, India

The Andaman Islands are a chain of islands in the Indian Ocean. Havelock Island is the most visited one of the bunch since it’s the easiest to get to. But the further out you go, the more rugged islands you’ll come across, Little Andaman being one of them. It’s one of the most undiscovered places in India and is home to crocodiles, jungles, and pristine beaches. Not many people make the long boat journey to Little Andaman, but those who do are grateful. You’ll have the entire island to yourself. That’s rare nowadays (via Thrillophilia). 


Meteora, Greece

Greece is a popular destination among travelers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not full of undiscovered places. The UNESCO site of Meteroa is one of those places. It’s located in Thessaly and is certainly a bucket list destination. It has one of the largest Eastern Orthodox monasteries in the world. There are six monasteries altogether, and they’re built on immense natural, towering pillars. It’s certainly nothing like you’ve seen before (via Hostelworld). 


Lake Bohinj, Slovenia 

Slovenia is a country that skips the tourist radar, but those who do make it usually head straight to Lake Bled. But there’s another, lesser-known lake just past Lake Bled, and that’s Lake Bohinj. It’s perfect if you’re seeking peacefulness and tranquility since not many tourists make it there. The lake is reachable by bus, and there are several guesthouses near the lake, as well as tons of hiking trails into the mountains. It’s considered an outdoor playground and is a breathtaking off-the-beaten-path location in Europe (via Earth Trekkers). 



Greenland misses the tourist’s radar, considering how inaccessible it is. The entire country is one of the most undiscovered places on earth. It’s untouched and pristine and is probably one of the last places on earth that are left so unspoiled. Many remote parts of Greenland are nearly impossible to access and are only accessible by a small airplane or long boat ride. Because it’s so beautiful and full of nature, it’s an ideal destination for any adventure lover. It’s similar to Iceland but less developed than the neighboring country. You’ll see vast, icy landscapes, small, cozy towns, and dogs that look as big as wolves (via Flamingoof). 


Almaty, Kazakhstan

Not many people make it here, but those who do are rewarded with incredible sights and unique cities. Almaty is a city nestled near the border of Kyrgyzstan. While the city itself boasts delicious restaurants, cafes, and a colorful church, it’s the nature near the city that makes it one of the most undiscovered places in the world. Nearby is the Big Almaty Lake, a stunning turquoise blue lake in the mountains, Kok Tobe Mountain, and Charyn Canyon, known as the Grand Canyon’s Little Brother. Kazakhstan has some of the most stunning nature in the world, so get there before everyone else figures it out (via Dook International).


Musandam Fjords, Oman

Only a small number of tourists make it to Oman, a country in the Persian Gulf. Not many people know about the country. It’s only recently that it’s gotten picked up on the traveler’s radar as one of the most undiscovered places on earth. Now is the best time to visit, before its tourism economy booms. It’s home to expansive cities, barren deserts, and fjords. If you’re an adventurous traveler, you can kayak along the fjords and take in the turquoise water and towering cliffs. You may even spot a wild dolphin if you’re lucky (via Hostelworld). 


Pai, Thailand 

Chiang Mai and Bangkok are two of the most popular cities in Thailand. But what many travelers miss is Pai, a tiny mountain town located four hours away from Chiang Mai. it attracts many backpackers seeking yoga, meditation, and vegan food. You’ll also find lively bars playing electronic dance music, tons of hikes snaking through the jungle to secluded waterfalls, and some of the best sunsets in the country. It’s no wonder why people who go to Pai end up staying for months or even years on end (via Southeast Asia Backpacker).


Dominica Island

If green is your favorite color, then you have to make your way to Dominica Island, which is nicknamed the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean.” It has some of the most untouched, unspoiled beauty in the world. Some of the best parts of the island include tropical rainforests, Boiling Lake, and Champagne Reef. There’s also an underwater volcano and the Morne Toris Piton National Park. All of these natural wonders cannot be missed, and it’s the only place in the world where you’ll have all of these in one place. It’s one of the world’s best-kept secrets. If you can make it to this Caribbean island before the rest of the world discovers, you’re in for a treat (via Hostelworld). 


Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan

Rarely do any travelers make it to Bhutan. It’s partly due to the tourist fee, which is $250 per day. The upside to that fee is that everything is included, so you don’t have to spend any more money once you set foot in Bhutan. That being said, Bhutan is home to some of the most undiscovered places in the world, and that includes the Tiger’s Nest. It has a precarious location, and its backstory involves a bit of mystery. It’s said that in the 8th century, Guru Padmasambhava flew on the back of a winged tiger in Paro Valley. He soared more than 3,000 meters high and landed on Tiger’s Nest, where he meditated for three years, three months, three weeks, three days, and three hours. Now, it’s home to seven temples, which takes five hours to reach. It has some of the most untouched scenery in the world and is an incredibly exciting place to visit, especially if you’re adventurous at heart (via Hostelworld). 


Hidden Beach, Playa Del Amor, Mexico

For some of the best beaches in the world, head to Mexico. There are quite a few undiscovered places in this country that’ll make you gasp with their beauty. Everyone heads to Tulum and Cancun, two of the most touristic spots in the country. But there’s another, lesser-visited spot, and that’s Playa Del Amor. It’s located on the Marietas Islands and is easily accessible from Puerto Vallarta. This is where you’ll find an array of marine life and ocean water reaching down to 110 feet. The beach itself is a hidden cove that was formed from a gigantic crater (via Hostelworld).