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Top 30 Successes & Failures Of Elon Musk

Trista August 6, 2020
He seems to be a kid at heart with bright ideas that any imaginative child would want to see come to life. Shutterstock.

13. A Visionary

With his recent business successes and the success of what looked to be business flops such as PayPal, one might be tempted to think that Elon Musk set out to become a successful businessman. But that’s simply not true.

Musk is, first and foremost, a visionary who uses his resources to turn his dreams into reality. Sometimes, those dreams succeed. Furthermore, more often than not, those dreams fail or fail before achieving (as in the case of SpaceX). The important thing is not that he failed or succeeded, but that he never gave up.

.Despite his failures, Elon Musk never gave up on his dreams. Shutterstock.

12. SpaceX Was A Dream That Became Successful

Back in the early 2000s when Musk began SpaceX, it looked like something straight out of Isaac Asimov’s science fiction story. And for good reason – Asimov’s novels were part of the inspiration. SpaceX was a dream that was not necessarily destined to become successful. Nevertheless, ultimately it did.

Very few people have the genius and the resources of Musk. But we can all learn something valuable from his life: failures are just as important as successes, and failing is an essential part of ultimately becoming successful. Without all the shortcomings that he had along the way, Musk may have never become the icon that he is today.

Sine Musk cares so much about the environment, alternative energy has been a main focus. Shutterstock.

11. Another Venture

Solar City was something that Musk co-founded back in 2006 with two of his cousins, Peter and Lyndon Rive. The company provided solar power to cities across the United States and became the second-largest provider in the country.

In 2016, Tesla acquired Solar City. Together, they are two significant efforts that Musk has been a part of to help combat climate change. Solar City provides the photovoltaic chargers that power Tesla vehicles, and it is also expanding the infrastructure of solar power so that it becomes more accessible. In other words, Musk is dedicating his life to helping us get off of fossil fuels and stop climate change.

If you had endless money accessible, would you go the AI route? Shutterstock.

10. Artificial Intelligence

Musk did not set out to become immensely wealthy, though he certainly did. He set out to turn his dreams into reality, whether they were failures or successes. In 2015, he launched a nonprofit that would embody his ideas to further research and development of artificial intelligence.

OpenAI seeks to develop artificial intelligence that is safe for humanity, as opposed to the robots-take-over-the-world scenarios of apocalyptic thrillers such as I, Robot and The Matrix. The goal of OpenAI is to “counteract large corporations who may gain too much power by owning super-intelligence systems devoted to profits, as well as governments which may use AI to gain power and even oppress their citizenry.”

Elon Musk has some bold ideas, including one about a train that spans nearly 1,000 miles with individual pods. Shutterstock.

9. The Hyperloop

The Hyperloop may be the most ambitious of all of Musk’s brainchildren. It is a long-distance train (theoretically, it could span 930 miles) that uses air cushions and low pressure instead of tracks. Instead of sitting in train cars, travelers have their own pods.

This joint project between Tesla and SpaceX may sound even more bizarre than helping colonize Mars, but that may only be because nobody else thought of it first. The proposed route will go from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Musk has already called for developers to begin designing the pods and started work on the tunnel.

Some of this stuff is ahead of our time. Shutterstock.

8. The Boring Company And Neuralink

Neuralink is a company that aims to integrate human intelligence with artificial intelligence. The concept is undoubtedly impressive, but is it viable? Elon Musk thinks so.

The Boring Company is less dull than it sounds. The concept began when Musk was stuck in traffic and sent a Tweet about building a boring machine and digging tunnels. Furthermore, that’s precisely what he did. The Boring Company has been working with regulatory bodies to use its technology to dig tunnels, such as the tunnels for Hyperloop.

It only makes sense that one wealthy person would support another, but things quickly changed. Shutterstock.

7. A Cautious Supporter Of Donald Trump

Musk has some well-developed political views, and he considers himself to be half-Democrat, half-Republican. Seeing as he is trying to facilitate colonization of Mars, he has already developed a plan for its government – a direct democracy in which the people have a direct say in the goings-on of their government.

He initially expressed criticism of Donald Trump, due to what he saw as a flawed character that lacked the integrity necessary to lead the country on a global stage. Nevertheless, he softened his stance and later became a member of two councils that advised the president.

Elon Musk cares a lot about climate change. Shutterstock.

6. The Paris Climate Agreement

The Paris Climate Agreement is an international treaty in which countries agree to plans that will prevent the world from heating up by more than two degrees Celsius. The goal is to slow down climate change and hopefully begin to reverse it.

When President Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, Musk left the two advisory councils that he served on. He insists that climate change is real, and addressing it needs to be a foremost concern for any government in the world today. Many of his business ventures are designed to move society away from fossil fuels to help reverse climate change.

If you care about having a cleaner environment, SpaceX might be able to help. Shutterstock.

5. Developing Greener Fuels

NASA and SpaceX have been partnering to use greener fuels with fewer emissions and less toxicity to power people and rockets into space. This achievement is certainly noteworthy, but also a point of criticism for Musk, an ardent advocate for reversing our dependence on fossil fuels.

Many of SpaceX’s rockets have used kerosene, a by-product of oil processing, as fuel, and even the cleaner fuels still have emissions that are dangerous for the environment. Some people think that if Musk is going to follow through on his commitment to the environment, he has to develop fuels that are emission-free.

The alternative energy company is based in Palo Alto, California.

4. A Fortune 500 Company

Tesla, what looked like a small-town start-up back in 2003, is now one of the most successful companies in the world. Its emissions-free cars have become so popular that factories are operating around the clock to keep up with orders. In 2017, the company was inducted into Fortune 500.

However, with this immense success comes the criticism that the working conditions at Tesla factories are unsafe. Workers are forced to work long hours without taking enough breaks, and at one point, Musk admitted that he was sleeping on the floor in his office.

Elon Musk is only human, which means he has said some controversial things that not everybody likes. Shutterstock.

3. Under Fir

In 2017, Musk announced that he wanted to take Tesla private, which would mean a massive restructuring of the company. Some shareholders complained that he was making misleading claims to increase the share price, and the Securities And Exchange Commission got involved. Tesla remains a publicly-traded company.

Following his role in the rescue attempt of a group of boys who became trapped in a cave in Thailand, lawsuits were filed against Musk for defamation. Specifically, he made a Tweet accusing one of the rescuers of being a pedophile. The accusation was false, and Musk later deleted the Tweets.

Interviews and Twitter often get people in trouble. Shutterstock.

2. Doesn’t Mix Well With Success

Though Musk has been the CEO of Tesla since 2008 and is the longest-serving CEO of an automobile company, the Securities And Exchange Commission requested that Musk not be allowed to serve as CEO in a publicly-traded company. This action is due to some public comments that Musk made about Tesla. A board now oversees him and his communications.

Maybe his dreaming works best when he is beset by failures and setbacks and has to muster up the courage to continue pursuing what he loves. Visionaries don’t work for financial success, and acquiring a vast fortune has turned previous visionaries into business people.

Without Musk, the internet, automobiles, and exploration would be completely different. Shutterstock.

1. Shaping The Twenty-First Century

Musk’s dreams have become a reality, from launching an internet payment service to building rockets because he got spit on by a Russian official. From helping to develop concept electric cars to imagining something called a Hyperloop. All of these have taken society far into the future.

He has mainstreamed the possibility of using technology not requiring fossil fuels and developing infrastructure that supports renewable energy. He encourages progress that does not harm the environment and create additional climate change, making him a man of his century.


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