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Real People Share Stories About Everyday Items That Made Them Rich

TristaApril 6, 2021
The right Funko Pop can sell on the collector’s market for hundreds. Credit: Pixabay

3. Funko Pop Items

Funko Pops are those cutesy pop-culture collectibles. They will be filling landfills for centuries. However, for now, they are notoriously collectible. Some limited editions and older models sell for hundreds and even thousands. Many Redditors shared experiences of finding cheap Funko Pops at yard sales and thrift stores and cashing in big. One Redditor shared that a Funko Pop was their biggest flip purchase, “A funko pop vinyl figure, paid 9.99 sold for 199.99.” An immediate $190 profit is pretty incredible for a piece of vinyl! Flipping Funko Pops is such a popular side hustle that the /r/flipping subreddit has entire threads dedicated to it.

Dedicated Funko Pop flippers have even created online price guides to help newbie Pop flippers learn the ropes. Some people even speculate on new release Funko Pops from popular television shows or video games. They buy large quantities and hold onto them to believe that their value will increase over time due to scarcity. However, Redditors also warn that Funko Pop flipping is a heavily saturated market. Many antique dealers and flippers know to grab Funko Pops at low prices. However, others said they’d made enormous profits from speculating and hunting for rarer Pops at thrift stores and flea markets.

Certain Starbucks mugs are in incredible demand and sell for hundreds! Credit: Pixabay

2. Starbucks Mugs 

We’ve all probably had or at least used a Starbucks mug at some point in our lives since the mermaid logo coffee brand is practically ubiquitous throughout the world. It turns out. Those mugs can have a massive value if you know what to look for. Redditor /u/Tim_MH shared their huge Starbucks haul, “A Starbucks mug, paid $1.29 and just today received an offer of $260 for it.” When people responded with surprise, they explained. The user said, “Starbucks collector series city mugs, some of them are worth ridiculous amounts. The 2010 series, not the newer ones.” Who knew they were collectible!

The cups are so collectible Redditors began discussing the fact that there are fake Starbucks mugs. /u/d5000 shared their experience, “Oh man, I was in Amsterdam over the new year and bought one of those for Amsterdam. It’s one of my favorite mugs and just sits on my shelf as a token of that trip. As an aside, I’ve been looking to get a Raleigh 2006 mug one for SO long. However, they are like $30 and all from China, so I suspect fraud.” Others confirmed that, at that price, they are likely counterfeit mugs. That’s shady coffee business.

Yes, a Redditor made over $1,000 on an asphalt roller from Craigslist. Credit: Pixabay

1. An Asphalt Roller (?)

Easily the strangest rags to riches flip come from Redditor /u/thegogetter222. They shared their story of selling an asphalt roller. The user said, “Bought an asphalt roller off craigslist for $1000, paid $400 to transport it to the scrapyard, scrapyard paid me $2650 = $1250 profit. Took me 4 hours the day of the pickup/dropoff and two quick trips out for inspections prior.” As one reply pointed out, /u/thegogetter222 got a pretty hefty hourly wage for their work, “$312/hour… Nice.” While it probably takes some knowledge to know approximate scrap value, that’s a pretty great return on investment.

The poster shared how they calculated the value in another comment. The user said, “I was just browsing Craigslist one day and noticed this huge asphalt roller for sale. I thought, “that must be heavy,” so I researched the model and got a rough gross weight and called the scrap yard. Not sure of the numbers, but my best case was an approx. $2900 in revenue and the absolute worst case was approx $750. I called ahead and spoke with someone and told them I was bringing it in and when to expect it. Believe it or not, when we arrived the guy said, ‘“Oh, that’s it?! I thought it was going to be much bigger!’” If you want some more reading check out more stories about the first thing Redditors saved up to buy