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Real-Life Stories From People Who Wasted Tons Of Money

Trista March 22, 2021
Cars are already expensive, and modders spend fortunes. Credit: Pixabay

2. Car Mods

Most people are aware of the typical expenses of owning a car. You have to buy the vehicle. However, don’t forget about the monthly payments, insurance, oil changes, registration, and more. What isn’t as well known is the massive amounts of money some people sink into modifying cars just for the sake of it. Redditor /u/cofonseca confessed, “I got really involved in the VW/Audi scene and spent a ton of money building a GTI and an A4. Between engine internals and parts, suspension, brakes, tuning, drivetrain, exterior, wheels, and tires, I had to have spent at least $15k over the course of a few years.”

Others commiserated, with /r/Im_Negan saying, “VWVortex ruined me. I got all the “rare” European OEM parts. The HID headlights were worth it, but all the other stuff wasn’t.” One particularly ridiculous tale was shared by /r/GodMonster, who said of a coworker, “He decided one day that he should put under-car lights on his $300, 1987 Chevy Celebrity. He spent $400 on a fancy set of lights and another $200 to have them installed. […] Then, he decided to show off his $300 1987 Chevy Celebrity with its $800 rims, $500 audio system, and $400 under-car lights, which weren’t particularly legal in our state. He concluded that the best place to do so was the local carnival, sponsored by and held outside of the local police station.”

Redditors share the pain of spending thousands on cigarettes. Credit: Pixabay

1. Burning Up Money

The closest you can come to truly just setting your money on fire is likely cigarettes, given the combustible sticks’ incredibly high cost. Redditor /u/c4ndybar elaborated on this, saying, “Cigarettes. I spent about $24k on cigs between the ages of 16 and 26. Most of the things people are listing are not a total waste (Partying, alcohol, cars, eating out). But cigarettes really are a COMPLETE waste of money and then some. Redditor /u/Magic-Pool confirmed, saying, “Cigarettes. I reckon I spent over 25 grand on tobacco products over a 19 year period. That’s a conservative estimate from a time when they were cheaper.”

More Redditors chimed in, sharing stories of the expense in their areas, with /u/Zhabba_Zeeba saying, “As a former smoker, cigarettes. They were expensive when I smoked, and when I asked my brother (who still smokes), he said he was paying almost $10 a pack! Holy smokes!”/U/janga7 pointed out that some regions face even steeper prices per pack, declaring in response to /u/Zhabba_Zeeba, “That’s nothing. In Australia, they go for $30+.” The discussion was full of price comparisons and lifetime totals that ran in the many thousands of dollars spent on cigarettes over a lifetime of smoking.

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