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Once-Famous Celebs Who Don’t Know No One Cares Anymore

Darren January 23, 2024

It’s safe to say that many celebrities take their stardom for granted and believe that they will always be famous. However, it’s a fickle life because stars can and do burn out very quickly. Few of them can maintain their cultural relevance for multiple generations. But some celebs just don’t know – or can’t accept – that no one cares anymore.

So today we’ll look at celebrities who tried and failed to maintain their superstar status. They keep battling in vain for attention but it’s not working. We’re not talking about the stars who walked away because they had enough. Here’s a list of one-hit wonders who fans just don’t care about anymore.

Jaden Smith

There was a time when it seemed inevitable that Smith would be one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. However, there was one big problem with this. Jaden’s father Will had more interest in making his son a box office draw than he did. The early signs were apparent after he starred opposite Jackie Chan in The Karate Kid.

D543c1d59899 Gettyimages 585111124.jpg

But then there was the disastrous flop that was After Earth and it became clear he had no talent. Meanwhile, Jaden’s sister Willow flourished from an annoying child singer into a genuinely fascinating musician. Maybe it’s harsh to pick on Jaden because his father forced him to chase the fame game (via Unilad).

Rita Ora

There was a time when it appeared Ora would be a superstar. But no one cares anymore despite her many attempts to stay relevant. The British-Albanian musician shot to prominence in 2012 after she made her breakthrough. Her debut album was a success but it was all downhill from here.

Skynews Rita Ora Gq Awards 5258994
Sky News

Since then, Ora’s star has fizzled and she struggles to maintain significance. Now she’s on TV as a judge on the UK version of The Masked Singer. However, her most famous moment in recent years was a party where she cuddled up to Conor McGregor. It’s safe to say that things haven’t turned out the way she wanted (via Sky News).

Kevin Spacey

Spacey reached the pinnacle of Hollywood success after he won an Oscar for American Beauty. Meanwhile, he stayed relevant as the charismatically amoral Francis Underwood on House of Cards. But then there was a notorious sexual assault scandal that stained his reputation and made him a persona non grata.

Vanity Fair

The actor has made multiple attempted comebacks but can’t accept that no one cares anymore. Arguably his worst moment came when Christopher Plummer replaced him on short notice for All The Money In the World. He reshot all of Spacey’s scenes in eight days and received an Oscar nomination (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Keira Knightley

Knightley is one of those unfortunate stars who achieved phenomenal success but lost opportunities. She became a superstar in the 2000s after she starred in Pirates of the Caribbean. The franchise catapulted her into another stratosphere and she became one of the most desirable actresses on the planet.

Keiraknightley 4c732eb5f3254ae78d39091a9e9e75e3

But now the English actress is less popular with directors. She had a starring role in Colette in 2018 with minor success. However, her 2023 appearance in The Boston Strangler went under the radar. It seems that no one cares anymore which is sad because she has so much more to offer (via InStyle).

Chris Brown

Brown is another former star who sowed the seeds of his downfall. The reason that no one cares anymore is because he’s a disgusting human being. Everybody knows that he treated Rihanna brutally and that’s why most decent people despise him. He was massive in the early 2010s before he pleaded guilty to assaulting his fellow superstar.

Chris Brown Dog Bite Lawsuit.jpg
Rolling Stone

Yes, he still has 145 million Instagram followers but this doesn’t tell the full story. His musical success is no longer the same as it was before the world discovered his despicable antics. Meanwhile, Rihanna continues to go from strength to strength so let’s focus on the positives (via The Guardian).

Jennifer Aniston

There was a time when Aniston was on top of the world. She became the most famous and successful member of the Friends cast because of her relationship with Brad Pitt. Soon she became a Hollywood star with a bunch of rom-com appearances. But now no one cares anymore.

200212 Jennifer Aniston Cs 900a
NBC News

The problem is that Aniston is 54 but hasn’t evolved as an actress. She is still playing the same cheesy roles in movies like Netflix’s Murder Mystery. Yes, she won a SAG Award for her work on The Morning Show but she’s no longer the massive draw that she once was (via NBC News).

Jonah Hill

It’s amazing how quickly an actor’s reputation can plummet. Hill became a star after appearing in teen comedies like Superbad. But he won respect as a dramatic actor in Moneyball and Maniac. But then he ruined everything after his ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady revealed his abusive behavior.

Jonah Hill At The World Premiere Of Netflixs Dont Look Up News Photo 1660837905
Men’s Health

Hill was controlling and reportedly had a list of things that she couldn’t do. This included wearing bikinis in Instagram photos as well as her access to her friends. Then another woman accused him of forcibly kissing her when she was 16 and he was 24. It was a spectacular fall from grace for the 22 Jump Street actor (via Men’s Health).

Kim Kardashian

This one will be polarizing but the reality is that no one cares anymore about Kardashian. Yes, she’s still incredibly successful and one of the most powerful women on the planet. But she’s not the star of the Kardashian-Jenner clan anymore. Her young half-sisters Kylie and Kendall are the ones who young women adore now.

Elle Kim Kardashian Met Gala Gettyimages 955778524 1525745624

The reality is that Kim isn’t as young as she used to be. Meanwhile, the Jenner sisters don’t have the same trashy reputation as the Kardashian side of the family. Kendall is a bonafide supermodel while Kylie is one of the Internet’s favorite influencers. Kardashian is trying to become an actress now but only time will tell if she succeeds (via The Richest).

Steven Seagal

Remember when Seagal was one of the biggest action film stars on the planet? He won acclaim after he starred opposite Tommy Lee Jones in Under Siege in 1992. There were a few more big hits throughout the decade but then his career went downhill. He appeared in endless straight-to-video movies and reality TV shows.

Steven Seagal Accusations 2.jpg
Vanity Fair

Then the Aikido master became a figure of notoriety because of his love for Vladimir Putin. He sought Russian citizenship and met the Russian President several times. Meanwhile, many women accused him of sexual assault. Nonetheless, Seagal continues to act like he’s one of the world’s biggest stars but nobody cares anymore (via Sportskeeda).

Amy Schumer

It’s crazy to think that Schumer was originally supposed to be Barbie instead of Margot Robbie. But that shows how big she was for a moment in the 2010s. The comedian won the hearts of women around the world because she refused to play the game. She was crude and this made many men hate her.

Amy Schumer Barbie.jpg

However, the Tony Award winner ran out of gas and doesn’t have the same mainstream appeal anymore. She’s a divisive figure and it will be difficult for her to regain her earlier momentum. Yes, she made some movies but they weren’t massive successes so she’s back on TV again (via The Daily Beast).

Victoria Beckham

Time isn’t kind to pop stars because there is always somebody younger and new. Beckham became a huge star with the Spice Girls at the end of the 1990s. When she married her soccer husband, David, they became one of the sport’s biggest celebrity couples. She dominated the decade in style and social influence.

Vanity Fair

But now she’s almost 50 and she’s no longer the force that she once was. Beckham tries to maintain relevance through her fashion brand but it’s not a massive success. However, her children are receiving more attention so she’s living vicariously through them. The unfortunate reality is no one cares anymore about her (via People).

Liam Neeson

Neeson has had one of the strangest career trajectories ever. The former Star Wars actor won critical acclaim in Schindler’s List and many other movies. Then after starring in blockbusters, he had a late revival as an action movie star. Taken became one of his most iconic roles as he earned a massive cult following.

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Entertainment Weekly

But the Northern Irish actor made too many average action movies with ludicrous premises. The novelty wore off and people began to lose interest in them. Then there was his bizarre admission that he wanted to murder a black man after his friend’s sexual assault. It’s safe to say that his career is running out of gas (via Entertainment Weekly).

Scarlett Johansson

Johansson was a global superstar at the end of the 2010s but now she’s in a vulnerable position. She was one of the world’s biggest sex symbols and most recognizable actresses. The New York native starred in Woody Allen movies before moving on to the Marvel movie franchise and starring as Black Widow.

221214132636 Scarlett Johansson File 111921

However, now she’s getting older and she isn’t evolving as an actress so she’s in a vulnerable position. She had a massive fallout with Disney while her standalone Black Widow movie was a commercial flop. Johansson must take risks because people will stop caring about her very quickly (via Far Out Magazine).

Azealia Banks

Banks should be at the peak of her career right now because she’s in her early thirties. Instead, she’s a polarizing figure and many people don’t have any interest in her. The former MySpace star became one of the biggest names in female hip-hop but then she ruined everything.

Gettyimages 469296634 H 2016.jpg
The Hollywood Reporter

Her Twitter tirades are the stuff of notoriety because she goes on crazy rants. Don’t ask her about trans people because she despises them. Meanwhile, she loves a juicy conspiracy theory and has radical political views. It’s fair to say that most hip-hop lovers don’t care anymore about her (via Pitchfork).

Roman Polanski

Polanski is in his nineties now and still making movies that nobody wants to watch. The French-Polish film director became a Hollywood pariah after he notoriously raped a 13-year-old girl in 1977. He left the United States and became a fugitive from justice in France where he doesn’t face any charges.

The Atlantic

In his heyday, he made iconic movies like Chinatown and The Pianist. He continued making movies in Europe but they didn’t enjoy any mainstream commercial success. An Officer And A Spy is a good example because it achieved critical acclaim but moviegoers don’t like supporting rapists (via The Atlantic).

Ellen DeGeneres

There was a time when DeGeneres was up there with Oprah as one of the most popular TV hosts in the U.S. She dominated the industry as she won Emmy after Emmy. Meanwhile, she even hosted the Oscars when she was at the peak of her fame. But nobody cares anymore because of her workplace scandal.

A47e7ffc2912 Ellen Degeneres Life Away Show T.jpg

However, many of the show’s employees despised her and accused her of creating a toxic workplace. They said that she was a bully and that it was an unsafe environment. Nobody expected that this would be the end but it was. DeGeneres is attempting to make a comeback but it won’t be the same (via Hello!).

Caitlyn Jenner

We’ve already talked about Kim but let’s discuss another member of the Kardashian clan. Caitlyn was the dynasty’s first true star after her Olympic success. Now’s she the most famous trans woman on the planet but she is struggling to remain relevant. The reality is that this isn’t enough to make the 74-year-old interesting.


Now she spends her days arguing about gender and has worked with Fox. The reality TV star also had several lawsuits and fallouts with the LGBTQ+ community. It’s safe to say that she’s one of the least popular members of the Kardashian family. Nobody cares anymore about her because of this (via Nicki Swift).

Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence may seem like an odd inclusion on this list because she was the most lucrative actress on the planet in the mid-2010s. However, then she made some bad movies and took a break from the industry. That’s fair because it took a toll on her mental health and she wanted to live a quieter life (via Cosmopolitan).


Nonetheless, the move damaged her prospects because she’s only making comedies now. Studios aren’t offering her the same big roles as before because they’re moving on. Maybe it’s not true that no one cares about her. But there’s a new batch of actresses like Zendaya, Jenna Ortega, and Millie Bobby Brown moving in.

Sean Kingston

Every so often a song will come on the radio and people remember that Kingston exists. However, no one cares anymore because his career went off the rails. The reggae star was everywhere during the 2000s with the hit song ‘Beautiful Girls.’ But nobody thinks about him now.

Sean Kingston Performing 1700539305627.jpg
Us Weekly

First, he almost died in a jet ski collision and this derailed his career. However, he found obstacles in his path every time he tried to make a comeback. Reportedly punching a man in the face in 2021 didn’t help matters either. Kingston even released a new album in 2022 but it didn’t even make a ripple (via Distractify).

Megan Fox

If people didn’t know who Fox was before Transformers they did after. She instantly became the pin-up girl of the decade as teenage boys lusted after her. This turned her into a box office star but her career fizzled out. A fallout with Michael Bay cost her a role in the third Transformers movie.

230219154731 Megan Fox File 062722 Restricted

Then she joined the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise but this wasn’t a big success. Since then, most people have associated her with her fiancee Machine Gun Kelly. The pair have one of the most public celebrity relationships and their fans obsess over them. But no one cares anymore about her acting (via Elle).

Eddie Murphy

Murphy was a megastar at his peak but then he fell off a cliff. He was in everything from Beverley Hills Cop to Dr. DoLittle. The former comedian dominated the ’80s and ’90s with so many hits. But then after the Shrek franchise finally finished he fell out of the limelight.

Gettyimages 1455636639 H 2023.jpg

He didn’t do much for most of the 2010s before a sudden career revival. Murphy won critical acclaim for Dolemite Is My Name but it wasn’t a huge box office success. Then in a show of desperation, he started churning out sequels to his classic hits like Coming To America. But the problem is that no one cares anymore (via Hollywood Reporter).

Cara Delevinge

Delevinge was one of the most successful models of the 2010s. She was popping up at every social event and dating everyone from Michelle Rodriguez to Ashley Benson. But then she tried to become a movie star and discovered that this wasn’t easy. She made some bad choices including the notorious 2016 Suicide Squad movie.

Cara Delevingne Short Wavy Bob Haircut.jpg

Then she had a role in the fantasy TV show Carnival Row but it didn’t have a massive viewership. Since then Delevinge floated aimlessly because no one cares anymore. It’s difficult to remain relevant in this ultra-competitive society where stars are materializing every second (via Allure).

Woody Allen

Here’s our second controversial director with a very polarizing reputation. Allen is similar to Polanksi because he is old but continues to doggedly churn out movies. To his credit, it doesn’t seem to faze him if people watch them now. But that’s probably a good thing because no one cares anymore.

150113 Fallon Woody Allen Tease Bxgjos
The Daily Beast

The Annie Hall director is a complicated figure because he never faced legal charges. Nonetheless, many people continue to label him as a predator and a stain on Hollywood. Some actors refuse to work with him because of the reputational damage. Others defend themselves and say that it’s an honor (via The Guardian).

Conor McGregor

McGregor is the only athlete on this list but that’s because he transcended his sport. He rose to superstardom as an MMA champion in the UFC. But his charismatic personality and sharp wit transformed him into an icon. However, now no one cares anymore about the Irishman.

MMA Fighting

That’s because he continuously takes long hiatuses from fighting and flirts with returning. Many people find him very tedious because of this and his many lawsuits including sexual assault accusations. He maintains a diehard core of fans who remember the glory days or follow his dubious political views (via MMA Fighting).

Kanye West

West – or whatever name he is calling himself now – is one of the most polarizing stars on the planet. On the one hand, he’s a brilliant hip-hop artist with many Grammy wins and a huge impact on the industry. But the flip side of the coin is that he’s a horrible human being with awful views.

Kanye West 1586x891.jpg

That’s why many fans don’t care about him anymore. They don’t endorse his perspectives and his erratic behavior. He’s done everything from revealing vile anti-semitic opinions to insulting Taylor Swift. West also lost a massive deal with Adidas that cost the German apparel company millions (via Sky News).